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Sunday, June 12, 2016


A cranky re-run from June 2012
I think this was my first Hilary POTW

 I have always been annoyed by people that are so afraid to offend that they give a little laugh after everything they say. “Good morning…he he ha ha!”  WTF!  No matter how innocuous the comment they insert a tiny guffaw.  What they are really conveying is “just in case what I say might be offensive my laugh indicates I am just joking.”  This annoying laugh becomes a habit with some people.

The digital equivalent, and it is just as annoying, is LOL.

Come on people…take a chance…make your comment and let it stand on its own.  Same goes with JK.  Do we have to cyber-express every statement?

How about:

“My don’t you look nice” SWASF  (Said with a straight face) 

“Gee, it’s sooo good to see you” SPA (Smiling passive aggressively)  

“I hate when that happens” FF (Frowny face)

“That is a beautiful dress” SAYC (Staring at your cleavage)

“I got your money right here” GMC (Grabbing my crotch)

“Fuck you” FU (Fuck you)

“I disagree” GUTF (Giving you the finger)

“It’s not you, it’s me” IRU (It’s really you)

“I’d love to go to the ballet” RME (Rolling my eyes)

“I’d love to go to the opera” RMFE (Rolling my fucking eyes)

“We need to talk?” BMBOWMF (Blowing my brains out with my finger)

I think this idea of conveying emotion or facial expression with these stupid letter shortcuts is ridiculous.  I for one refuse to resort to this silly practice.

Sincerely COM (Cranky Old Man)



  1. I've never seen most of those letter shortcuts, they don't seem to be popular out here. Maybe with the younger set.

  2. LOL.... sorry, I couldn't resist that. But you are right. Another modern habit I can't the hang of is O:)

  3. I always thought the (real life) laugh that people do just means they are nervous.

    My son does the LOL after every text to me. It's bizarre.

  4. I kinda like some of the longer ones,
    and what they connote

  5. The only one i use is LOL, and i don't use it often. The rest of them i don't know.

  6. Language can be such a beautiful thing that it troubles me to see ours reduced to a few symbols and abbreviations.

  7. ITOTUTP (I'm too old to understand this post)!!

  8. I really really need to know what Uncle Skip means by that really "Oh my God, what the fuck, barbeque?"

    1. I never know what Uncle Skip means when he spells it out.

    2. One of those "B'" has to stand for Bacon.

  9. I am partial to WTF. It's kind of rhetorical. I don't really expect an explanation.

  10. I still like WTF and FML but can't warm to SHM. I use emojis but spend too much time looking for the right one and worrying I am mis-using them - where is the "cynical" emoji? Is that the "frustrated" eomji or the tired emoji? Is there a "puzzled" emoji? etc.