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Monday, June 6, 2016

The Trouble With Blogging

The Trouble With Blogging

This week I spent several days on a fishing trip with some old fraternity brothers…really old fraternity brothers.  This is a real good group and it is always fun chatting up old times and getting caught up in what has been happening to each other.  Except when it comes to stories and news, I got nothing.

“You guys would not believe what a nut my wife can be.  A couple of weeks ago she left a muffin on the table and it was…”

“We know, hidden by a towel, we read the blog.”

“So went on a cruise to Bermuda and at dinner…”

“We know, you met this asshole from ‘The Pacific Northwest.’ We read the blog.”

“Did you hear about the trip I took to Coast Rica? My brother…”

“YES! You, your brother, his son and your son caught like 100 sailfish.  We read your blog!”

“What about our cruise to…”

“MEXICO AND KEY WEST…We read your blog!”

“What about the starbursts?”

“BLOG…read it.”

“Coffee maker?”

“Read it.”

“My wife’s handwriting?”


“The car accident?”

“Faulty backup camera…we read your blog for crispy sake!”

I hate this. I got nothing.  I need to stop this blog, or get friends who can’t read.


  1. Get friends who can't read, or write in code. Have Mrs C write it for you then photograph the page and post that.

    1. But then I couldn't read it, either!!

  2. I don't have that as no one IRL knows I blog.

  3. Too funny. I've had some conversations like that.

  4. Too funny! I could have given the exact same replies your frat guys did - I know all the answers too!
    There are days when I love being greeted as a local "celeb" at the grocery store...."oh! that was such a cute Halloween party!" (from someone I barely know) - and days where I wish I was just another anonymous frumpy housewife out buying cat food!

  5. This hasn't happened to me since few of my friends read my blog, but I have told a few stories often enough to make certain people roll their eyes.

  6. Bwahahahahahahaha. This is definitely the downside to blogging. Make up stuff. I'm just saying.

    I'll be gone for a week. Our trek to the Pacific Northwest starts today.

    Have a fabulous day Cranky. ☺

  7. Hi Joeh,

    Occupational hazard, I'm afraid. All I get is "you really are a creepy weirdo, aren't you?"




  8. Get friends who can't read! Don't ever give up this blog! And don't make us petition Mrs. C to make sure you don't. ;)

  9. Same. I get, "Man, you really put yourself out there." Everyone knows about my life. Actually, though, it's flattering to know they read my stuff.

  10. isn't that what you expect when someone reads your blog? they read and remember things you said... well, at least, you know someone is reading your blog

    have a sweet day.

  11. Im the opposite. None of my friends or family read my blog. I see them and they ask me something about my life I say "Well, if youd read my blog!!"

  12. It is nice that your friends are reading what you write. Their sarcasm might be just a hint of jealousy I guess. You are a good writer. Keep writing. You are providing free reading material and that is something.

  13. I totally get it. I don't realize it, though, until someone shakes their head up and down when I am telling a story and as I quizzically look at her or him I am wondering why it appears that he or she already knows what I am about to say.

  14. I agree with Sandee...just make up some over-the-top story about how you single handedly took down an ISIS cell in NJ, or saved a kitten from a burning house, and saved that story just for them. Just remember these words: "That's my story and I'm stickin' with it!"

  15. Supersecret blog(s)! That's what I do! The only one who knows my business is my best ol' ex-teaching buddy, Mabel. We can come up with plenty else to talk about. Go underground, or make your friends the story. Oh, wait! You just did!

  16. That's why i write under a made up name. Although i will admit to being messy by nature.

  17. Well, if you can't entertain them with new stories you'll just have to bring your guitar along on those fishing trips!

  18. That's why I don't tell my friends about my blog - and because I couldn't write about them if I did ...