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Thursday, April 27, 2017

My New Little Friend

My New Little Friend

“What’s that?” Mrs. C asked me the other morning.

“What’s what?”  She always hears stuff before me.

“Someone is on our deck.”

“Probably the neighbor.” We have a tiny deck that abuts to our neighbors tiny deck separated by a high fence.”

“Yeah, probably.”

I later went downstairs to make some breakfast.  I pulled up the blinds on our sliding doors to the deck and was greeted by this little fellow.

I watched him for several minutes, sometimes nose to nose.  He did not seem concerned as he hung onto the screen, his tiny claws fit into the equally tiny screen holes like Velcro.  I had to finally slide open the door to shoo him away, and even then he did not feel like moving.   I don’t know why I shooed him away, he wasn’t really hurting anything.

He is just a little guy, probably one of this year’s babies.  Perhaps the nest is under the deck.  Do they sometimes nest on the ground…I’ll have to Google that.  I think he just feels safe on that screen, able to watch without fear of anything sneaking up from behind, even me, and with the ability to quick run under the deck if need be.

Is he on his own?  Did mama and or daddy squirrel leave him alone or did they meet their demise? Can they fend for themselves at this young an age? I hope so, he is a cute little guy.

Funny thing about squirrels, people love them or hate them and sometimes both. 

They are cute and acrobatic. / They are rodents!

I love to watch them run and play. / They are bullies and cheat the birds out of seed!

They seem friendly. / They’ll get in your attic if they can and make a mess!

My mom hated the squirrels because they dominated the bird feeder.  She bought and tried many squirrel defenses, and they always figured a way around them and into the seed.  I shared her dislike for their bird seed thievery, as if the birds wouldn’t do the same if they could, and yet I did enjoy watching them.

After breakfast, I went upstairs for a while before deciding to hit the basement for guitar practice.  On the way to the basement I saw my little friend, again clinging to the screen.  I went over and nose to nose said hello.  This time I did not try and shoo him away.

I think I may have a new friend.  I probably should give him a name.



  1. In the scheme of things, there's room for us all. I'm in the "like"'squirrels camp". We probably over feed our feathered friends so it's ok if our fuzzy friends have a little seed.They do put on a show.

  2. name him Secret...Secret Squirrel

    1. I had to Google "Secret Squirrel," a Hanna Barbara cartoon character from 1965, a few years after my cartoon watching days of Huckleberry Hound, Yogi Bear, Augie Dogie and Quick Draw McGraw.

  3. It appears you definitely have a new friend Joe.

    My Dad has every anti squirrel bird feeder ever made, they are all demolished and have fed more squirrels than birds.

  4. Replies
    1. Oh yes! WE have a winner. Make it Merle, after one of my daughter's (BrandywineChronicle) favorite books, "Merle the High Flying Squirrel" and Merrill my place of employ for 40 years.

    2. I was going to suggest Earl, but you already have a winner!!

  5. My granfather once made friends with a squirrel. He'd feed it.

    But the squirrel got demanding. If he didn't feed it by a certain time, it would start raising a racket, shaking the screen on the back door of the house.

  6. Oops! You've already named him. I was going to suggest Screen-Destroyer.

    We have LOTS of squirrels. They feast on the chicken feed tossed out on the ground, once the chickens fly up in the trees to roost. Which is pretty dang early in the evening. The dogs have only managed to catch one squirrel so far. Not for lack of trying.

  7. He is cute! When we lived in one part of Southern California, the guy next door to us had a lot of bird feeders that the squirrels would get into. He would trap the squirrels and relocate them, and you wouldn't see any squirrels for a bit, but they (or others) always make their ways back to the area. Surprisingly (and not sure why I'm surprised about it) didn't see too much squirrels when we lived in Prescott (like one squirrel the whole time we were there) and none so far in Phoenix.


  8. I love watching the antics of the squirrels trying to get the bird seed. We see them so seldom because of the neighborhood dogs. (Including mine) If they come, I leave them be, they use a lot of energy trying to climb the shepherd's hook.

  9. I see you've named him already. I was going to suggest Noz E.Parker, since he seems to like looking in your windows.

  10. Do be careful, that squirrel will eat anything, even parts of your house. Don't misunderstand me, deep down I like them but when they start ruining everything I go off them. You should see what's left of one of the wooden bird feeders.

  11. They are fun to watch! We get brown, grey, and black squirrels here. I have to say, the brown ones have the most personality. My husband calls all of them 'Fat Boy' because they will sit in a feeder and eat till its gone.

  12. Squirrels are lovely creatures, but don't be taken in by the winsomeness, they are destructive. If you start to feed him, don't feed him every single day at the same time, he will become too dependent on you. Scattering a bit of seed for him every few days would be sufficient.

  13. I like watching them too but we've had to put squirrel guards in the corners of our eaves since the incident a few years ago where we had a squirrel peel back the metal siding like a can opener.

  14. I used to be at war with the squirrels when I was trying to feed the birds. But I gave up. They are clever little devils. Have you seen this?

  15. It is a young one.. hopefully not orphaned but when small wild creatures get overly comfy with people, they often are on their own and looking for help. I've seen that with raccoon kits and have a friend who rehabs orphaned critters - mostly squirrels.

    If you're going to feed him (and I'm hoping you will), take the food to the far side of your yard and try not to let him see that it comes from inside the house. That ought to help keep him foraging outside where he should.

    It's also possible that he has been rehabilitated and released by someone living nearby. In any event, the little guy has chosen you.. and you've named him. It has begun!. ;)

  16. Rocky. Not original but I thought of the cartoon right away.

    I love your new friend and I'm hoping you can win at least one argument with your new friend.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  17. Did you see that video of someone who hung an old SLINKY from the bottom of a bird feeder surrounding the pole. Squirrels absolutely cannot climb it and get pulled back to the ground without being harmed.

  18. What a dandy little buddy you have. Don't chase him off--he will keep you entertained. I love the little fellows. They are intelligent, athletic problem solvers. Gotta love their moxie.

  19. Put me in the squirrel lovers camp. When I was very young, I sometimes was able to get them to eat out of my hand on the Boston Common - if I was patient enough. I will occasionally feed those that come into our yard, but Hilary's advice is good. So is Messy Mimi's. You don't want to make him totally dependent and then have him starve if you go on vacation.

  20. I like squirrels and they are cute critters, but I would discourage them around my house. They are indeed very destructive and will eat the rubber around your stack vent on your roof. I've seen pictures of it...after people file a claim with their homeowner's insurance because of a roof leak.

    What did Carrie from Sex in the City call them? Rats with a cuter wardrobe! LOL.

  21. I love our squirrels and we have a bunch. I never realized how loud they are but I do love to watch them. I've never seen anyone successful at keeping them out of the bird feeders tho.


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