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Friday, June 10, 2016

I Want to like Donald Trump

I Want to like Donald Trump

A cranky opinion for


The following is the opinion of a cranky old man with little knowledge of the subject opined.  Opposing opinions are welcome, but they are wrong.  As always, please no name calling, and that means you, you big stupid head.

In many ways, I kind of like Donald Trump.   He speaks his mind, he is not beholding to anyone and from what I see he has been successful in the vast majorities of his endeavors and is clearly a very smart man.

 Yes he has had some failures.  He had a failed airline.  Seems like a lot of airlines have failed.  He failed in his attempt to pressure the NFL into merging with a new league; looking back that was pretty much of a long shot.  A few casinos in Atlantic City have gone bust…a few others have had trouble making it in Atlantic City.  Have you ever been to Atlantic City?  It is not a city run by anyone with a very good plan.  Almost every town on the beautiful Jersey Shore is successful; Atlantic City, even with legalized gambling does not seem to be able to figure it out.  He was at least smart enough to see the AC mess and get his own money out.

Anyway, as much as I find Trump to be likable, it turns out he is a racist, misogynist, KKK loving hate monger.  I did not know this.  But I am told this every day.  I have yet to read about minorities complain of unfair business practices or unfair hiring practices.  It is my understanding that he has a number of woman and minorities in management positions in his company.  They are probably afraid to speak up.

His personal life has come under scrutiny.  He is on his third wife…I for sure can’t hold that against him.  His ex-wives have nothing bad to say about him; that is a bit unusual.  His children all seem to stay out of trouble and are productive.  A couple of his boys did shoot a giraffe and other African animals a few years ago.  Can’t say as I like that, but it was before “Cecil the Lion.”

Trump does not drink or smoke.  Never has.  That makes me mistrust him a little, but I suppose it is not a bad thing.  He has called some women names that are not nice.  He has called lots of people of all ages, genders, and races names that are not nice.  These are people that have not been nice to him.  He is at least equally nasty to people that have been nasty to him.

Anyway, I find some things about Trump that I like, but it seems that to a lot of people I know expressing that opinion is not acceptable.  A lot of these people who find Trump unacceptable are very smart people.  Certainly smarter than I. 

Look, I am getting on in age; whoever becomes President is not all that important to me.  Not important enough to be treated with disdain for holding an opinion that apparently is not acceptable to so many people. 

I am too old to be hated for an opinion.  So I have chosen to not support Donald Trump.  I am tired of having a President who half of the country despises, which has pretty much been the case since after Eisenhower. 

I am going to support someone likable.  I am going to support someone who says nice things.  I am going to support whoever goes out of his or her way to not make waves, someone whom I can support and not have people to turn away from me in disgust, someone that the media and smart people say it is ok to support.

I am tired of thinking for myself and being despised for my conclusions.  I am going to support whoever says the right things and makes the most people happy.  I am not supporting someone that causes others to hate me.  It is just not worth it.  I surrender to those that know best.

Not sure who that will be yet.  Not any likable people running this year.

It won’t be Donald Trump; apparently he is a very bad, very mean, hateful, despicable human being. 

However, he is cranky and he is my age.

Know what? Screw it I might just like Trump anyway…please don’t throw shit at me and please don't hate me.  

I'm sorry; I just kinda like the guy.

The preceding has been the opinion of a cranky old man and not necessarily that of management…Mrs. Cranky.


  1. his diplomacy is more lacking than anything. he's a character, but not one i'd want to see running the country and putting us at odds with the world (more so than we already are.)

  2. I keep saying this, but I wish we had a do over for this year's election. I'd vote for the candidate who truly and sincerely means it and then does it to bring jobs back to America. He's looking better than the other person for my vote. I'm afraid lots of people might choose to stay home and not vote this year.....

    In all my years of voting I never felt this insecure about an upcoming election.


  3. I would/could never dislike you for who you chose to support. I just.. don't get it.

  4. Failed airline; failed Hairline...

  5. Someone who describes his daughter sexually (even at birth) is just too creepy for me. I do not think an ego like that could fit in the Oval Office.

