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Friday, May 11, 2018

When Pigs Fly

When Pigs Fly

I’ve heard that in days of old, flying was a big deal.  People dressed up to go on a plane.  People were on their best behavior when flying.  Flying was a big deal and people dressed up and behaved. 

Today; not so much.

On our return trip home from Aruba, which by the way is one happy island, we encountered three reasons to believe that pigs do fly.

Waiting for our plane to board, we sat across from four seats clearly marked for the handicapped.  Along came a hefty but clearly mobile lady who took a middle seat with the handicap logo and carefully occupied the other three seats with several pieces of her carry-ons.  A few minutes later her son came with a wheelchair that he carefully placed in a manner that semi-blocked the aisle.


Several minutes later, her mother ambled over and settled into the wheelchair.  Granted she waddled/limped over, but she waddled/limped at least 100 yards…I suspect she does not generally use a wheelchair outside the airport.  I suspect she uses the wheelchair to gain early airplane boarding for herself and her family.

The lady, her mom and her son then chatted away about being hungover from the night before and how they needed the hair of the dog before they boarded the plane.  Son provided said hair of dog.  I am going to guess that the night before their drinking did not involve a wheelchair.

Grrrr…friggin pigs!

A few minutes later, another lady with a walker plodded over…OK, she had issues, but did she have to leave her walker in the aisle along with the wheelchair to make people have to lift their luggage and shinny by to get a seat?

Another pig!

Once we boarded the plane we were seated behind pig number three. 

This dude seemed inoffensive at first blush, but you know how you sometimes know instantly when someone is an ass-hole?  Sure you do, everyone has ass-hole radar, and this guy had my radar beeping off the hook.

Several minutes into the flight this dickwad, who was seated with his wife with an empty seat in the middle, had his shoes and socks off as soon as the-fasten-your-seatbelt sign was off.  He stretched across the seat, head on wife’s lap and stinky bare feet in full view and stink to Mrs. C.

Obviously, the days of class on the plane have been replaced by pigs that do fly.   


  1. Having read this I am reminded of an incident when my small son and I were on on a plane. We sat behind a loud mouthed woman and her presumed husband. We had lunch on the plane. Just as my lad put a mouthful of toddler food in his mouth the guy in front decided to recline his seat. There was food everywhere, including all down young son's front. Usually people ask if it's okay to push their seat back. Not this one, he and his wife ranted at us for the rest of the journey.

  2. Lol, I love that you took those photos! I recently read how flight attendants are so sick of people taking off their shoes in flight. Last year, I sat next to a couple who had their hands, legs and lips all over each other the entire flight. I felt like I was in a threesome. At least they were attractive....😂😂😂

  3. Yes, pigs do fly, and they also roll, and ride, and walk/waddle as you noticed. The number of slugs among us grows every day it seems. There's obviously been a breakdown in parenting somewhere. As each generation becomes more uncouth, the trend accelerates.

  4. Pigs seem to be flying everywhere we go anymore. But being trapped on an airplane with them is more than I ever want to experience. I agree that lack of parenting is a major cause.

  5. Having recently flown back to VT from FL, I can honestly say i feel your pain.

  6. Phew, who knew my fear of flight that keeps me grounded could be a plus. At least on the ground one can walk away.

  7. Pigs fly all the time. There are pigs on every plane. It's awful. We will do most anything not to fly anymore. It's about the same as going to WalMart and we don't go there either.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  8. I think Americans are becoming more crass everyday. PC is no longer something about politeness but about keeping you from doing and saying what you want.

  9. You have PIG-dar! My heart is palpitating at that foot. I hate feet! I might have been trying to open the door and jump out...but I hate heights more.

  10. In the early 1980's we flew our entire family to Hawaii for a vacation. There were a dozen or so family members flying with me & Bud. We boarded our plane & took our seats. The flight was full & the lady sitting next to me (who was not part of our group) had stuffed luggage & boxes under the seat in front of her & also under the seat in front of me. I had no room even to put my purse there. The overhead bins were also full & I asked her (nicely) to move her things. Fair's fair, right? She became belligerent & asked me in a nasty voice, "Where do you want me to put my stuff?" My husband's gentle touch on my wrist kept me from giving her an honest & obvious answer. We called the flight attendant & she emptied the space in front of me.

  11. Eeewww, flying pigs are the worst. I generally fly alone and usually first class. Pigs fly first class too but I feel like I have more space between them and me. I'm a quiet flyer. I read or try to over the loud mouths "bragging" about how drunk they were last night. Ugh. If it made sense for me to do so I would drive everywhere.

  12. Joe I am happy that I wasn't on that flight with you, with the germaphope that my wife is she would probably be hanging one of her Clorox wipes (which she carries on all flights) on that guys little piggies...

  13. The first time i flew, i had so much fun! We all got dressed in our Sunday best, and it was an Occasion.

    Now i hope that i will not have to fly ever again.

  14. Bring a spray bottle of Frabrize with you to undo the stench of feet.

  15. At least you can't smoke on a plane any more...remember the "good old days" when you could???


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