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Monday, August 1, 2016



 The continuing saga of my computer problems last week...see below links if interested in catching up...or not.

I have Norton security on my computer, always have.  There may be better systems available, but this is what I have.  Apparently I have it paid in advance for several years.

Originally I only ordered it for a year.  Every year they ask you to renew and I do.  When I bought my last computer I ordered Norton again. 

Suddenly it seemed to me that I was renewing often, I do want protection, but then when I renewed this November, I saved the email.  In June they wanted to renew again…WTF?

I called Norton.  It seems that I didn’t have to buy a new package for my last computer, I could have had my original purchase transferred.  I was renewing on two subscriptions for the same computer and had by now built up two years of paid for subscriptions.

Norton cancelled one subscription and put the credit to the remaining subscription. 

Now my newest computer needed a Norton download and I was not going to purchases a new subscription…Cranky does learn.

I called Norton who apparently resides in India and explained my situation.  I was told my subscription was cancelled.  Then I explained I used to have two subscriptions.  Norton could not find the new subscription.  Did I mention we had a bad connection?

“I an ot ind or account Mr. Joseph.” Norton called me Mr. Joseph; for some reason I liked that.  Then I figured out my good account was under another email account.

“You av uch credit Mr. Joseph!”

“Yes, I know…it’s a long story.”

“I credit or acnt back to or ard.”

“No! I have a new credit card, the one you have is cancelled.”

“I put it all owards a life ubscription?”

“There’s a lifetime subscription for less than two one year subscriptions?”

“Oh yes Mr. Joseph vey ood deal.”

“Why the hell didn’t they tell…never mind, yes, do the lifetime subscription.”

“Very good Mr. Joseph (the connection now came in good) we do that.  Now just let me have control of your computer and I download, will only take two hours.”

Two hours? Why…never mind, do your stuff.”

So now I have my new computer and it is all protected.  I just need my MS-Office. 

That should be simple, I have a download card from my second computer so I don’t need the disc I have from 2008.

Next - MSmackDOWN


  1. I'm a little annoyed with Norton myself. I don't remember signing up for automatic remewal, but it seems I did as I received an email recently stating that $xxx would be removed from my bank account and I would be covered for another year. At a time when I couldn't afford to have $xxx disappear! Next year I'll watch out for the email that comes before the cash grab one and I'll click the link to stop the auto renewal. I have other virus protection.

  2. Yeah, at some point, I should probably just lie and tell my credit card company that I lost my credit card so I can shake loose of all these automatic charges that are ripping me off. How did this happen?

  3. Norton and their automatic subscriptions! You have to jump through hoops on your profile to cancel that, but I did it.

    What I want to know is why Apple products don't need protection?

  4. Lifetime protection? If i bought that, i would wonder whose lifetime they were counting, because i would figure they'd want more money at some point for some reason.

  5. I don't 'automatic renewal' anything. Have heard too many wild stories!

  6. The thing we go through just to stay online!

  7. Whoops, and there was me thinking of changing to Norton if I got another computer. McAfee aren't much better, you know. I swear they're all on a good thing!!

  8. My computer guy will dump Norton if I put it on my computer. I have Windows Defender and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. They are both free and I've never had a problem. I run them once each week.

    I hope you don't have anymore problems. ☺

  9. HIL-AR-IOUS!!! I've had those same conversations and you have the accent down PERFECT. I laughed reading this because it is so true. And FYI. Every company apparently has out sourced to India. Sooo frustrating.

  10. Cracked up at the company location. Mine is there also. My Geek who looks exactly like Grizzly Adams and has animal furs on the wall, hates Norton but he hates what I have also--Trend Micro. Wonder if there really is a good virus protector out there?

  11. I feel your pain. I've been there.

  12. Why must it be so difficult? Why can't we just have a security guard stand and look over our shoulder, and smack away any would-be security risks?

    Kind of like those Maytag appliance men on the commercials.

  13. Welcome to my world in having to call India. Our IT department is located there. Always an adventure to try to communicate with them; seems though this wasn't that bad of an encounter once the connection became clearer.