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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Money or The Card

The Money or The Card

Which would you rather get on a special occasion, money or a card?

That question reminds me of an oft used Jack Benny Joke.  A hold-up man sticks a gun in Jack Benny’s side and demands,

“Your money or your life?”

Jack Benny does not answer and the hold-up man jambs him with the gun and demands again,

“Your money or your life?”

Benny responds as only Jack Benny could respond,

“I’m thinking!”

Anyway…Mrs. C always gives me a card for special occasions, actually she gets me two cards.  I complain that I would rather have the money than a stupid Hallmark Card.

A few weeks ago, we were in Aruba for my birthday and she did not remember to get me two cards.  Instead she left me $10.  I immediately lost the $10 in the casino, but to me it was still better than a card.

Yesterday, my old college chum Captain Don sent me a picture or what he gave his wife for Mother’s Day.  It was an envelope with four one-dollar bills.  He is too familiar with my rants on this subject. The envelope said it was from the “Joe Hagy card company.”

I showed the picture to Mrs. C and she remarked that,

“I’ll bet Mrs. Captain Don did not find that to be very funny.”

I was informed that Mrs. Captain Don did in fact think it was funny and she  preferred the money to a card.

I sense a new tradition, money instead of a card.   Instead of saving those dumb cards for sentimental reasons, save the money for something special.

Think of it, Christmas, Birthday, Mother’s Day, Valentines Day, Thanksgiving, Arbor Day, and at least one to make up for doing something stupid …that could be $35 a year.  At compounded interest over 40 years, instead of a closet full of sentimental cards you would have almost $3500 for a vacation, or a bunch of diamonds.

Are you sentimental or practical?  Which will it be, The Money or a Card?


  1. I usually get, or give, a card with either cash or a gift card for a certain amount, depending on who I'm giving it to. Younger grandchildren prefer the cash, then when they get older they know what stores they like to shop at and we all buy gift cads for the same store. One grandson loves JBHiFi, which has electronics DVDs and Games etc, so all of us will get him a gift card for that store and so on for the rest of them.

  2. We exchanged cards, by preference. However, money seemed to sneak in when I wasn't looking.

  3. We both enjoy cards. Money would mean nothing to me. Hubby loves to find the right card and he does a mighty fine job of it too.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  4. In our house, the cards are the two-for-a-dollar kind from the dollar store and have money in them.

  5. I'm practical, she's sentimental .... except after claiming it's so she has something to remember it by, most cards end up trashed within a year or two even for her. So she's, um, half senti-mental. I'm not saying which half ;-)

  6. I actually prefer a clever card or two!!

  7. Actually I am both. I love the cards but if they want to slip some money in it, I'm good with that also.

  8. I'll take the card over cash, but with a choice of a card or a scratch-off ticket, I'd take the ticket.

  9. I used to be sentimental about cards but these days the money would be more welcome.
    So, should I await your deposit in my letterbox?

  10. With all our kids and grandkids sending money or gift cards is the way to go. I call it the gift that says: "Go buy it yourself"...card or money? Show me the money!

  11. Show me the money!!!

    Well, actually, I've told my husband on occasion to look at cards in the store, pick out one that he would like to give me ("it's OK to look at expensive cards, dear"), look at the $$$price$$$ of that card and then buy me chocolate for that same amount instead.


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