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Saturday, September 6, 2014


"Freedom From Religion Foundation" has a big problem with this!

A cranky opinion for


The following is the opinion of a cranky old man with little knowledge on the subject opined.  Opposing opinions are welcome…they will be ignored, but they are welcome and please, as always, no name calling…that means you, you big stupid head!

Almost every day I find articles in the news about various groups bringing lawsuits against towns, schools and any possible government agency in an attempt to keep all signs of religion out of “State” organizations.

Now I do get it, no one wants religion forced down their throat, and Government institutions should remain as “religion neutral” as possible.  In Jr. High, I was subjected to a morning reading from the Old Testament.  It made me mildly uncomfortable, as I was not well versed in the Bible.  A morning prayer would have also been inappropriate.  Of course at that time virtually every member of my town was either Christian or Jew and the Old Testament covered both groups, but I’m sure there was a closet Atheist or two and for them even a Bible reading was inappropriate.

So, yes, I think prayer and Bible reading can be inappropriate in a public, government ruled venue.  However, a cross in a veterans cemetery?  How does that really make anyone uncomfortable?  A picture of a church in the silhouette of a town emblem, is that really forcing religion on its citizens? Yes, there is the “Slippery Slope” argument, but I wonder how has that slope suddenly become slippery after 230+ years?

What was the intent of the Constitution with regards to religion?  Was it to punish believers?  Was it to prevent any mention of religion or a deity?  I don’t think so.  I think we only need to pick up today’s news to see what the intent of the Constitution was.

I think the Constitution wanted to make sure that some fanatical group would not march into a town and tell its citizens that they needed to convert to another God, leave town or be killed.  I think the Constitution wanted to make sure religious fanatics would not steal the women of another religion and declare them converted and then sell them as slaves (wives in their religion) to the highest bidder.  I believe the Constitution wanted to make sure religious fanatics would not broadcast films of the brutal beheading of innocent people in the name of their cause and as blackmail to the acceptance of their perverted beliefs.

I say to all those organizations in our country who are worried about crosses, stars, crescent moons or anything that smacks of religion in our Government, maybe you need to turn you attention to the real threat to your beliefs and or non-beliefs.

There is a world-wide threat from radical Islamists.  This group wants everyone in the world to bow down to their beliefs.  They preach it, they teach it and when possible they use brutality to shove it down your throat.  Peace loving believers of Islam are not speaking out in mass against these perverts.  One look at the brutality this sadistic, backwards, sick group uses as a threat to stifle criticism explains the reticence of others to speak up. 

Well we still have freedom from religious prosecution in this country, and we should use that freedom to speak up against the unspeakable brutality of radical Islam.  We should speak up loudly and where practical carry a really big stick.  Sure, we could watch silently assuming this disease will not reach our shores, but that is not what radical Islam preaches.  They preach and they profess that they will never stop until everyone in the world marches to their brutal, backward, sick interpretation of God’s will.

We looked the other way when Hitler forced his evil on the world.  We must not look the other way again.  Evil has no boundaries.  Evil has no stopping point.  Evil grows and grows until it covers the Earth or it is met and defeated.

We need to acknowledge this evil and confront it.

Or, we could march to the Supreme Court and demonstrate against a cross in a cemetery.


The preceding was the opinion of a cranky old man and not necessarily that of management…Mrs. Cranky   



  1. I think it's appalling the "peace loving Islamists" are not the vanguard of resistance. Where are the rest of the armies of the world who profess horror at ISIS tactics.

  2. i like your prompt to redirect our angers.

  3. There's nothing cranky about that, Joe. You are right: we should not turn a blind eye to this problem and hope that it will go away. I just hope our leaders don't do another Neville Chamberlain.

  4. I will not submit.

    This is spot on Cranky.

    Have a fabulous day. :)

  5. Many people misunderstand the law granting us freedom of religion. The First Amendment applies only to Congress and the "Federal government" endorsing a single religion. State and local municipalities can pass their own laws in this regard but it's my personal belief that no taxpayer money should ever be used to promote a religion. People say there is a war on Christmas but if I want to place a nativity on my lawn there isn't anyone who can stop me. Can't pray in school? How do you stop someone from praying anywhere they want, provided they do so silently.

    I've been to Arlington a few times and there are many different religious symbols there, including Muslim. But this doesn't qualify as a state endorsement.

  6. Before we are allowed to assault the faculty back-to-school catered breakfast buffet on our first day of meetings, we are led in prayer by a member of the school board. I don't know that it's appropriate...but it doesn't hurt me to bow my head for a minute before chowing down on free food.

  7. We have freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion. Huge distinction that .... ;-)

  8. Agree about the ISIS group, hope that the NATO nations can quell or extinguish them. As to the issue of freedom of or from religion, seems more complicated. Times and lives have changed since the constitution was written, shouldn't we adapt to those changes? Not just the 1st amendment, all of them. Are we bound by things written 200 years ago by people, men, who would have no idea how the world would be now or in the future?
    I'd like us to thing about these things, and make rational, and yes, secular, decisions.
    I'm not my dad, and he wasn't his father. Yet we're bound by their rules, or laws. As much as I hate to invoke his words, Henry Kissinger talked about making political decisions based on 'realpolitik', the reality of the situation.

  9. I don't know what is keeping us and other countries from destroying all the ISIS crazies. Why can't we just all join together and attack them? I fear they are entering our country through Mexico. It's so easy to get in the US that way, especially these days. So if we don't destroy them now, in their own area, then they will just get bigger and bigger and who knows what can happen. Its another Nazi Germany happening - and people turning a blind eye because it's not happening on their soil. Not yet. But if allowed to continue, then one day it will be on our soil. Such a scary thought. Our leaders aren't doing enough to stop this evil. All the other leaders of the world aren't doing enough, either. What is the UK doing to help stop this? What is Japan doing? Germany? Australia? Canada? Anyone?? Hello? Is anyone going to stand up to these few individuals and eliminate them? They are a rather small group compared to our armies. Why aren't they gone yet?

  10. You hit a lot of good points in this post which tackles a complex subject. I tend to fear the slippery slope.


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