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Thursday, September 11, 2014



There is no post today.  I choose to be silent on this day, a day to never be forgotten, September 11.

In the past I have posted my remembrance of 9-11, if you have not read it and want to, it is here

Oh, and just because this date has such bad memories for so many, there have been some good things that happened on 9-11.

Happy Wedding Anniversary Katrina!


  1. I linked part of your 9/11 post in my comments on my 9/11 post. Awesome.

    Have a terrific day. ☺

  2. This date is still a raw wound for our nation. So many people died on this day, and many more sacrificed themselves trying to rescue others. Life can be so fragile and it's important we never forget the sacrifices made on our behalf.

  3. Great idea. A moment of silence of sorts.

  4. You remembered!!!!!
    That is just super, super cool that you remembered my anniversary. On a day that since 2001 will always have a cloud hanging over it, it's so nice to have someone mention mine and my husband's "special" day :)

  5. A sad anniversary for many, a joyful one for some.

  6. Impossible to forget. But very nice to know that it holds some happy memories for some. Happy Anniversary , Katrina.

    Your linked-to post was very well written. It depicts all of the horror and loss that was felt on that day for so many.

  7. It doesn't seem possible so many years have passed. It still seems so fresh in our minds.

  8. Well written post. I remember how scared I was, and I lived far away, in South Carolina.

    My son was in the New York National Guard at that time, and he stood guard at Ground Zero in the weeks afterwards.

  9. We had our ceremony at school this morning. Half the kids don't even remember it now. They were only 3-4 years old.

  10. I read your post; I can't imagine how it would be to be in the "thick of it" when it was happening. I type for a group of hospitals in New Jersey; I'm sure a lot of the doctors were affected in one way or another about the events 13 years ago. I'm sure they had vivid memories of things being close by. We were in Montana at the time; it just seemed so surreal. Sister/family were in the Washington, DC area, about 7 miles out of the city. They vividly remember the fighter planes flying constantly, the only aircraft in the sky.

    We will never forget.


  11. I remember hearing about this when it happened and crying for most of the day. Even though it was so far away from us downunder, it was still a terrible terrible thing to have happened.

  12. It's a day nobody will ever forget. x


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