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Friday, September 12, 2014


Have a nice day!
Mrs. C and I went to a home expo today at a nearby giant convention center.  The idea was to kill some time on a cloudy day.  Also we are redoing our master bath and Mrs. Cranky thought we could get some ideas.  Or course we have already picked out everything for the new bathroom, so new ideas did not seem like a great idea to me.  My thoughts on the subject were disallowed.

The expo runs for two days, and Mrs. C figured Friday would be the best time to go as it would be the least crowded.  That turned out to be a bad idea.  Oh, it was not crowded, and that was the problem.

We passed sales station after sales station all manned by sales people looking to sell, and we were about the only customers in the whole giant place.  It was like swimming around seal island at feeding time for the great whites.  We just wanted to browse, but we soon became fearful of even looking.  It was the same at every station.

“Excuse me sir, can ask you a question?”

“I’m just looking.”

“Don’t you need a new roof, or siding.”


“Not even in the next 10 – 15 years?”

“We have a townhouse, we can't touch the outside.”

“What about your children, do they own a house?”

“Dude, please, were just looking, I have no intention of buying anything.”

“Ok, you have a nice day then.”

(“You know he just told me to go fuck myself don’t you.”)

“Yes dear…jerk.”

We counted seven different companies selling solar panels.

“Excuse me sir, how would you like to make money every month instead of paying for electricity?”

“Not interested.”

“How could you not be interested?”

“We have a townhouse, we can’t touch our outside.”

“Do you have children who own homes?”

“Dude, NO!”

“Ok, you have a great day then.”

“Hey, I hope you have a nice day as well!”

(“I guess I told him off.”)

“Yes dear…jerk.

It got so we pretended to not look at anything because if you showed the slightest bit of interest you were surrounded by seventeen salesmen.  Even that didn’t always work.  I had the most success when looking for ideas by holding up one hand and saying,

“Townhouse, no kids!”

I counted seventy-seven people who wanted me to have a really great day! 



  1. We've gone to a couple of expo's and it really throws them for a loop when you say, sorry we live in an RV. Try that next time. We really are just looking.

  2. Well, I guess you got the bird 77 times!

  3. Why did you stay so long? I would have been out of there with the second salesperson. Oh wait, this wasn't your idea.

    Have a terrific day Cranky. ☺

  4. Oh that could have been fun! You could have bought a dozen of whatever they were selling (check will be in the mail this afternoon, of course), from each vendor, then given them your e-spouse's name, address, and phone number. Fun....except for that payback thing. Never mind. ;)


  5. Painful. Now you know to go on the busiest of days.

  6. I bet that is just the beginning of the pain of a bathroom remodel.

  7. When someone approaches trying to sell me something, before they can pester me I ask, "Are you hiring?" They always leave me alone.

  8. Ha! I hate those things. Of course, I'm not a fan of ANY salesperson (in general, nothing personal). My husband regularly reigns me in when we're in such situations... he's not too fond of my regularly telling sales associates — outright or implied — to have a nice day.

  9. I don't live in one but may borrow that town house idea. Bet you were the topic of many a dinner conversation but you got even-- you blogged them. .

  10. I've decided to never again go to one of those home expos. Around here, they have the balls to charge admission for them. Why would anyone PAY to see a commercial???

    On a side note, if anyone approaches me with anything I'm not interested in, I just say, "Tut mir leid, ich spreche nur Deutsch."

  11. My husband just says, "Do you have a business card? I'm not buying today." That usually gets rid of them. Of course, one of these days he going to throw his back out sitting on a wallet with 77 business cards...

  12. Haven't been to a home expo in a bit, but when sales people come to the door and say they are in the area doing this and that and they are running specials, I just say "I'm not a home owner" which is not a lie :) Hubby inherited the house from his parents and his is the only name listed as owner. Works every time; I ask them if they want a bottle water and off they go to harrass (I mean solicit) the next door neighbor.


  13. See this is where I have an advantage. i do not feel compelled to stretch beyond "Hi, how ya doin?' unless I choose. Once that is dispatched I can go about my business like they ain't even there.

    Queenie has not this ability o she, in her jealousy, calls me jerk.

  14. Sounds like it would have been a good day to stay home instead.

  15. Separate bathrooms...necessity.


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