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Friday, May 25, 2018

Prom Night

Prom Night

It is that time of year where high school kids all over are preparing for Prom Night.  Ah yes, Prom Night, the greatest night of a young teens life.  You get dressed up for a date with your best girl for a night like no other.  Music, dancing, fancy decorations, and good friends, it is an exciting night for sure.

Expectations are high for Prom Night.  You might sneak in a little booze.  You might get lucky.  All you hear from others about Prom Nights past is exciting.  There are stories of all-nighters, sleeping on the beach, getting hammered and getting lucky.

Mrs. C was talking about her Prom Night the other day.  She claims she got stuck at the loser’s table with a date who had girlfriend…not her.  Apparently, the night was not good.

I remember my Prom experience well.  As I recall in those days and probably still true today, to get a date for Prom Night you had to ask the girl early.  I had dated a nice young lady a few times and by February I knew I had to ask her for Prom Night or she would have another and probably better offer.

I had a date, but by March we were not talking.  I don’t remember why, nothing horrible.  I think maybe it was because she was super smart and I was something less than super smart…not even almost super smart. 

I figured since we were not even talking, that’s it, I would not be going to Prom Night.  Truth be told I was fine with that; not happy but resigned to it.

Two weeks before Prom Night I got a call from this young lady telling me the color of her dress and asking what time I would be picking her up.  I told her I assumed we would not be going to Prom Night.

I received an earful.

“No way, this is Prom Night, I am not missing out on it!”

She would rather go to Prom with someone she was not even talking to than not go at all.

Apparently, Prom Night to a teenage girl is like Disney World to a three-year-old.  Expectations are high, higher than can possibly be met, but going is important no matter what.

Surprisingly It turned out great.  We had fun at a pre-Prom dinner and there was a spark.  I scored some booze during Prom and afterwards we went to the shore and spent the night on the beach where we both got hammered and I got lucky!

Well all of that happened except for the scoring booze and getting hammered.

And spending the night on the beach.

And getting lucky.
Actually, we didn’t talk to each other through dinner or Prom.  Carrie had a better Prom than I did.  I was home before Johnny Carson finished his monolog.

Still, on further reflection I would have to say I had more fun on Prom Night than on any trip to Disney World.


  1. Prom is not what it’s cracked up to be, so i’ve been told. Since i went to an all girl’s high school, and i was not allowed by my parents to talk to boys, i didn’t even bother to try to find someone to ask to the prom. It’s okay, i saved some poor guy the money and time, because if he’d found booze i would have been angry, and no way was he going to get lucky.

  2. Prom night didn't exist out here when I was in school, not that I remember anyway. I didn't finish high school, so maybe there was some sort of celebration that I never knew about. I don't think I would have attended anyway.

  3. I wish it happened in the UK. I used to see films about Prom Night and would always feel envious. We're a cold lot in this country.

  4. Another rite of passage missed by me.

  5. I always tell my kids about my prom experience, to innoculate them against unrealistic expectations. . .

    My date was a young lady who had more-or-less thrown herself at me in the last couple weeks leading up to the Prom. And I, flattered as I was by the attention from one of the fairer sex (of which I had had precious little), took the bait, hook, line and sinker. My better-connected friends warned me not to do it, that she was a young woman of, shall we say, less-than-sterling reputation, but I was so starry-eyed I couldn't help myself.

    We got to the Prom, and she situated us at a table with another couple I didn't know all that well, but what the heck. Within an hour, she and the other guy were acting like each other's dates, leaving me and the other young lady to sort of look at each other, muttering, "well this sucks." We both left early, and my erstwhile date never spoke to me again (nor I to her, just to be clear).

    And that was my Prom experience. . .

  6. Our prom was cancelled, both junior and senior year, due to lack of interest. Times were different. It was kind of like living in the movie Dazed and Confused.

  7. Not having gone to Prom or Disney World I couldn't really say which would be better but my best guess is Disney World.

  8. I never went to prom so I've no clue. Didn't interest me one bit. I'm glad you had an okay time.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, Joe. ☺

  9. I went with a good guy friend. He was dating a girl in the 9th grade---she was not allowed to go and I had just become engaged during Spring break to a guy I had met the summer before who lived in another state. We had a great time (I think) with me experiencing my first time getting blotto. It was all kind of a blur.

  10. My sister and I went to prom with brothers ~ after that I never went to another one. Ugh, over-rated.

  11. I went to my prom & to Disney World--Disney was better!!

  12. I never went! None of my kids did, either. My husband went, but he always had a girlfriend, so I'm sure he enjoyed it.

  13. We don't do prom night in Oz, it's called the Senior Social or senior breakup party, somewhat similar to a prom except these days the kids hire an Air B&B for the After Party where table dancing shenanigans happen.

  14. Prom night, if truth be told, rarely works out to be anywhere nearly as successful as we all tell each other it did. That's probably still as true today as it was back in my Dark Ages prom night.

  15. I took my ex-husband to what would be the equivalent to Prom in Germany. We had just started dating and he probably felt very out of place.


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