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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Cranky Left the House

Cranky Left the House
I am running out of material, so I went shopping with Mrs. Cranky.  Just a few simple chores; drop off a necklace for repair, pick up some items at Costco and go out to dinner.  You would think there was not much material to be gained from that list of to-dos. 

You would think wrong.

We first took the necklace to “Kay’s” because that is where we bought it and we paid insurance on the piece.  Well we thought we did.  Turns out we only were insured for lost stones.  The repair we needed was for a broken clasp. 

Oh well.

The clerk looked it up and then casually started to write up a repair order.  It would only cost $90.

Mrs. Cranky gave me a look.  I said.  “Ah that seems a little steep; I think we should shop around.”

The clerk started to argue, “But that is what it costs, and it is guaranteed for six months.”

“I’m sorry, but I was talking to my wife.”

Mrs. Cranky was on the same page, “I only came here because I thought it was under guarantee…$90 is a lot for a clasp.”


“Thanks, we’ll be back if $90 is the best we can do.”

Costco shopping was uneventful, and it was on to dinner.  We went to Houlihan’s a nice little highway restaurant chain.  A bit pricey, but generally they serve good food.  I ordered scallops.

When the scallops arrived before they reached my chair they smelled fishy…not fresh fishy.  I ate one and it was confirmed they were not fresh.  If these scallops were $12 I probably would have eaten them because I am stupid like that, but they were $22.  I could not eat $22 not fresh scallops.   

I love scallops.  I know what good scallops should taste like.  These were bad scallops.  I ate some of the risotto and just pushed the plate away.  When the waiter made the compulsory “How is everything request” I answered, “Fine, but the scallops are inedible…unless of course you’re starving.”

The manager did not charge for the scallops, and I survived on some sweet potato fries from Mrs. C’s plate and from the calamari appetizer we had ordered earlier.

Unfortunately we only came to Houlihan’s because Mrs. C had a $10 coupon with a $30 purchase that she got for giving blood.  Without the scallops the bill was under $30.  On the plus side, I had a glass of pinot grigio that cost $5.25 and was every bit as good as the $13.50 pinot grigio served at Benihana.

I left the restaurant hungry and cranky because of the scallops and the ridiculous price at Kay’s to fix their faulty clasp.  I told Mrs. Cranky if we had to pay $90 for the not guaranteed clasp, I was going to pop an insured stone demand a replacement and screw them that way.

On the way home we stopped at a jeweler Mrs. C had done business with before.  He took one look and said “Be about $25 - $30, I can have it back in a week.”

When we got home, I was way less cranky and actually a little less hungry.

Mrs. Cranky says I should plug “Milano’s Jewelry” of Milltown, N.J. so…
Go to Milano’s for a fair price on jewelry repair.


  1. Going shopping seems like a hefty price for a man to pay just to get blogging material.

    Thanks for putting your readers' needs before your own.

  2. So it sort of ended up okay in the long run; seemed like a reasonable price to get the necklace fixed at the second place you went to; that was good to shop around for its repair.


  3. What a rip-off at the first jeweller! Not only because of the high price, but because at the time of purchase, it should have been made clear to you (Mrs C) the insurance only covered the stones.
    I took a tiny pendant to a jeweller just yesterday for a new ring to slip onto a new chain I'd previously bought. she replaced the old ring which wouldn't fit over the catch on the new chain and charged me...wait for it...ONE dollar.
    How awful to get inedible scallops, you should have sent them back to the kitchen.

  4. What a day! I don't like scallops so I wouldn't know if they were fresh or otherwise. But I am cute when it comes to people in the robbing trade. I'm glad you stuck your principles.

  5. Did you see the online ranting about Kay Jewelers recently? People hate them, and now I see why!

    That's a bummer about Houlihans. I love their fish tacos.

  6. Sweetie is very picky about food and wine in a restaurant. If it's not right, he will send it back. We have a local jeweler we use here who owns his own place and is a friend, so we always get a fair price.

  7. Did the clasp need to be replaced or simply reattached? In either case, $90 seems excessive.

  8. I recently replaced a gold lobster clasp and it was $90. But it was 18K. I don't know what type of clasp you were replacing but it does sound like you were being over charged.

  9. Sorry about your dinner and I'm glad you shopped around for the repair of the clasp. I'm guessing Kay's is the last place you're every going to go for jewelry. Rightly so.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  10. Well, I don't think we actually have a "Kay's" up here north of the 49th, and we don't bother with the chain store type of jewelers anyway. Been going to the same one man operation type of place for...well, how long have I been married? I think it starts with a "3", but I'd have to do some cipherin'.
    Anyway, he'll clean stuff for free, even if you didn't by it there. And he's always willing to wheel and deal. My kind of jeweler, as far as jewelers go.

  11. I like locally owned stores whenever I have a choice because they seem more interested in cultivating me as a long term customer. The large chain's employees are just punching a clock and don't seem to care. Glad you gave Milano's a shout out. :)

  12. I don't have any jewelry (unless you count a Fitbit). Good food, however, is very important to me. I would have complained about questionable food, too.

  13. Life's way too short to eat bad scallops!

  14. You will find, if you get out more, that this is how the world works now. Always a glitch for something that should be simple.

  15. You should have sent the scallops back!!

  16. geez. two strikes, but you came out okay...