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Monday, October 10, 2011



I love comments on my blog; especially comments that indicate the person read the post.  Recently I received my first angry, nasty comments.  Finally, I think I may have arrived.  If you write satire and don’t piss of at least one ignoramus you need to rethink what you are doing.
Here are my first really NEGATIVE comments; with I hope more to come:

In response to my blog “COMMENTS THAT SUCK” coronaryrn was a bit upset that I did not understand the follow for follow sake concept.  I expected that, but this venom still surprised me. 

Well it is apparent that you use blog hops because everyone that has commented here found you via one of the blog hops....And I know no matter how cranky you might be that you knew when you wrote this that it would end up in getting you comments thereby lowering your Alexa numbers! You may not like it but those of us that might leave such comments might be working very hard to lower our Alexa comments also and it is entirely possible that some of us might just hop to over 200 sites a weekend, sometimes as much in one day. Hopping is a reciprocal thing! The idea is to get comments, It is not important what the comments say, what is important is that you are getting comments! All of this which you already know and as such is evident by the post to anyone with any brain. If you don't want to hop to a mommy blog, don't join a mommy hop! Just like if you don't want to hop to Photography blogs, one shouldn't join a picture hop! I really don't care if someone that is so shallow as to take the time to cut down those that are helping him/her by taking the time to leave ANY comment follows me back or not, that is not someone I would care to have even for a distant aquaintance via the internet! So no, I will not leave you a link to any of my blog or facebook or twitter sites! You sir, have NO class and even grumpy old men have at least a small amount of class, in fact most of the grumpy old men I have known in my 52 years have more class in their little finger than you have in one keystroke! You are right you will lose readers, and I am one!

I have since Googled Alexa numbers and I still do not completely understand them or particularly care.  I must admit, the last line is my favorite.  Wouldn’t the “class in a little finger” compared to the “class in a key stroke” be about a wash?   

 This next one comes from Anonymous who I believe is from Georgia and found my blog “CRANKY OLD MAN AT DISNEY ANIMAL KINGDOM” while searching Google on keywords “fat people in Disney Animal Kingdom."  I’m not sure what touched her off, it was probably because I had the nerve to suggest the fat people on scooters move over in line and let the Afghanistan veteran, who was walking the park with a prosthetic arm and a prosthetic leg, cut ahead in the rides lines. 

 Your entire family, including your "crancketts" are hideously ugly! Surprising since you are so critical of others. Ever heard the suppression, people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones? Maybe if you weren't such an asshole the karma gods would have smiled more on you guys in the looks department......YIKES!

First off, my “Crankettes” are incredibly cute so her message is just silly.  Secondly please note her incorrect use of “surprising” (it makes no sense in this context), and the use of “suppression” instead of “expression”.  This could not be a simple typo.  I am guessing Anonymous is not the brightest bulb in the lamp.    

 Thank you for all your comments, especially those which indicate you read the posts.   


  1. to mister Anonymous i hope you are reading this, those crankettes are amazing and very cute, they are a fun bunch to be around and maybe u call them ugly cuz they took the picture in summer after a long day at the beach and they were facing the SUN, so mr Anonymous i take offense to you calling those crankettes ugly

  2. Whaaaaaat?
    Ugly kids? I'm sorry, but there is no such thing. Well, okay..there might be. But certainly no uglies on this blog.

  3. That is just plain rude your crankettes are super cute and no one should ever be so "douchy" as to say that about kids...period. You have arrived Mr. Cranky Pants

  4. Some people use the internet to get off their chests what they can't do in real life.

    For people like those above, it's to be bullies.

    I've long since learned to not take to heart what anonymous people on the internet say when they start acting like bullies. Instead, I just feel sad that they have such shitty lives, that they have to attack people online just to feel their lives are worth something.

    Most likely, they sit around in their parents basement doing it.

  5. Rolling on the floor laughing, literally. Suppression?? I mean, you can't make this stuff up :)

  6. I cant read but just look at the pics

  7. oh for god's sake they're both idiots. "it's not important what the comments say, what is important is that you're getting comments." WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.
    Those that are in this blog thing for the right reasons value comments as a way to connect and know that we have moved someone with what we have shared - whether it's moved them to laugh, to cry, to act.
    To those two former readers I say good riddance!
    Love what you do here and I'm not going anywhere.
    Stay cranky my friend.
    p.s. those cranketts are adorable.

  8. Both of them need to piss off. Quantity of comments over rules quality? Really? I guess if you were getting paid per comment or paid per word in each comment, then quantity would make a difference, but it doesn't. So piss off Anon!

    The second one- they attack the kids? Seriously? WTF did the kids do to them? Just shows how low some people wil go to get attention and to cause issue with others. Can't stand up to a grown man? Attack the kids... Again- Piss off Anon!

  9. Look at you making friends all over the blogosphere! Cranky has ruffled a few feathers. Who'd have thought? Shame they won't get to read their 15 minutes of fame x

  10. Haha, I'll never understand the silly people who spend their time roaming the internet, looking for posts to bitch about! It makes me laugh. Haters gonna hate. At least, that's what my husband always says.

  11. Oh yeah, and I don't have a clue what Alexa numbers are either. Who wants useless, fluffy comments from people who will never return??

  12. I can't believe someone went so low as to bring the crankettes into their attempt to insult you. That's just horrible. Anonymous makes me want to punch them in the neck.

  13. as you can see, i'm kinda hopping around your posts "say sandwich" word is "irrelevant"...funny how that is so applicable right now.

    coronaryrn is irrelevant, so is the anonymous douche who insulted the crankettes. they just so happen to be my favorite band right now (lol)...but seriously? who insults kids? really. you're mature when you insult helpless people. and cool. and i'm sure you will gain so many followers from doing so.

    go picket about alexa numbers, since you're so passionate about them, lol.

    like you, i write to relate (and sometimes vent, lol). so miss me with the one word replies.

    you know i'll keep reading and writing multi-paragraph comments, cranky, lol :) keep it up.


  14. oh and coronaryrn doesn't write a blog, she only follows...about eleventy six thousand of them.

    that's not following, that's grazing. there's no way anyone can read, relate, and appreciate that many blogs on a daily basis.

    unless you internet date, internet shop, internet poop. it just doesn't work that way for people with families. oh, and lives.


  15. There are quite a lot of angry people on the planet, with suppressed (correct use of the word suppression BTW!) anger who cannot string a sentence together and rather choose to criticise those who do. Sadly, the internet gives them that platform!

    Not sure how I discovered your blog, but I absolutely love coming here. I love the honesty. I love the fact that you say a lot of things people think about, but are too PC to say! AndI love hearing about the Crankettes and Mrs C!

    Ignore the rude anonymouses and cornaryms of this world and please keep writing!

  16. Honourable bye, considerate soul mate :)