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Sunday, April 23, 2017


This re-run is from April 2014
I get it women…men can’t find anything we did not ourselves put away.

Deal with it!

You could stop complaining and just deal with it.  But nooo…you want to torture us don’t you, kind of like ripping the wings off a fly.  Yes you do, admit it.  You know we can’t find the stuff you put away.  You know your directions of where to find stuff that you put away can only be understood by another woman.  Yet you continue to expect us to find things.  It is like expecting a person without legs to dance the jig.

This past weekend, Mrs. C and I were vacationing in Aruba.  It is a beautiful island, and we love lounging in the sun with a constant warm breeze, dunking in the ocean, or bathing in the pool.  It is wonderful, except Mrs. C knows how to stir things up.

I got up from our place in the sun to make a trek to the restroom.  Upon arrival I found I needed a room key to enter.  I walked back to our umbrella (oh the humanity) to get the key.

“What’s up, why back so soon?”

“You need a room key to enter, where is our key?”

“In the beach bag.”

"Could you just get it?”

“Why don’t you get it?”

“Because you could just reach in and grab it, where I will dig around looking, move stuff around and still not find it.”

“Oh please.   Just open the bag, the key is right behind the book.”

“Book?  We have no book.”

“You know, the Tablet, Nook thing.”

“Which is it, the Tablet or the Nook?”



“Yes, one of those.”

“We have both…oh crap let me look…I don’t see it.”

“It is right there.”

“I don’t see it.”

“For crying out loud hand me the bag.”

Mrs. Cranky reaches into the bag that I have been turning inside out and without looking comes out with the room key.

“Here, it was right inside the plastic baggy.”

“But you said it was in the Nook, or the Tablet.”

“Well it was inside the baggy, if you had just looked you would have found it!”

“Well if you had just reached in in the first place like I asked I would have had 180 seconds of my life that is now irrevocably lost.”

“You’re a jerk!”

Aruba is such a beautiful island that I can easily overlook those minor Mrs. Cranky un-pleasantries, besides, without her I would have never found the island. 


  1. Sounds like a wonderful getaway! I'm always accused of moving things where hubby left them when he can't find them. I haven't moved them, but know exactly where he put them. Today he took some things out to the recycle bin. He said "there's a crack in the cover". I said "there's been a crack since we moved in." Made me wonder if this was the first time he recycled anything in the 13 months we've lived here? Got to love him though. He has a horrendous commute, a tough working situation, and so much more on his plate, so if he doesn't notice anything until a year later, so be it :)


  2. And yet time after time, you are able to find our snacks we have gone out of our way to purposefully hide from you!

  3. I have learned. I do not go into my own freezer. I have learned.

  4. haha ,it happens !

    i know it happens and admit it or not ,you should have just look inside the bag [not even carefully]

  5. She did not say it was in the nook or tablet, she said the key was behind the nook or tablet. then again she neglected to mention it was in a plastic baggy.
    You know what used to bug me? When I put things away in exactly the same place for 20 years and he'd say "where is...? I can't find it"

  6. I remember it so well. My Joe could never find anything that I put away, in the same place without ever changing. If it's any consolation - or maybe not - I can no longer where I put things!!

  7. My problem is Sweetie can't find the stuff he puts away, and expects me to find it for him. Except most of the time he didn't put it away, he put it down someplace it doesn't belong.

  8. I've been known to re-put things away in the RIGHT place. I admit I've got issues.

  9. She does it on purpose because you're so easy to wind up. That's the real truth. Never forget that Mrs. C is way smarter than you are giving her credit.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  10. I'm with Mrs. C. I think it's a cop-out you guys have so we don't ask.

  11. I have to admit that I know exactly what you are saying, it's like Cindy will stand behind me and give hints over my shoulder, then reach into a spot that I didn't know was there and remove the item.....

  12. Unfortunately my husband is getting more and more forgetful and less observant due to age. I am not yet worried, but this is going to be my new life!

  13. "without her I would have never found the island"....or the key. ;)

  14. Ha ha, I think Sandee nailed it. Of course you could just dump the contents on the ground and next time she might be quicker to hand it to you. Somehow I think that action might just make "jerk" seem like a pleasantry. You two are such fun.

  15. Ha! This sound familiar. There's a sunken German ship off of Aruba and they have a submarine that gives rides down to it. Fun.

  16. Really? Huh. Women folk in this household have trouble finding the keys in their pockets let alone anywhere else.

    When something is lost they come to me. Then they yell at me because I always look where they insist they've already looked ... and usually find it.

    Anyhow, it was a dodge. She set you up and you fell for it!

  17. Oh, that is so good. I read it to SWMBO and she said it again, "He's very good." (Not at finding stuff. At writing great tales.) Mrs. C is fortunate to have a JERK like you!

  18. Next time, just grab your crotch, jump from one foot to the other, saying "I reaaaallllly gotta go...." and see how fast that key will appear.