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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

This Commercial Says We Are Doomed

This Commercial Says We Are Doomed
As much as many people despise TV and commercials, they do document the changing times in our culture.  Generations from now historians will turn to commercials, not archaeological finds to draw conclusions about life in the 2000’s.

Based on a recent commercial I have seen, what they will find is scary.  They will see the beginning of the end of civilization as we know it.

The commercial I am referring to is a commercial for a washing machine.

A father is seen running with a teddy bear.  He is panicked.  He is yelling to his wife as you hear a crying baby in the background.

“Quick, I spilled coffee on Pookey, start the special quick wash cycle on our new ‘Clean-e-clean’ washing machine!”

“Did you give her the back-up Pookey?”

“This is the back-up Pookey!”

They then demonstrate why the new ‘Clean-e-clean’ washing machine is so fast and good.

Mom grabs the now clean Pookey and races toward the sound of the crying baby, as the dad yells,

“Hurry, and don’t let her see the fear in your eyes.”

Is this vignette in today’s parenting even a little bit accurate?  Is it supposed to be funny?

I think it is child brutality.  Catering to an infant in this way, coddling a baby to the point that you are in fear of having that child being upset or disappointed for even a minute is child abuse.  Beating and severely punishing a child is liable to send a sociopath into society, what kind of person is this abuse going to produce?

It is going to produce a wimpy, spoiled, self-important brat.  It will produce a generation of people who expect everything to come easy, who do not know difficulty or disappointment, a generation that expects hand-outs, free everything, and expects others to deliver all the free everything on a platter.  It is going to produce a generation of miserable, annoying unhappy dependent losers.

Years from now the survivors of this cataclysmic parenting will try and reconstruct history.

“It looks like a gigantic meteor hit and volcanic activity destroyed the giant reptiles that used to roam the earth.  I wonder what happened to the humanoids that later dominated the planet?”

“Wait, I think I’ve found something.   Look at this old video of what appears to be an advertisement for a washing machine.”

“OMG, what a horror!  An unseen infant seems to be the boss and is calling all the shots.  Look at the fear, the terror in what appears to be the parents of this monster.”

“This is terrifying, what must have happened when a generation of these infants grew up?”

“Oh the humanity!”  


  1. If that was the back-up Pookey, why isn't the first Pookey already washed and drying?
    Foolish parents; just hand the child a different stuffed toy. I don't remember ever, EVER running around in frantic panic like that.

  2. As my Pappy used to say, "You stop that or I'll give you something to cry about."
    Curiously enough, I never wanted to find out what that "something" was.

  3. Basically babies don't give a shit which toy they have or even if they have a toy at all. They want to be clean, warm and loved and then, sometimes, they STILL cry, it's what they do, no need for all the drama. I worry about parents who impose dependency on a toy, I've seen them do it, NO idea why they would want to do that. He/she can't sleep without it etc - it's simply not true until the child learns that it must be true from the parent. I want my children to be dependent on me not a stuffed toy but I want them to be independent too.

  4. These are the same parents who put condoms in their teen's Christmas stockings and serve alcohol to their kids's friends at grad parties.

  5. I believe a lot of parents are wimps. Fortunately, a lot more aren't.

  6. I don't think this commercial is intended to be taken seriously, but I do recall a time when our toddler's precious sweater was accidentally taken at a restaurant. It took quite a while for the tears to stop---my wife's tears.

  7. It's too late, this has already happened. Look around. Just saying.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  8. They are all around us but luckily for now, they don't look up from the screen in their palm long enough to be a threat.

  9. Hey, Uncle Skip, leave my cat out of this . . . oh, wait, . . . he's crying over an empty food dish. I'll be right back.

  10. Scary the kind of kids we are turning out.


  11. “The children now love luxury. They have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise.”

    ― Socrates

  12. I hate that commercial for another reason. Those actors are too well-known (to me, anyway) to be believed as a couple with a baby. It was cute way back in the day when Mariette Hartley and James Garner pretended to be a couple in those Polaroid commercials. Now, not so much.

  13. As parents, you want your child to be happy. But you also need to raise them to be capable of dealing with frustration. That's life.

    My kids were raised with love and a good dose of Vitamin N.

    (Vitamin N = "No")

    1. I got that vitamin from my first wife a lot!

  14. My kids too, Betina, and they've turned out to be fine adults because of it.