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Tuesday, May 1, 2018



OK, now I am FREAKING OUT!  Not like a teenager where freaking out means you are surprised or mildly upset, I am old fashion, in the true meaning of the phrase FREAKING OUT!

I am FREAKING OUT over ants.  Not carpenter ants eating my home.  Not fire ants eating my body.  Not flying ants, not fuzzy ants, but little tiny harmless ants.

My mom called them sugar ants and we would see them from time to time.  She just squished them with her finger like you would pick up crumbs and rinsed them away in the sink. 

Every year we see some in our town home and I do what my mom did and they don’t bother me. 

But, they bother Mrs. C.

They bother Mrs. C Big Time! So now they bother me.  It is my husband duty to protect my wife from these monstrous sugar ants.

I declared war. 

With a little research I determined where the come from and how to rid them from your home.  

I purchased poisons that the ants take back to their nest to kill the queen and all the other ants.  I put this stuff in liquid and solid forms all around the house within 18 inches of the foundation.

I put indoor traps under sinks.  I sprayed a diluted vinegar solution in areas the ants are known to travel to cover their “follow me” ant trail smell.

After two weeks I then sprayed Raid into under-sink-crevasses and also all around the house to kill any wondering ants that did not feast on the poison.  In the last week I have not seen an ant where it used to be a daily occurrence. 

Not one single ant.


Except, the last day or two I have killed 6 ants that I have seen crawling along my laptop computer screen.

WTF.  The first two I did not think much of it.  But the last four has me FREAKING OUT!  If you see one, how many are there that you do not see?

Are they breading in my computer?  Is that what f’d up my keyboard that the Geek Squad fixed?  Did they come from the Geek Squad fixit shop?

Sugar ants never bothered me at all until they upset Mrs. C.  Now that I have declared war on them the only place I see them is on my computer screen.  This is the computer that sits on my lap at night while I read, write and play solitaire while also watching TV.



  1. Sugar ants? There's nothing sweet about my lot. Every year I have to go round with that powdery stuff and God help any that don't get killed by it. That's where the heel of my shoe comes in!

  2. I'd be freaking out at ants on my computer too. Especially since I've never seen an ant inside my home. We used to have a product here called "Baygon", it's a surface spray that stops crawling insects in their tracks and twice a year I would spray a barrier layer by all outside entrances, doors AND windows. It was extremely effective. Then Baygon got bought out by Raid and the stuff is now useless. But so far, no ants inside still.

  3. First of all, are you sure they are not just eye floaters? I ask because I see spiders on the bedroom wall when I wake up and that is what the really are, floaters. I have some big ones.
    Second, and more likely -- they are probably just ghosts of dead ants there to haunt you for that killing spree. Don't worry, it was totally defensible.

  4. Evidently, you're not alone. He's a hopeful solution.

  5. Bwahahahahahahaha. I don't like them either. Hubby actively searches for their homes in the yard and the war is on.

    I linked this hilarious post to Tuesday Fun.

    Have a fabulous day, Cranky. ☺

  6. They're coming from inside your laptop!!! It's a horror movie waiting to be made.

  7. That might have been your keyboard problem:) I haven't seen any in years but when I did, those little bate trays worked wonders. You can beat this.

  8. I've battled them since we moved into this house. Tried every online remedy as well as the poison stuff. We had them coming in through the electrical wall outlets one year. I had some success with cayenne pepper. Haven't had them this year, but it should be starting this week . . .

  9. I am not a fan of any bug. All bugs are considered creepy crawlers to me. Hope you are able to end your infestation as soon as possible, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Best of luck, keep us informed.
    Greg Prosmushkin

  10. Reminds me of those screen savers that were very popular a few years back where you see ants crawling all over your screen.

  11. Ugh...ants in my computer would freak me out, too!

    I never had a problem with sugar ants until my youngest son left an opened package of Peeps in the pantry when we lived in South Carolina. At first, I just wiped them up with a wet paper towel. I think they took that as a challenge, because then a whole army of sugar ants came marching in. The advice from friends was to put out grits (hey, this was South Carolina!) - they would eat the grits, get thirsty, drink water, and then the grits would swell up and make them explode.

    I hope you get rid of the laptop ants!!!