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Tuesday, August 23, 2016


There are friends you have known for a long time; old friends.  There are friends who are old.  Then there are friends who are old that have been friends for a long time; old, old friends.
This weekend I spent a lot of time with old, old friends.  Joe B from Pa, and Captain Don (formally known as Squeak) from up the road in NJ.  We played golf on Friday.  Joe B is retired so there was no problem, Captain Don works for himself and his boss is a prick so he could only get a half day off.  Still it was a good day, unless you factor in the golf.  We may not have played very well.
Don is pretty good, but he doesn’t get to play often, it’s that prick boss thing again.  I’m trying to play at a level of a much younger Crank before I had children, I’m not there yet.  Joe B plays a lot.  He doesn’t hit the ball a long way, but he is never in trouble, plays smart, and is terrific around the green.  He is good, though on Friday, not so much.
Cranky and Joe B back when Captain Don flew to the golf course
Captain Don was behind the camera...this was before selfies.

We managed to play 14 holes when the call of a vodka tonic and a dip in Don’s pool was more tempting than four more holes of golf in the hot humid sun.
There may have been more than one vodka involved. 
The day ended with dinner out with wives at a very nice restaurant.
Good food, good people, good times.
Saturday everyone was invited to Casa Del Cranky.  The old, old friends left to play golf again, the relatively new friend wives stayed home.  Apparently they had a choice of a day at the townhome association pool dodging kids playing that annoying “Marco Polo” game or going shopping at a nearby outlet store. 
Shopping won.
The old, old friends managed to get in all 18 holes of golf and returned for refreshments.  Captain Don and Cranky played better than the day before, Joe B was more than better, he was damn good.
The wives were not yet home.  When they did return we were cooled off and well lubricated.  The women returned with leather goods from some place called Coach.
The lubrication softened the blow of the leather goods, though apparently there was much money “saved.” 
Grilled food, wine, and a lot of laughter followed.  Old, old friends shared old and some new stories.  New friend wives shared stories of the old, old friends that the old, old friends may have preferred remained unspoken.
All in all, it was a great weekend of golf, drink, food and laughs.
Old friends are great.  Friends that are old are good.  Old, old friends are the best.


  1. Old, old friends are definitely the best. Happy to hear that all friends had a great time, on and off the course.

  2. Faced with the prospect of Marco Polo I'd go shopping too.

  3. An ideal weekend for all concerned. Old, old friends are definitely the best.

  4. That's the kind of weekend that refreshes you for the week ahead!

  5. LOL....yes, much money is saved at a Coach outlet store!

  6. i am envious. my older old friends live 1100 miles away (or more)

  7. I agree! I love saving money. As for that pool game that kids are so fond of,
    Billy Collins said it best:

  8. Sounds like a great weekend to me Joe. I can tell you thought so too. It was the vodka.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  9. Our oldest, best friends live in Sacramento and we don't get to see them very often. But soon we'll all be retired so hopefully we'll see each other more. often.

  10. I moved a lot so I don't have many old, old friends but those I do have I hang on to tenaciously. Thank goodness for the Internet. What a great week end you all had--even the wives. Can't ask for more than that.

  11. Old, old friends = good, good times!

  12. Two people alive knew me without a beard, one lives down the block, the other I haven't talked to in decades. Yes, knowing someone who 'knows' you is a valuable thing.
    Nice post, Joeh

  13. Yessir, you got it, Joe. And the vodka eases any tension there may be over the results of that golf fame. Or exacerbates it. (How 'bout that big word!)

  14. Quite obviously I meant "golf game". Maybe the vodka has another effect, too. Guess I'd better have another.

  15. Sounds like the OOFs got what they wanted, and the NFWs also got what they wanted. Who could ask for anything more?


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