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Sunday, August 21, 2016


Played golf today and on my way home I got a text from my SIL who runs a Hair Salon.  She needed me to stop by for something.  I was sweaty, thirsty and tired, but when I get a call from the SIL I show up. 
Hey, she gives me free haircuts!
It seems she is getting some new cabinetry tomorrow and needed an additional cabinet.  I’m not sure why, but I don’t question such stuff.  She showed me the cabinet she wanted, just like one she already had.  I took a picture and measurements and drove to Lowes.
Original cabinet
At Lowes, I asked someone who was busy doing absolutely nothing for some assistance.  He pointed to an aisle.  Thanks a lot!  I searched that aisle and there were all kinds of cabinets, but nothing like the one I needed.  Finally, I did see one that looked to be the right size and style, but I wanted to be sure of the size.  I went back to “Helpful Man” and he asked me about a dozen questions trying to figure out what cabinet I was taking about.  Finally, I just said,
“I think this is the cabinet I want, if you could just come with me and measure it I could decide in about 20 seconds.”
Twenty seconds later I decided this was as good as I could do.  I took a picture and texted it to SIL to be sure it was OK.  This was not an expensive cabinet, it looked nice enough, but it is only for a storage area.  The only difference I could see from what she wanted is this cabinet also had a small drawer.
Cabinet at Lowes
I then called SIL, but she was busy with a client and one of her stylists, Henry, took the call.  I don’t know Henry very well, he seems nice and apparently he does nice work, but when he took the call I had a “Say Yes To The Dress” moment.  Quick explanation:
On this show where a bride shops for her wedding dress, they often have the “gay” friend.  No matter what the dress looks like the gay friend has something to say.  He always wants to pick the dress regardless of what the bride thinks, and he disses every dress in that “gay way.”
“I love this dress, what do you think?”
“Oh Honey, it looks like some fluff just threw-up all over it.”
So Henry looks at the picture of the cabinet I sent and says, “Oh, I don’t know, it looks kind of ‘bath roomy’!”
Now I was still sweaty from golf, my throat was screaming for a beer and I just wanted to buy and deliver this cabinet and go home for a shower and that beer.  “BATH ROOMY?  It’s a storage cabinet and this is all they have!” I didn’t want to go to Home Depot and look any more.
Fortunately, SIL looked at the picture and gave me the OK.
When I dropped the cabinet off, it was in a zillion pieces and had three pages of directions to assemble it.  I hate reading directions and putting stuff together.  SIL asked if I was going to assemble it.  I said I’d be back tomorrow with Mrs. Cranky… Mrs. C loves doing that sort of thing. 
Turns out I’m off the hook, Henry put it together after I left.  Gay people do have mad skills.


  1. It does look bathroomy, but it's lovely and so is the original. I'd love cabinets like that in my kitchen and bathroom.

  2. I hate self-assembly goods but I suppose if there was a local Henry I might like it more. Anyway, I like the cabinet you chose, well done.

  3. It's a perfectly good cabinet, and i love putting things like that together, too. You were very nice to go out of your way to go get it for your SIL, it was time for someone else to do the assembly.

  4. Since it looks like a snack cabinet in the first picture, I think a drawer on top might come in handy. It has been almost a year since I attempted a self assembly cabinet. It ended up in the trash in more pieces than it originally had. Never again. I pride myself on my fierce Yankee independence, but put a project that requires a screwdriver and more than two screws in front of me and I am reduced to tears.

  5. I used to love putting that stuff together! I would think that the drawer would come in handy for something. Your SIL may find she likes it just fine.

  6. You need to be an old lady with a cane. Salespeople walk all over Lowes for me.

  7. That is why we shop Home Depot instead of Lowes. Seem to get a bit better customer service there :)

    I consider myself a bit smart, but when looking at directions to put something together, its like reading Greek. I'm always glad there is someone else out there with the skills to assemble things.


  8. You're absolutely right about Henry and his ilk. They are amazing at so many things I don't know why some people resent them.

  9. And you got that shower and a beer. Awesome.

    Have a fabulous day Joe. ☺

  10. Hahahahahaha. Bath roomy. :) You're a good BIL and you deserved that beer!

  11. Aww, you earned your haircut on that one. Like Mrs. C I enjoy putting stuff together except for large BBQ grills. I will pay for that to be done.

  12. Lol, yup all those Lowes employees who wander around and ignore the customers!

    Glad Henry handled the assembly!

  13. No way would I put that thing together. I'm not that kind of girl. So it's a good thing I married that kind of guy.

  14. Be glad you could understand the directions!! I bought two kitchen chairs from They were the “retro” diner style, with bent aluminum legs & red vinyl seats. They came unassembled. The following is a review that I sent to Overstock: “The chairs arrived quickly and are very comfortable. Assembly was relatively easy IF you followed the pictures. The written instructions were as follows (& this is a direct quote): Assembly way to request attention: all screws don’t first lock to tighten, until back cushion to lock tight after that, this chair all screws lock to tighten, then success.” For some strange reason, my husband had difficulty following the instructions, although I read them to him very slowly & enunciated carefully.

  15. I had a really clever comment until I came to fishducky's comment and now I can't stop laughing!

  16. Well...let's hope your SIL doesn't cut one side of your hair so it looks pretty much like the other side, even if it's not exact...

  17. Of course what you COULD have done was offer to take the old one away - driven around the block (stopping for a beer on the way) and delivered the same one back again - I'm fairly sure no one would have known ...


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