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Monday, June 13, 2016


Stolen from the internet from the person in the left hand corner that is unreadable...sorry, please don't sue me.

Let Gay people marry.  It won’t hurt anyone.  The country will be fine. 

Let people use whatever bathroom they feel the most comfortable with.  It won’t hurt anyone.  The country will be fine.

Make the minimum wage $20.  It will cause inflation and no one will ultimately be any better off, but it won’t hurt anyone.  The country will be fine.

Let illegal immigrants stay in the country and give them an opportunity to become citizens.  It won’t hurt anyone.  The country will be fine.

Require all guns to be registered.  Government won’t take them away, not in this country.  It won’t stop violence, it may make it a little better but it won’t hurt anyone.  The country will be fine.

Raise taxes on the rich.  They’ll find loopholes, but it won’t hurt anyone.  The country will be fine.

Tax soda and all sweets.  People will drink and eat all that crap anyway, but it won’t hurt anyone.  The country will be fine.

Tax the crap out of fossil fuels.  Build more windmills, install solar panels, ride bicycles…whatever.  The planet will still warm or cool as it sees fit, but it won’t hurt anyone.  The country will be fine.

Pass whatever laws Liberals are asking.  I don’t care anymore. If it makes people feel good, if it makes them think they are doing something good then fine.  It won’t hurt anyone.  The country will be fine.

But please, whatever it takes, even if rights are trampled on, and privacy is lost, stop EXTREME ISLAMIC TERRORISM.  Call it what it is.  Stop it.  Put plants in Mosques, tap phones, stop and frisk…I don’t care! Profile the heck out of people.  If you have one eyebrow, a strap-on-beard, a funny hat, and you cover your face, I DON'T CARE, you are under suspicion.  

These animals hide behind the skirts and burkas of their own, they fight dirty…they are dirty…they will do whatever it takes to hurt this country.

It seems to me that every issue in this country is potentially cataclysmic.  The economy will fail.  People will not be able to make ends meet.  Drug wars will put everyone at risk.  The planet is going to burn and cities will be under water.  For all these things we are told we need to take action right away before it is too late.  


As long as we whistle the tune of political correctness, as long as we are afraid to be unfair, to hurt feelings, as long as we look the other way and not call a spade what it is, EXTREME ISLAMIC TERRORISM, people will be hurt. 

The country will not be fine.  


  1. Amen. You said it all; I have no other thoughts to add.


    1. Well said. I would like to copy your post and pin it to our government buildings. Of course, I can't do that unless I want to get arrested or killed.

  2. Why even use the word 'extreme'?

  3. Easily the biggest and scariest problem right now. And seemingly the hardest to stop.

  4. This is spot on Joe, spot on.

    We're home and we're so happy about that.

    Have a fabulous day Joe. ☺

  5. Yes, indeed. The second biggest problem is how to stop it when the people who are in power have no will to do so, even though those who elected them want them to do so.

  6. The problem in this country is terrorism, plain and simple. When David Koresh killed eighty people at his so-called Camp Davidian, it wasn't Christianity that was attacked; it was this madman's perversions that were called into question. If we go to war with Islam, the world's fastest growing religion, we will lose. Obama is correct to not use a term that implicates all Muslims and makes them less likely to help authorities identify potential threats. I've been to Moslem countries and know that most Moslems are peace loving and want much the same things for their children that we do.

    Aside from the stupidity of Congress doing nothing to outlaw weapons of war on our streets, a huge issue is the defunding of mental health organizations in this country. Many troubled people seek death by cop, and actively want to be shot by the police. As someone close to our local police department, I know how much an officer can be traumatized by having to shoot someone.

    We need common sense solutions to our problems. Donald Trump feeds upon people's fears and prejudices. He must be denounced for the opportunistic, self-centered individual he is.

  7. Joeh
    In your paragraph where you write "But please, whatever it takes, even if rights are trampled on, and privacy is lost, stop EXTREME ISLAMIC TERRORISM. Call it what it is. Stop it. Put plants in Mosques, tap phones, stop and frisk…I don’t care! Profile the heck out of people." could you tell me exactly what you are suggesting we do, since we are doing all, if not most of those already? When you say 'stop and frisk', who are you talking about? Who do we stop and frisk? Who exactly do we we turn our attention to here?

    It seems you're kind of beating around the bush here, and I'd like to know exactly what you are suggesting we do before I can respond. The FBI is tapping lots of phones of suspected radicals as we speak, are there other's they should tap?
    Be a bit more specific, if you would.

    1. Seriously, Joeh. My thought here is you are taking the Trump Inc. line, that Muslims are the suspects, and if we take care of the 'Muslim Problem' the terrorism problem will go away.
      Is this not the case? If I'm wrong, my sincere apologies.
      An interesting byline to this is the speech President Obama gave today on this subject, and the 'reply' your guy Trump managed.

    2. Mike, I have to check with my Homeland Security Consultant and get back to you. My gut feeling is we could do more and are a bit afraid of stepping on some toes and hurting some feelings, I would not be against getting a little dirty, but I'm just an old dude that has never been very successful at anything including 2 failed marriages so what the hell do I know? Anyway yeah, I do like Trump a little, I understand all our current problems are the result of Republicans, but Trump is fiscally conservative and a closet liberal on social issues and I kinda feel the same way. I don't think we will ever agree on very much. Except maybe I don't really care who uses what bathroom and I would like to see more gun regulations.

  8. Wow, JoeH. Mostly I do get what you are saying. But skeptical about feeding on fear. These days it seems easy to say that all Muslims are extreme, but that isn't true. We believe in freedom of religion, but what does that actually mean right now? Who is an enemy and who is not? What a big mess.I feel incoherent on this confusing topic.

    1. Not sure where I have ever indicated anywhere that I think all Muslims are terrorists. I don't believe anyone thinks that, but I have to say that an awful lot of terrorists claim to be Muslim.

  9. I am a muslim and I do not even like to hurt a spider. I believe in non violence. If any government agency wants to check my family or me I will have no problem with that. If a group of people are using some Muslim youth to spread terror it is not the fault of muslims in general.

  10. OMGosh Preach it Mr Joe!!! Great post!!! I feel the same way, but in reading the comments here I believe it is an even divide where the Extreme Islamic Terrorist are concerned. I set here wondering why our elitist in Washington cannot utter that word and meanwhile more and more of it is happening right in our country. :(