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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

How is this show allowed on the air?

How is this show allowed on the air?

What would you say about a game show that regularly offends other cultures and women?  A show that encourages smoking? A show that openly mocks and questions the intelligence of participants? Is there such a show on the air? Yes there is, and I find it disgraceful.
The moderator on this game show regularly asks questions with a degrading Chinese, Japanese, or German stereotypical accent.  The questions often refer to actions of intellectually disabled people.  Many questions have clear sexual innuendoes.  Disgraceful.
Celebrities on the show smoke cigarettes and even on occasion a pipe, without regard for the damage their second-hand smoke forces on other celebrities, contestants or the audience.  Disgraceful!
Attractive female contestants have to endure leering and sexually charged comments.  They are expected from time to time to kiss the celebrities…ON THE LIPS! Disgraceful!
When a contestant gives a bad answer, the moderator feels no compunction about making derogatory comments.  He often belabors the derogatory comments and even invites the audience to taunt and boo.
This show often makes fun of the way others dress, if they have an accent they are made fun of, and their occupations are often disparaged. Disgraceful!
The show is on every morning on a cable game show network.  The disgraceful broadcasts are shows from the 1970’s, TV’s “Match Game.”
Pipe smoking on TV...disgraceful!

It was a popular daytime game show.  I don’t know how the people from the 1970’s survived this disgraceful show.  Yet I now watch it daily.
The most entertaining thing is picking out all the things TV can no longer say or do today that were apparently not that offensive in 1970.
Celebrity kissing a contestant...disgraceful!

Some things from the 70’s are offensive today because we have been told they are offensive.  Some things are offensive today because we are just more enlightened.
Interesting how times change, in the 70’s you could make fun of different cultures, sexually harass women, and smoke on daytime TV, but you could not say “penis or vagina.” 


  1. I watch this all the time and it just makes me laugh. It seemed so tongue in cheek, harmless.. And you're right. Then we were told it was offensive and some of us became more enlightened. Either way, truth be told, it's still funny. :) I loved Richard Dawson too!

  2. I may have watched this show, but I don't remember how they played their 'game' or how much money was involved. I know television has changed a lot. The late night shows *back then* was easier on the eyes and ears than it is now. Movies - wow, what a change. I guess that it's why I prefer vintage films.
    I know that funny then was actually funny.

  3. There were some terribly un PC shows in the 70's. I have vague memories of watching Benny Hill as a child which seemed to mainly involve a short, rotund man in a flat cap being chased (or chasing) long legged beauties dressed in scanty clothes around fields (if I remember correctly). It was sold as Saturday night family entertainment.

  4. It's been a long time since i've watched vintage game shows, but yes, they were funny. Maybe because they intended no harm to those they were "making fun" of, they were just trying to be funny.

  5. I've never seen this one, maybe it wasn't shown in Australia and I'm grateful for that. I was too busy for TV in the 70s, having three small children.

  6. I haven't seen doesn't seem like anything I would be interested in. I just noticed how healthy your blog is now...sugar and fat free....terrific.

  7. I never thought the show was offensive and I still do not. That was the culture back then, nobody had the political correctness finger waved at them because it was all in good fun and entertainment. Just like today, comedians can do stand up and poke fun of many people, and if you get offended you're just someone with no sense of humor.

    On the other hand, if you're of one race and you make a racist joke, a sexist joke, or a homophobic comment, you might just get booed off the stage. That's how evolution of political correctness started and it's not over yet. By far.

  8. I live watching the old shows to see just what they could get away with. However I find the new Match Game totally offensive and crude. Maybe I'm just more enlightened.

  9. We have evolved. That would not fly among most intelligent people today. That culture is sad, but we now realize that was derogatory and now expect more political correctness...well, most of us do.

  10. Hi Joeh,

    You should see some of the shows we had over here in the UK in the 70s and 80s. I've been to the States a lot of times and compared to these programmes, yours are (generally) tame. Even now we have a game show called Naked Attraction where contestants pick a partner based on what they look like naked. I am not making this up!

    And this is on terrestrial TV - not a cable channel!




  11. Yes, it's funny how things have changed. There appears to be a certain group that tells everyone else what it okay and what is not okay. Bless their hearts.

    Apparently I missed this show, but I was never into game shows.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  12. What a fabulous post! I watched this show religiously as a youngster. I believe it came on at 3 pm in the summer and I planned my activities around it! I do remember thinking that Richard Dawson kissing all those women was a bit gross. So funny thinking about what was considered normal behavior back then. I bet my kids would be shocked!

  13. Yes, the times have really changed since then. These days the only quiz show I watch is Jeopardy. Shouting out wrong answers keeps me humble.

  14. I helped care for my mother for several years and she loved that show. We watch mostly movies in the evening when we eat supper.

    On a separate note, I took my first slide guitar lesson today. The teacher is a great blues player from Muscle Shoals, Alabama. I'm excited about learning some new things that can help me play better.

  15. When I came to Phoenix to work on television there was an anchorman at a competing station (known for his vulgar attitude toward young women) who refused to allow the word "rape" to be used on his airwaves. And it goes on.

  16. I have a theory about why so many things nowadays just won't fly any it sleazy game show hosts kissing people on the mouth, be it "political correctness" (why is that always said as if it's a bad thing?), be it making fun of people who are different. Those people who experienced and lived it in the 60's and 70's grew up and had kids and wanted to protect their kids from what they had experienced. Think about it - the hippies who attended Woodstock and practiced free love and used all sorts of drugs are now the bankers/lawyers/business people who tell their kids to practice abstinence, stay away from drugs, be sensitive to others, etc.

    Sometimes it almost seems as if their attitude is "I had my fun, but you can't have it!"

  17. I used to watch that show all the time. I didn't like Gene and his extra-long microphone, and Richard was too smarmy for me. Other than that, it was pretty funny.

  18. The Match Game was just plain funny!!

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