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Tuesday, August 2, 2016



The final post in the saga of Cranky’s computer problems.

If you missed the other posts find them here...or not

I got my new computer and after battling with the Geeks, and fighting with Norton it is now running and protected.  My last step was to download MS-office.  I don’t really need office, I only need Word, but you have to purchase the whole package.

No problem, I have a card with a code that I can use to download Office from the web at no cost, and I have a disc with Office-07 which for some reason was what my last computer used.

I went on line, plugged in the code and was told “I don’t think so!”

Now I remembered why my computer #3 had an 07 version of Office.

I bought Office in 07 for my first computer.  It was downloaded off the disc.  On my second computer I was given access to an on-line download of a newer version of word.  I think this was a “throw-in” with my purchase.  When I bought computer #3 this on-line download did not work.  Apparently the “throw-in” was only good for one time on one machine.  Now I remembered why computer #3 ran my 07 version from the disc.

My new computer does not accept a disc, they have gone the way of a floppy, and the cloud has taken over…at least as far as my new computer is concerned. 

OK, I had to bite the bullet and buy Office once more.

This should have taken about five minutes.

It took about 20 minutes.  I had to set up an account and I kept getting misdirected all over the place.  Finally, I got to the point where they had my money and all I had to do was press “Download.”

I pressed download.


I watched that little bar go three quarters of the way and then stop.  I watched it not move for 10 minutes.  I finally flipped out as I am wont to do and x’d the thing out.  It was at that point that I realized that even though the computer showed I was connected to the internet…I wasn’t.

Start the process over and in ten minutes I had my Word, my Norton, some of my files and a working computer.  Mrs. Cranky wasn’t talking to me, I think I may have surpassed my daily “Jerk” quota for the day…but I was back on-line.

I hate the new version of Word because it is different, but I am slowly learning to find and get what I want.

I only have to slowly recreate the files I lost which will take a lot of cutting and pasting.  Should only take about a month.

That is it, that was my miserable week.  On the plus side, the new computer runs faster than the old one, and the battery life is three times computer #3.  Also my very first computer’s battery was toast and the power cord was shot which is why I replaced it, I found the power cord from computer #3 is compatible to computer #1, so now I have a crappy but working computer to back up my files.

With all my computer problems, I had a comfortable bed, a roof over my head, air conditioning, food, TV and a patient wife all week; lots more than many people in this great world of ours, so I shouldn’t complain…but then I wouldn’t be Cranky would I?


  1. I am sorry you are having all this trouble. BUT, looking at your problems, I can say that I am glad it didn't happen to me.(YET) I was actually chastised for not wanting to stay current, blah, blah. I fear for the time in the future I will be pushed to a new Computer, a new OS, all new software ....... I don't think I can remember all the rules and instructions to start all over. I honestly believe that I will hang up the internet or get a Mac if/when this machine goes the way of all things.
    You have taught me a valuable lesson and I know I couldn't handle a complete changeover as well(?) as you have. So ... I am going to be more careful about what I click and make sure I stay away from Win10.

  2. You have patience to die for... and apparently you didn't scream the place down whilst doing all that. Well done!

  3. Doesn't your computer have a 'wordpad' app/program? and isn't that essentially the same thing as Word? so why buy Office?
    What can Word do that Wordpad can't?

  4. so true... we get accustomed to 'easy' and 'now', don't we?

  5. Patience pays. Good job. As a friend once pointed out, we're an impatient people who will stand in front of a microwave oven, bang on the counter, and yell "HURRY UP!"

  6. It's exhausting to be the IT person in the household, isn't it?

  7. Computers can make you cranky when they don't work right or they quit altogether. I'm glad you up and running the way you want to be.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  8. I am a point and click girl. If I do those two things my computer should work. I get super cranky when it doesn't happen like that because I just have this weird thought that things should work like they're supposed to, when they're supposed to. Keep on with your Cranky self. :)

  9. You can see light at the end of the tunnel :)

  10. I'm still smarting over having lost Office when I downloaded 10. I think you showed remarkable patience with all the new adjustments. It is a hair pulling experience and I am glad you have emerged on the other side. You are good till the next big thing.

  11. I recently bought the new Word program and it was troubling because it was different in many ways, and not necessarily better than the older version.

  12. Sometimes i wonder if they change it all just so they can charge you for it again.

  13. When it comes to software changes, I just tell myself to dive into the pool of ice water. Just do it. Three weeks later you'll be so used to the new version you won't remember any more how you used to do it in the old version.

    You're just lucky all this stuff didn't happen to your cell phone!

  14. You have a right to be cranky, as do we all. I remember some genius once upon a time saying "computers are going to make everyone's life simpler!" Grrrrr!

  15. Well, I hated it when I got my new computer that my son built, because I also had to update, and now I can't crop my pictures with whatever I used to have in Office that cropped pictures so easily.

  16. I never like to break a new computer in and getting things sent up. Glad you got back up and running.



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