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Friday, May 4, 2018

Wells Fargo, Bank Robbers

Wells Fargo, Bank Robbers

I have several accounts with Wells Fargo.  Mrs. C once worked for Wells Fargo and owns some stock.  She has an account with Wells Fargo.  Previously my accounts were at a local Savings Bank, but their on-line access was really a pain…it changed every few months and…just say it was a pain in the ass so I opened two accounts at Wells Fargo.

I opened a checking account where my SS check gets automatically deposited, and a savings account where an annuity check gets automatically deposited.  Every time I use the checking account, they move a dollar to the savings account.  I thought that was a nice way to continue saving.

I had a few disagreeable moments with Wells Fargo, like when they need a finger print when I deposited a check.  What you say? I KNOW!!

I knew Wells Fargo has had some bad press and were fined for being sneaky, but I didn’t think they were being sneaky with me.  They opened no accounts for me that I did not want, so what could be the deceit, and their on-line access worked very well.

Recently I was looking at my activity.  The activity had many $1 transfers to my savings account and buried under all those $1 transfers were several $2.50 services charges. 


It turns out that Wells Fargo charges $2.50 every time you use an ATM that is not theirs.  I use an ATM at the local Wawa all the time, because their ATM has no fee…but FREAKING WELLS FARGO HAS BEEN SNEAKING IN A $2.50 CHARGE EVERY TIME I use that ATM!

I have been charged about $7.50 every month just to access my own money.

Did Wells Fargo tell me about this charge when I opened the account? 

They did not!  I probably signed something that specified this, but I forgot to bring a lawyer at $500 and hour to help me open a bank account.

Am I angry? Why yes, I am.

It’s not the money, it is the dishonesty in not letting me know, and in the ridiculous charge to simply process a transfer of money in an ATM transaction.

Wells Fargo was recently fined like a Billion Dollars for being sleazy.

Good!  Fuck you Wells Fargo!

I am going to take great pleasure in closing my accounts. When they ask why I am closing the accounts I will tell them it is because I do not like “Bank Robbers.”


  1. Disgraceful, disgusting, and a few more. I dislike dishonesty, as we all do, and don't expect it from a bank. They should face prosecution for their deceitfulness.

  2. Here in Australia, when you open an account with any bank or other financial institution they send or give you a little booklet telling you all the details and buried somewhere in the fine print is the news that fees will be charged for....pretty much anything they want. I get around that by knowing how many fee free transactions I am allowed per month and stay within that limit, also I never ever use an ATM belonging to another bank.
    Also here in Australia, there is a lot of hoo-ha going on with a royal commission looking into the shady practices of some of our major banks, for example one of the biggest banks has been caught out charging fees on unused accounts owned by dead people.

  3. Be careful with finding a new bank. They are all crooks!!

  4. I read very recently the Wells Fargo was being fined again and after reading this I can understand why. They don't seem to have a presence in Vermont so I don't have an account with them. I am pretty sure that my bank does charge for some ATM withdrawals, but I only use the one at the bank. So far, no unexpected charges, but it does make me mad that there are sleazy operations out there.

  5. I share your opinion that the Big Banks, which includes Wells Fraudgo, are indeed crooks. They have collectively since 2008 been fined somewhere around one TRILLION dollars, that's with a "T". Their business model goes: "Squeeze our depositors every where we can, get as much as we can, for as long as we can. And when we eventually get caught, plead 'no contest', pay the fine, and then start on our next scheme." And they usually make many times the amount they're fined. Crime DOES pay!

  6. I think you will find that most banks charge a fee when you use an ATM connected to a different bank. They all seem to here. Annoying,...yes indeed.

  7. We no longer bank with Wells Fargo either. Pretty much the same reason. They have fees on top of fees.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, Cranky. ☺

  8. That is not right. Hope you get the satisfaction of telling them in person.

  9. Banks are the worst! They could care less about savers, so unless you have a mortgage or other loan there, don't expect any type of customer service.

  10. Jeez, Joe, if you've got something to say, just say it!!

  11. Our credit union started asking for a fingerprint to deposit checks over a certain size, and everyone complained so they stopped.

    They explain all of their fees — in fine print. You are right about almost needing a lawyer to be able to decipher it all.

  12. I hear ya! My hubby tried to deposit a check for approx $1,100 a few months ago. The clerk wanted to see his ID. Now, he's in that bank at least once a week doing some kind of business or other. He's been waited on by this very cashier on many occasions. He, like you, was somewhat... uh... shall we say, surprised? So, he said to her, "Tell you what? I'm giving YOU MY money... why don't YOU show ME YOUR I.D.? She got a wee bit frazzled and called over her manager, who asked Wayne to show his I.D.... Wayne said, "You know what? This is ridiculous. Let's just close out this account." Which they did...without question or comment. The manager drew a check for the amount in that account, and handed it over. For some odd reason, he did NOT ask for his I.D. to give him money. If that isn't weird enough... I should mention that the check was for the amount of $90,000 dollars. Yup! You read that right. Ninety THOUSAND dollars they handed over without identification. They would not deposit eleven hundred without it. WHAT??

  13. Oh yeah.... We bank with Chase now. Transferred six accounts from Wells Fargo to Chase. Have one very minimal account at Wells Fargo.

  14. Be careful that you don't say BANK ROBBERS too loud when you tell them off. No good will come of that...

  15. so such banks do not need robbers
    they do this by themselves easily

  16. Let's hear it for the local credit unions!


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