  6. i liked this chuckled at this comparison
    Trump Clinton
    Pro: He's not Hillary She's not Trump
    Con: He's Donald Trump She's Hillary

    I have to say I find absolutely nothing articulate, intellectually compelling, or the least bit presidential in Trump. Sure, he speaks his mind -- with the emotional maturity of a two year old. I don't get how that is a good thing.
    But, as I used to tell my husband, "You do have the right to opinion, wrong headed though it may be. Honey."

  7. I think you've captured the mood of much of the electorate in the US and Australia at the moment - we are all exhausted, disappointed and TIRED of the crap. I find Trump terrifying. I also think I know him - he is a narcissist who is charismatic and compelling to those near him and probably very generous to those in his inner circle; he has built his businesses like personal cults which promise riches to those who follow his lead and toe the line. These kinds of people often have a way of leaving a trail of destruction behind them while still drawing praise (or at least silence) from those close to them. For that reason, the fact no one close to him says anything bad about him doesn't mean much, to me.
    I agree it is refreshing to have non-politicians run for office as they speak their mind and come across as more natural and honest, but on the other hand running a country (and sort of running half of the world) require smarts, some humility and willingness to listen to counsel, and some diplomacy/circumspection. Trump as president just seems an insane picture to me. But then again, I quite like Barack Obama.

  8. I could never vote for someone so immature, so unable to control themselves. We need a president who can bring us together, not separate us. Trump can't ever accept responsibility for any mistakes. A Trump presidency would be a disaster.

  9. I don't think we've ever had a President from NYC. I am not a New Yorker, but I worked with New Yorker's for years. They (Many) can be abrupt in your face people, quick to voice an opinion and sure to fight back when attacked. They are also from the most diverse city in the world and are the least racist people in the world. New Yorkers do not always appear to be warm people, are sometimes standoffish, but they are the first to step in when needed, and are generous to a fault. New Yorkers are easily misunderstood, but most are the salt of the earth. Donald Trump seems very much like the many New York City people I worked with for 40 years. Perhaps the country is not ready for a New Yorker...

    1. OK, Teddy Roosevelt, but he was born in 1858.

  10. The June 9th NYTimes has an article about him entitled, 'Lord of the Lies.'

    So yeah, it's a choice between two big liars.

  11. I promise not to throw anything at you, including shit.

  12. I will always respect you, Joe. But my vote will be for Gary Johnson.

  13. We can disagree on this and still be friends.

  14. I caught a trout on a crawfish one time :)

  15. Joeh
    Not sure where to go here, because this has been, i thought, covered several times.....his misogyny, racism, etc, that you refer to as "i'm told," etc.....Joe, it'a all all out there! It's like saying 'well, I heard Hitler invaded Poland in '39'. Read his quotes, what he has said, recorded for posterity, about women, race, on and on. Read what he's said.
    Now, If you're saying you don't care about that, it's something he said in his youth (up to 45), ok. Don't agree, but it's an argument being currently used.
    But seriously....why Trump? He's been shown as with no respect for the truth, he lies, quoted and on record and then simply shrugs, saying it's in the past. This is what you want, in charge of the US?? Seriously?
    Because we're in the worst of times, the proverbial choose 'twixt the less of evils, or as I'd put it, less than optimum choice.
    I find it so odd that between '68 and now, we're being presented with similar choices. Wallace/Trump.....except I think George was smarter.
    I'm so sorry to see our country with these choices, but even more the reaction to the two....the hatred, other undesirable but historical reactions.
    Cheers, Joeh

    1. With what?? I disagree with the gravity that makes it tough to get out of bed in the am, but it's still there.

  16. Don't worry about making a decision. You have no shortage of people telling you how to vote.

  17. I've stopped listening to main stream media and researched for myself, each candidate, to see their vision and how they stand on issues. But it's not really the issues which concern me, it's the background I've found of each. Donald Trump has things in his life that seem bad but can be traced to normalcy. Hilary Clinton has things in life that seem good but can be traced to corruption. Research is key, before you judge. I don't trust the media anymore. I like Trump too.

  18. Joe, it's time to man up. Vote for Hillary.

  19. Omgosh. IN.A.NUTSHELL! I think everyone is feeling this same thing. I've never been so perplexed, so stressed on who to vote for in the years that I've been voting. And does it even matter? Will it even matter.