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Tuesday, October 27, 2015



The NY Mets are in the World Series.  I am a NY Yankee fan and have been for 64 years.  I will be rooting for the Mets in this year’s World Series.  If I am going to root for any team, why not the Mets?  They are in New York, why would I root for Kansas City.

Yet there are many Met fans who would deride me for rooting for their team.  “You’re a Yankee fan, why root for the Mets?  What are you, a fair weather fan?

I don’t get it.  There are four kinds of baseball fans in the New York area.

Yankee fans

Met Fans

Fans that always root against any New York team so they get attention (These fans I generally just ignore.)

Ladies who root for whomever their current boy friend roots for.  (I’m pretty sure that is grammatically incorrect, but if people can now say “they was conversating” I can end a sentence a preposition with.)

For some reason, Yankee fans are not supposed to root for the Mets…ever.  Met fans are not supposed to root for the Yankees…ever.

I don’t care, I am going to be rooting for the Mets, and if Met fans don’t like it, then they can, as they say in New York, “Go Scratch!”

The one think I don’t like about the Mets and therefore Met fans is their stupid cheer, “LET’S GO METS…LET’S GO METS!”

The beginnings of this cheer were derisive in nature.  In the early years, the Mets, like all expansion teams, were terrible.  They were comprised mostly of old washed up former New York Giant and Brooklyn dodger players.  In the first year, where they won maybe 12 games, the fans, starved for any team that wasn’t spelled Y A N K E E, came out in droves.  At one game when the Mets were down by eight runs in the ninth inning a group of inebriated fans started the “LETS GO METS” cheer as a goof.  It caught on and became a Met game staple originally as a joke for their hapless team.

Another Met tradition is carrying banners around the stadium.  Once again, this was started by bored fans, tired of losing, finding something to do for fun and also to be seen on TV.  You will see lots of banners and six year old kids holding up signs in this World Series.  You never saw Yankee fans with banners and signs in the World Series. 

Met fans! 

Oh well, I will still be rooting for them this year, I always root for the New York Teams.

Yankees before Mets

Giants before Jets

Knicks before Nets

And I don’t give a crap about hockey.

For the short time there was a team pro tennis league, the NY team was the Sets.

Do you notice the Mets, Jets, Nets thing?  Every time a franchise team came to New York the owners came up with an “ets” name trying to capitalize on the annoying “Let’s go Mets” cheer.

Thankfully that cheer did not catch on with any other New York Team.

Anyway, this year I will be rooting for the New York Mets to win the World Series.

“Come on Mets…Come on Mets”


  1. Since we have no major league team here, i just root for the underdog. And i agree with you, you go for the home team first, even if it's not your favorite home team.

  2. I have to root for Kansas, hubby is from there. I rooted for the Mets last World Series they were in, 86?

  3. I always root for the American Leage, in honor of the 1948 Cleveland Indians, but Kansas City is so far away.....
    I guess I'll watch for the Met results this year.

  4. It is 578 miles to Kansas City , and 732 miles to New York City from here. I guess I will go with the closer team.

  5. Have fun. I'm not going to root for anyone because I don't care. At. All.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  6. Why are women proud about not caring about sports and feel the need to express it? Just curious.

    I hate decorating, knitting and shopping for shoes, but i usually don't bother to mention it.

  7. I haven't decided who to root for. I usually go for the underdog but neither team has won a World Series in a very long time.

  8. Hmm. I wanted to root for the Cubs, but somehow they didn't quite show up for their series with the Mets. I think for this Series I'll just watch a while to see which team captures my attention. Sometimes one of them is just more appealing, not (usually) because of looks but because they are scrappy, or ... yup, scrappy is it. Play hard, get dirty, stretch a single into a double, don't strand runners, and run your ass off playing defense. Let's see who does that better.

  9. Ladies who root for whomever their current boy friend roots for. I was so impressed with you using "whomever" that I will totally forgive you for ending a sentence with a preposition!

    Can't say anything about the rest of your post today. I don't understand anything about sports....*careful to not display any pride*


  10. Meh. I am not rooting for the Royals. They mean nothing to me. With my Cardinals out, I am out. Your Mets might as well win.

  11. I suppose I'm pulling for the Mets, if only because the Royals are division rivals of my Tigers, and disliking them is kinda instinctual. Besides which, Yoenis Cespedes plays for the Mets, and I really liked him when he was with the Tigers (for which, you're welcome, Mets fans. . .)

    There's actually a similar dynamic between Cubs and Sox fans in Chicago - Sox fans HATE the Cubs, and vice versa; never did quite figure that one out. My family moved to Chicago when I went to college, and they all became Sox fans (I suppose because when they first moved there, they'd go see the Tigers whenever they came to town, and then they just started going to Sox games whether the Tigers were in town or not). I couldn't do that, so I took up with the Cubs as my 'National League team'. For all the good it's done me. . .


  12. I'm a Braves fan myself we had a pretty good team until most of them were traded. A bunch of which went to the Mets I think.
    Speaking of baseball, I love the movie For the Love of the Game. I always watch it at World Series time.