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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Lazy, For Lack of a Better Word, is Good!

Lazy*, For Lack of a Better Word, is Good!
A fellow blogger, Arkansas Patti, recently admitted in a comment to being lazy.  She was unapologetic about being lazy; in fact she felt the world needs more lazy people.  I have admitted many times to myself being a lazy person.  In the past I have been ashamed of being lazy.  Arkansas Patti has made me reevaluate that position.

Lazy people do not start wars.  If more world leaders were lazy we would have no wars.  Throughout history, those damn energetic people who want to do stuff and control things have started wars and created havoc. 

A lazy Adolph Hitler for instance would still have hated Jews, but he would have been too lazy to act on his hate.  

If Christians of medieval times were lazier, there would have never been The Crusades.  They would have just left a few flyers on Muslim doors, “Hey, give Christ a try…or not.”

Energetic people don’t invent things, lazy people do.  Energetic people move heavy stuff by pushing like hell.  A lazy person invented the wheel; he was too lazy to push like hell. 


Energetic people were perfectly happy to travel many miles to deliver a message.  Alexander Bell, that lazy bastard, invented the telephone to save time and energy.

I am proud to be lazy.  I am easy to please.  I don’t need much, just food and sleep.  I don’t cause trouble, I don’t speed on the highway, I don’t make a lot of noise, I don’t complain.  All that stuff requires effort.  I don’t put much effort into anything.  I’m lazy.

If everyone was lazy, we would all do only what was required to survive. Plant some food, build a shack, eat, sleep, and procreate.  There would be no reason to accumulate stuff, no need to keep up with the Joneses, hell, the Joneses are lazy too.

Gordon Gecko was wrong.  Greed is bad.  Greed takes energy and work and causes subversive behavior.

Lazy, for lack of a better word, is good.

*For all you energetic successful people, relax, this was sarcasm...sort of


  1. Absolute truth. If you want a job done fast, give it to the laziest person you know (provided that person has the expertise needed, of course.)

  2. It's all I can do most days to remain upright, so "lazy" I must be.

  3. I work hard at work - but I've learned the error of my ways: not as hard as I used to - but I am lazy at home.

  4. And as a corollary, there isn't anything wrong with being stupid. I once said to one of my workers, "Hey Charlie, whatdoya know?" He replied, "I don't know nuthin'. I'm stupid, but that's OK with me. Think about it...them smart people are the ones always schemin', goin' to jail, all stressed out, having strokes and heart attacks and stuff." Hmm....

    Maybe lazy and stupid ARE good ways to go through life! :)

  5. I'm lazy now, but when I was working I wasn't. I was a ball of fire. I'm so glad I don't have to work anymore. So. Glad.

    Have a fabulous day Cranky. I need to rest now. ☺

  6. As a fellow lazy person, I applaud you. Our hero should be Benjamin Franklin. When asked the secret of his success, he explained that he was successful because he was the laziest man in the world, always looking for the simplest way to do things.

  7. I wake in the morning with nothing to do, and sometimes it doesn't get done.

  8. Your visual doesn't work here. That's efficient, not lazy.

  9. I am all for lazy - except when it comes to work. Getting stuck with a lazy co-worker's work sucks.

  10. Let's hear it for all of us LAZIES!!

  11. I am in absolute and total agreement.

  12. Ha ha, You stated it perfectly Cranky. I'd work to unite us lazy sorts into a voting block but that takes too much energy. Let's sleep on that.

  13. Lazy people like to sit and delegate jobs elsewhere but it takes a lot of pizazz to delegate.

  14. In celebration of laziness, I'm going to kick back in my recliner. You have inspired me.

  15. I think you are on to something...maybe all us lazy people should form a club.

    On second thought, naaaah. That would require effort.

  16. Lazy is my middle name, but not if I know I have to do something. Then I got to get that done so then I can be lazy.


  17. I'm happy to be included in the Lazy family.

  18. "Alexander Bell, that lazy bastard…"

    Yeah, I'm a bit on the lazy side. Although you'd think with ten kids I wouldn't have the time to be lazy. But, I've mastered it. From the couch, I can be heard saying things like:
    "Hey, five year old…go out and get the mail for mommy."
    "Hey there, my sweet 13 year old…the baby smells. Can you change his diaper for me?"
    "Hello, my new 16 year old driver…take the car and my grocery list, and come back with some food."
    "You there, my 21 year old who should be moved out by now…put the chicken in the oven and start peeling potatoes."

    Really, with ten kids, you can be as lazy as you want so long as they are trained well.


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