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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Mrs. Cranky’s Handwriting Results

Mrs. Cranky’s Handwriting Results
Tuesday I posted a new Mrs. Cranky Handwriting contest, a yearly event.
This year there were only four contestants brave enough to enter.
The original and the answers are below:

 Gift Bag
2 Flowers
                                                      Shrimp                                            Pancake Mix
                                                     Aluminum Foil                                Syrup
                                                     Horseradish                                     Ice cream
                                                     Sea Salt                                           
                                                     Raisins                                            Chicken
                                                     Oatmeal                                         Ant spray                                                                                                
                                                     Brownie Brittle                             Excedrin
                                                     Sugar                                              Chicken Breasts
                                                     Worchester Sauce                       Eggs
                                                     A1 (steak sauce)                          Soap
                                                     Creamer                                        Bug Spray (if ant spray isn’t
                                                     Worchester Sauce (again)        Milk
And the competitors:        
Sarah, the lovely, lanky (clumsy) Brit from  
I got, garbage, pancreas, brainie broth and bursary -
do I win???   AH…no. 
The delightful River from down under at
Out of order, but I can make out: pancake mix; alum.foil; syrup; ice cream; ants poison; soap; sugar; honey; milk; cream; raisins; oatmeal; cream cheese.  12 correct out of 30
From somewhere deep in outer Hicks-Land Missouri, the retired teacher, future handbasket maker Val the Victorian @  
“First column: shame, paramecium, C-pap, aluminum foil, shrimp, men soap, aluminum foil, sausage, raisins, oatmeal, brain bleach, sugar, unstretch socks, AY, creamer, PAM, honey, Worcestershire.

Second column: 61 foot baztars, 2 Frans, chestnuts, sinus, husbands, panda, ice cream, Chi com, ant spray, eels, chicken breast, soap, blue shaky, milk.  Only 14 correct,
but tied with Sarah for the funniest guesses.
From the great state of Texas by way of Wisconsin, TexWisGrl  (who always does well at this)
i got:

celery hearts, pudding, corn chex, pancake mix, shrimp, aluminum foil, ice cream, sea salt, raisins, chicken, oatmeal, ant spray, exedrin, sugar, chicken breast, a1, soap, creamer, pam, bug spray?, honey, worchestire sauce, milk. 
and a headache! ugh! 
21 correct out of 30.
The Winner is TexWisGrl!!!  The WHOOP-TEE-DOO is yours for the taking!
Sarah, River and Val can take a WHOOP-TEE-DOO as well…no one is looking.


  1. Good going there T.!
    Joeh - I didn't think you were serious or I would have tried, but Theresa would have still won! LOL!

  2. This was an exciting contest.

    I was going to bring your wife's list to a pharmacist and see what they could figure out.

    Or perhaps a mail carrier.

  3. It's not the victory, but the competition! I gave it my best shot.

    BROWNIE BRITTLE! Might as well add some Unicorn Milk to wash it down. Never heard of such a thing.

  4. Sob...I should have tried harder!

  5. Her lists are a source of entertainment for us, at least. Congratulations to all who were brave enough to try!

  6. brownie brittle? wth???? lol! well, i'll take some exedrin now and get over my headache with a whoop-tee-do!

  7. Your wife's grocery lists make my eyes bleed. I'll bet she's brilliant. You know like doctors. I can't read their writing either.

    Congratulations to the winners.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  8. Um, is your wife a doctor? If not, she may have missed her calling. (She's already got the penmanship requirements down pat!)

  9. Congratulations to the brave contestants. Perhaps Mrs. C. should work for the state department because deciphering her handwriting would be harder than hacking the system.

  10. Wow, I'm impressed with all who tried. You might put TexWis on retainer to be your regular interpreter.

  11. I'm sorry I missed this yesterday. Then I took a look at the list and decided that I was relieved. Always fun. :)

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. I think the best guess is "brain bleach" (and I think there is a need for a product like this).

  14. Oh man, Joe, I wrote a huge answer for this back when you posted it! I somehow lost it though, between keystrokes and didn't have the energy to re-write. I would say it looked a lot like Val's answer.


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