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Wednesday, October 28, 2015



I don’t know why, but the latest trends in communication are making me cranky.

Does asking yourself a rhetorical question and then answering it piss me off?  Yes it does.

The over use of the word actually, actually annoys me. 

People no longer respond to a casual question with a “yes”… “Are you retired?” “I am, I am retired.”
Young girls don't say "No", they say "NOAH".

What is it about past tenses?

People cannot get their tenses straight, and I believe it is intentional.  Why do people want to sound stupid intentionally? 
Do they say “I went to the store?”  No, instead they say “I had went to the store.”  Or…They could say "I had gone to the store," but instead they choose to say “I gone to the store”, or the ever popular “I had gonded to the store.”

People no longer talk, now they conversate.

The  possessive thing makes me cranky.

People no longer go to their mom’s house, they go to “they mom house.”  These are people who graduated from College and hold good jobs!

Your boy friend is no longer your baby’s father; instead he is “the baby daddy.”

When did nouns become verbs?  

Apparently we don’t raise our children anymore, we parent them.  It is not enough for people to get together to work on a project, instead they partner up.

Names today drive me nuts!

I wish parents would stop spelling their children’s names weirdly just to be different.  Why does the kid get angry when you spell it wrong.  “NO! It’s Daizy with a Z, not Daisy with an S!”  And why do people who shun the apostrophe to indicate the possessive, insist on using it in naming their (they) children?  La’Rondo Jones, Ta’Quondo Schwartz, Lo’Rida Smith.

I know, I’m just a cranky old man, and this post is probably riddled with grammatical errors, but then I had went to school a long time ago and actually am graduated.  Am I an expert in grammar? Noah', but at least I do not errorate intentionally.

I feel much more betterer now after ranting.  I hope you don’t stop visitationing  this cranky man blog.


  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean. I suspect the fault lies with people trying to be "urban cool"!
    I go out of my way to tell people they sound retarded (as unPC as that is!)!!! Don't tell me something "needs fixed" because I'm likely to ask you if you have shit for brains! Followed by "You do realize that you are in fact NOT a young uneducated disenfranchised urban gang banger right?!?" *sigh*
    See how you touched a particularly sore spot???

  2. "had gonded to the store" seriously??
    I suspect the same as Joseph up there, it's the 'urban cool' thing. if only they realised just how uneducated they sound and how hard it is for others in the older generation to understand them. The worst part is the next generation who will probably copy what they hear.

  3. You should have grown up in NOLA, where we don't go to the store, we "make groceries." Yes, really, and that's just the start.

    While i don't mind some slang in everyday speech, i wonder how these people will ever be able to read and understand the classics of literature.

  4. Amen. I read the cause of these abysmal is the desire of parents to provide a unique moniker for this large world.

  5. Actually, I love the word!

    My peeve is people calling baked goods, "bakery." I'm happy to go to A BAKERY, but I'm not going to bring bakery to our meeting!

  6. Yep, I've noticed these irritating things too. Bless their hearts.

    Have a fabulous day Joe. ☺

  7. The hair on the back of my neck jumps to attention when folks misuse the American language.
    I don't know enough about English to comment on it.

  8. Hahahahahahaha! And you're probably much nicer than me because every time I hear it, I'll ask the question over n' over again until they get it right. They *know* how to speak correctly, they choose not to. And the names.. I can't even begin to address that.

  9. Asking yourself a question & then answering it is fine.Asking yourself a question & then saying "what?" is not. As for weird names, I ACTUALLY read about the birth of a baby girl named Anesthesia!!

  10. Hi Cranky Man,

    Great rant - and I totally agree - although I will forgive the Americanisms which also wind me up (yes I KNOW you live in America!).




  11. Do you say acrost? (A white trash form of across...)
    I'm sure you don't.

  12. I'm not never gonna come back to this blog! Wait, that's a double negative so I'll be coming back for more crankiness.

  13. I actually knew a young girl named Shetee (pronounced Sha T) but all the kids actually (sorry, I couldn't resist) called her Shitty.

  14. When did 'disrespect' become a verb? "She disrespected me!" No. She showed you disrespect. Or she did not respect you.

    My husband is fond of saying 'wretched' instead of 'reached.' One syllable. "I wretched over the seat to get the Diet Mountain Dew bottle I dropped on the floor." Okay. He would never pick up his soda bottle. But that's how he uses it.

  15. I'm right there with you...stuff like that makes me cranky, too!

    The craziest thing I ever heard was someone saying, "I'm gonna learn you something..."