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Monday, January 14, 2019


How important is the way a card is placed in an envelope?  To me it is not important at all. I never give it a moment’s thought.  To women it is apparently very important.  Well maybe not all women, but in the small survey of women I have married I find it is very important.
I have never loaded a card correctly into an envelope.
This has been pointed out to me on numerous occasions by everyone in my survey.  I have been instructed in the correct method often.  I still fail; perhaps it is because I do not care. Yes, that would be it, I do not care one whit.
There are only four possible ways to put a card in an envelope.   Mrs. Cranky tells me there are eight ways of which seven are completely incorrect.  No matter how she tries to explain, I can only figure out four ways of which only one is apparently correct.
As there are only four ways to put a card in an envelope and as I do not care one whit how I put a card in an envelope you would think I get it right at least 25% of the time, you would think wrong.  I never ever do it correctly.
I used to always load the card pretty side facing the address side of the envelope.  Not because I cared, but it just seemed to be the way to do it.  I didn’t care, I didn’t think anyone could possibly care, but subconsciously it seemed to be they way a card should be put into an envelope.
Always wrong unless sent to a right handed open-from-the-front person
Still wrong unless sent to a left handed front-opener
It has taken several years of badgering by Mrs. Cranky to get me to change my ways.  I have learned that the card should be placed pretty side away from the address so when the card is opened the recipient will pull it out with the pretty side up. Of course I pointed out to Mrs. Envelope-police, that some people open letters with the address side facing up.
“No one opens an envelope up like that it doesn’t make any sense”

“Well, I think I open the envelope up like you say, but then I turn it around to pull the card out.  My way I will see the pretty side first.  Your way I will see the Hallmark price code first.”
“No one opens the envelope and then turn it around to pull out the card.”
“They could, some do.  Should I ask people how they open their letters before I load their card?”
“You’re a jerk!”
Well I started loading birthday, anniversary, holiday and all greeting cards the Mrs. Cranky way…pretty side away from the address.
Still not good enough.  It turns out there are two ways to place the card in the envelope when it is pretty side down.  Fold up, or fold down, and the correct Mrs. Cranky way is fold down.  That way when you pull the card out it will come out with the pretty side facing and it would be right side up not upside down.  If you load it fold up the card will be pulled out upside down.
Fold up Still wrong unless sent to a lefty
“True, unless the recipient is left-handed, then when he pulls the card out it will be upside down if loaded fold down.  I’m left-handed, maybe that’s why I load cards fold up.  There is no wrong way to load a card, because it all depends on how the recipient tears the envelope and pulls out the card.  Everyone does not do it your way, and if they do, how hard is it to turn a card around?”

Fold down. Apparently this is the correct way.  I still don't care.

“Your way is wrong and it is stupid and that is why you are a jerk!”
Apparently it is not the thought that counts.

re-run from January 2015.


  1. I'm just happy to get cards and if they are the wrong way (rare) I'll turn them, but when I send cards I do it the Mrs C way.

  2. Don't you get tired of being a jerk?

  3. Crikey, you do cover some subjects!
    I was taught (yes even about how to do this) to insert the card picture face down to avoid the possibility of glue from the envelope spoiling the picture. The card itself should be in it's upright position.

  4. You are making this stuff up, right?

  5. Lol, I've never thought much about it until this post! So I usually put the "pretty side" facing the back side of the envelope, since I am right handed and I open most mail from the back side. Why? Who knows? Like I said, I never thought much about it.

    My conclusion is: it doesn't matter. No one (except Mrs. C, apparently) even notices.

  6. I put things in right, but I worked in a field that you had to. It because a habit. I receive many things in the mail that aren't put in correctly and I don't mind one bit. It's the content that I'm concerned with.

    Have a fabulous day and week, Joe. 😎

  7. Too many rules, no more cards ...... see how easy that is?? ;-)

  8. Of course Mrs. C's way is correct. I'm glad you are finally learning this, even if you don't care!

  9. Yikes, I am so confused. Was doing good till we got to the fold position. Pretty sure the next card I send will take me 10 minutes to figure out what I normally use to do routinely without thought.
    Just seal it quickly so she can't see what you've done. If the card is for her, skip the envelope.

  10. Well, apparently I do it the right way, unbeknownst to myself. It just seems the easiest way. I do remember there being rules about the proper placement of the different envelopes and such with wedding invitations, but that was in the Ice Age, before couples decided to do everything online.

  11. Hmmm. I’m afraid to bring the subject up at my house.
    The upside is that I rarely send a card anyhow. My spouse loves doing that so that works out great for me.

  12. I don't put the card in the envelope. I place both the card and the envelope in another bigger envelope and leave it to the recipient to put his own card in the envelope any way he wishes.

    God bless.

  13. I don't care how the card is in the envelope, I'm just happy to get a card.

  14. Oh golly.....I THINK I put the card in with the pretty side away from the address side, mostly because I'm afraid the post office may damage the pretty side with their equipmeent when they post mark the stamp. I think I usually put the fold side down in the envelope unless I'm enclosing a gift card or other mailable item so that it comes out with the card and doesn't risk being left behind in the envelope. Wasn't there a tutorial one time showing how thieves could insert a small implement through the upper flap of the sealed envelope and then roll up the contents and pull them cheque so the advice was to place the card folder side down?

  15. When I get a card all I care about is which direction the check is facing...if it's cash I want the President' s face smiling up at me.

  16. If there's money in it, I suspect nobody cares about the loading. :)

  17. Sorry, but I have to agree with "your SWMBO" this time.

  18. My teacher in 2nd grade taught us to address an envelope and how to put cards and letters in them, and it's probably wrong in Mrs. C's opinion, but it's what i was taught and i obeyed my teachers (mostly).

  19. If I don't rip the check or the cash while opening the envelope, I consider the card loaded correctly.