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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Watching Football With My Son

Watching Football With My Son
My youngest son is a junior in college.  He is also a big football fan.  He roots for the Eagles, I am a Giant fan.  If his team is out of contention he will root for the Giants.  If the Giants are out of it, I root for the Eagles.  This year the Giants are out and the Eagles, last year’s Super Bowl Champs, are still in the run.

Sunday they played the Bears in the first of this year’s playoffs.

We watched the game together.  He gets a little bit extra involved.  He does remind me a little of my younger self, only even crazier.

It was a close game through three plus quarters.  In the last quarter the Eagles led 10-9.  Spencer was in a pace-back-and-forth mode most of the game.  The Bears hit a couple of big plays and scored a touchdown with 4 plus minutes in the game taking a 15-10 lead.

“Friggin Eagles, they always lose!  I hate them!”

“They won the Super Bowl last year; besides they still have time to score.”

“They’re killing me!”

The Eagles did score.  They had some nice plays and got the ball to the Bear two-yard line.  It took them four plays to get a touchdown.  Four excruciating plays where my son could not contain himself.  He threw stuff, he cursed, he cheered, he cursed.  He kicked stuff, and when they scored it was fist pumps, chest beating and dancing. 

“I love this team”, He was singing “Fly Eagles Fly.”

The Eagles, leading 16-15, then go for two points which would guarantee a tie if the Bears make a field goal in the remaining 50 seconds.  The Eagles back leaped over the pile and the ball crossed the line for the two points…or did it.  It was ruled it did not.  The replay looked like it did to Eagle fans, it did not to Bear fans.  The ruling was no point; score 16-15 eagles.

“Bull shit, he crossed the line!  Crap, now just watch, the Bears will kick a field goal and we lose, CRAP, CRAP, CRAP!!”

“There are only 45 seconds left and they only have one time out.”

“There going to lose, I know it!!”

The bears ran back the kickoff to the forty-yard line as the Eagles missed a few easy tackles. 

Spencer was apoplectic. 

They completed a long pass putting them in field goal range with 30 seconds left. 

Spencer was inconsolable. 

After they moved the ball ten more yards there were only seconds left and the Bears brought in their kicker for a relatively easy (for the NFL) 43-yard kick.

“I knew it!  Missed tackles, missed coverage, they always do this!!”

“They still have to make the kick.”

“They always lose!!”

“They won it all last year!”


The kick was up and good.


“Wait, the Eagles called time out before the kick.”

“Arrrggghhhh! They are just delaying the torture!”

The second try was up.

“It’s good…wait, he pulled it…(DOINK the ball hit the left goal post) Shit it’s good…wait (DOINK the ball hit the cross bar) Shit, it went over…no wait, it bounced back, it missed!”

The Eagles win.

Spencer was now fist pumping the air,

“YES!! GO EAGLES!” Spencer was singing,


Spencer was happy.


I think he is back at school for next week’s game.  I’ll be texting him back and forth for that game.  I think it may be easier to watch with him at a distance.


  1. Omgosh. My bro-in-law is just like that! Seriously. Unless I've got money on a game which I seldom do, the only time someone will see me jumping around and yelling is if I spill my wine!

  2. These are the times your son will remember. Sharing a game with you. Happy memories. Wishing you many more.

    God bless you and yours.

  3. Your son sounds more interesting to watch than the game!

  4. That’s an Eagles’ fan, we are all alike. I had to leave the room at 36 seconds. My heart couldn’t take it.

  5. Cherished memories Cranky! Happy for you that you get to enjoy a game together now and then!

  6. Bwahahahahahahaha. I've heard this from others too. It's the way of things.

    I linked this post to Happy Tuesday.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. 😎

  7. Ha, ha. That is a fan. He does put on a show himself. So glad the double doink went his way. Pretty sure his texts will be in all caps too.

  8. Thank goodness for the DOINK, or Spencer's spirits would have been deflated like a Tom Brady football. Allegedly.

  9. Nice. In the old days, I always sort of wished I had watched football so I'd have that excited connection with my dad.

    Now, however, every time I go over to his house on the weekends, he's in the garage pouting about how his team is losing. Some people get way too riled up.

  10. Time to get that boy on some blood pressure meds .....

  11. I completely agree with your last comment, Joe. I watched Clemson cream Alabama with great joy last night but with less fervor than Spencer.

  12. Out of contention? Oh, never mind. I was totally lost.