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Sunday, September 21, 2014



It is time once again for

Oh no they di'int! (apologies to Gossip_Girl)

This week’s stupid headlines and my stupider sophomoric and sometimes offensive comments.

One headline may be completely made up, guess the fake and win a mention and a Whoop-tee-doo. 'None of the above' may be a correct answer.


Kanye West halts Sydney concert after two fans refuse to stand up - doesn't realize one is in a wheelchair and the other is disabled – Kanye is putting the “Dis” in Disabled!

Miss America Kira Kazantsev's Planned Parenthood past draws criticism - When did Miss America get a vote in the Supreme Court?

Governor Jerry Brown makes use of the words Husband and Wife Illegal in California – The new acceptable terms are now “Douchbag” and “The Old Ball and Chain.”

Buzz Aldrin, “Moon Landing Real, I Have Green Cheese to prove it” – I think I know who is sending those Nigerian Prince e-mails.

Police reel in two Alabama men for cheating in fishing tournament – Alabama police do not practice catch and release.

Oregon resident builds golf ball roller coaster – Every time I play golf it is like a roller coaster ride.

Iran's 'Happy' dancers sentenced to 91 lashes, jail –

Because they’re backward

Dance in Iran if you feel like lashes upon your back

Because they’re backward

Dance in Iran and you will feel Ayatollah blow his stack

Because they’re backward

Dance in Iran and you should know that happiness is taboo

Because they’re backward

Dance in Iran and expect that you will be beaten black and blue

Federal court upholds U.S. flag ban on Cinco de Mayo – Also decreed that Barak Obama be called “El Presidante” on May fifth.

'Sex Box,' a Reality TV Show Where Couples Have Sex in a Box and Discuss It, Is Coming to AmericaI for one am looking forward to not watching this garbage…probably…maybe…what channel is PBS?

Kanye Scores 106 Points Against Wheelchair Basketball Team* –

Oh that Kanye!

Bias Bash: Liberal press say Biden gaffes make him 'real' – Real stupid!
*real headline, questionable source.


Last week’s fake headline was:

Aquarium Bull Shark injures self on glass trying to attack a spectator – Maybe it was the Sealtest ice-cream cone he was holding.


Only one, Joanne recused herself for Googling, and I think Fishducky got it but withheld an actual guess due to her Headline Hall of Fame status.  

I'm going with 'Aquarium Bull Shark injures self on glass trying to attack a spectator.'

Have a fabulous day Cranky. My best to Mrs. Cranky.

Sandee waited until all guesses were in so as not to influence others.  She is close to induction to the HHofF!

As always visit Sandee @ for comedy and fun.




  1. oh, heck, i'll go for green cheese since i'm a cheesehead by birth.

  2. They are all "good ones" but I howled over "Douchbag and the Old Ball and

  3. Morning Cranky. I may weigh in this week, and I may not. I need to get out of the spotlight though. I think I'll do a coin toss and lose a whole bunch of weeks. That would work.

    Have a fabulous day. :)

  4. Joe, I need to kill my new Google news feed. I've read every one of these, except Buzz Aldrin and his green cheese. The man has nothing to prove.
    Maybe you could switch to Al Jazera news, instead of Fox.

  5. They all seem fake. Especially the one about Kanye stopping the concert because two people weren't standing...but then again, I wouldn't put it past him. And I would guess the one about Buzz could be the fake, but maybe he was joking when he said that......and so, for my official entry I'm going to have to go with: Governor Jerry Brown makes use of the words Husband and Wife Illegal in California -- because don't we have the right to free speech? How can you make a word "illegal" ?? So, I'm saying that the Jerry Brown headline is the fake one.

  6. OK, I'm back--I'll go with the green cheese. Unless the craters in the moon are actually swiss cheese holes!!

  7. I think every headline writer pales in comparison to your funny remarks which follow them. I have a hunch it's making words illegal. Had it been anyone other than Kanye West who stopped a concert because folks weren't standing, I'd call BS on that one.. but the man is a total egohole and I can believe he did exactly that.

  8. I, too, was beginning to think that this week they all were fake. But then I remembered something about Iran and the "Happy" dancers. So then I went to my eenie-meenie-miney-moe method and my pick is the Kanye West concert (I have no idea who he is, but my guess is he's either a singer or a basketball player).

  9. Well, you'd better believe Buzz Aldrin, or he'll punch you in the face! Still...I can't see him making the green cheese statement. I'm bobbing and weaving and calling Buzz Aldrin the fake.

  10. Damn I was gonna go for whatever Sandee went for :-)

    I will go for Moon Landing Real, I Have Green Cheese to prove it

  11. Definitely Kanye West having green cheese for brains.

  12. I'll just say none of them are fake even though that green cheese one smells a little nasty to me.

  13. Buzz Aldrin, “Moon Landing Real, I Have Green Cheese to prove it”, is my pick this week. I just can't guy this one.

    Have a fabulous day Cranky. :)


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