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Wednesday, June 15, 2016



Some of you may be aware that this cranky old man hates Tupperware.  That’s right, I am an Anti-Tupperite.  Mrs. C is a big Tupperware lover.  She is the child of a Tupperware lady.  She believes Tupperware is gold.

Why do I hate Tupperware? 

First it is expensive.  Mrs. C claims that it will last forever and if it breaks it will be replaced free of charge.  Ha!  Who would actually return a broken Tupperware top for a free exchange?  

That’s right, Mrs. C!

Second, matching tops with the bowls is really frustrating.  The bowls are clear, the tops many different colors.  Some tops almost fit some bowls…if you force the issue the tops break.  In over fifty Tupperware years, I do not understand why they do not put a colored stripe on the bowl that matches with the correct top color.

Third, every Tupperware home has a Tupperware cabinet.  Whoa to the poor idiot (me) who opens that cabinet too fast.  I have been bombarded by many a Tupperlanch.

Finally Tupperware must be hand washed.  Some people will tell me that it is dishwasher safe.  I would agree, but Mrs. C is old school and insists that this plastic gold be hand washed.

What brought on this Tupperrant?   

I recently broke several Tupper tops.  Mrs. C was very distressed.  She claimed her mother would be rolling in her grave if she knew.

I am now banned from ever using any Tupperware bowl or implement.  I am relegated to using Chinese Tupperware, or store bought fake Tupperware.  I now have my own cabinet with my own fake Tupperware, which by the way I will put in the dishwasher…if it is ruined, I’ll just order some take-out from Ming’s Kitchen to replace it.

What about the broken tops?

Mrs. C called a distributer and had the tops replaced as advertised.  Great deal right? Except that when she picked up the tops, the distributer sold her $150 worth of new Tuppercrap.  Where she is going to put it is not my problem, as long as she keeps it out of my fake Tupperware cabinet.

I had to ask her,

“Why do you need more Tupperware, why couldn’t you just replace the tops?”

“I needed this stuff, I’ve been meaning to get some new bowls.”

“But there’s only two of us, we eat out half the time.  How many bowls of leftovers do we possible need?”

“I needed more bowls.”

“What about the new ice cream scoop.  We have a perfectly good scoop and we hardly ever use it except when Spencer is visiting.”

“We need two scoops for Thanksgiving, one for vanilla and one for chocolate.”

“Oh, we don’t want to mix a drop of vanilla with a scoop of chocolate, I know that was all anyone could talk about last Thanksgiving.”

“You’re a jerk!”

I hate Tupperware!


  1. I have none! I just put plastic wrap or foil on the plate or dish of food. Saves time washing another dish!

  2. I don't think I presently have any Tupperware; had a lot in my youth but phased it out over time. I do have plastic containers though for leftovers, usually the ones that come with lunch meat that can be used a few more times and work just as fine.


  3. I'm not a fan of Tupperware either. I hated it when it first came out and that opinion hasn't changed.

    Have a fabulous day Cranky and you're not a jerk. ☺

  4. I didn't know Tupperware was still around. I was glad when most of mine disappeared - either broken, lost or chucked, I can't remember which. I do still have a couple of sandwich size boxes that are good for keeping left over cat-food.

  5. The plastic take out dishes are good enough for me, as are margarine containers & the cheap Glad stuff the markets have now!!

  6. Haha! I have a couple of Tupperware items but you know, I am just not convinced on the plastic stuff. You can get plastic tubs and bowls and boxes from the supermarket that I think are just as good these days, just as air-tight, dishwasher safe, etc. And they still take up too much room in the cupboard and lids get separated from bottoms.

  7. A few excellent pieces of storage plastic, of any brand, are enough for me. Then the kids use them as bowls when there aren't any clean dishes, and lose or break them, and my cabinet with the few pieces i need is a mess again. Oh, well.

  8. Rubbermaid is so cool... they number the tops and the bowls so they're easy to match.

  9. A few years ago, Jenn brought home some shower-cap things of various sizes, and you can just put 'em on whatever dish your leftovers are already in. . .

  10. I hate to sound holier than thou (but in this case, I am). We don't use plastic at all for food anymore. It's all been replaced by glass which I can stack neatly in a cupboard so I know what I have and can also wash in the dishwasher.

  11. Stuff of that genre is handy, but as you say, frustrating. Those plastic tops I swear were in the cabinet seem to go into hiding, just like occasional socks go missing in the clothes dryer. Grrr! I just buy the cheap ones for a few bucks per 3-pack when I need to replace all the pieces that have been orphaned.

  12. I don't hate Tupperware, but i wish there was a way to keep the appropriate lids in a place where they vcan easily be matched with their counterparts.

  13. Not a big fan of plastic stuff, either. I like to store leftovers in a dish that I can safely heat in the microwave.

    Do they still have those parties where the lady says, "...and this is your lid that you need to burp to keep your food fresh..."

  14. I have some regular Tupperware, but that lid thing is problematic. So I don't use them.

    My college son Genius keeps stealing my Chinese tupperware. They don't give takeout in it any more! I mean those rectangular white bottoms with the clear tops. Now it's always Styrofoam.

    My mom had a collection of my opaque quart cylinder Chinese tupperware, but I have them back now! I can still get new ones, though, every time I order a large hot & sour soup. It's the small ones I'm missing. Guess I'll have to eat smaller portions of soup.

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  16. I read on FB that sox lost in the dryer come back as mismatched Tupperware lids. I had to agree.