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Thursday, September 4, 2014



Driving home with Mrs. C and the lady step-crank from a family function at the shore, the conversation somehow turned to reincarnation. 

This is always a fun topic, guessing what you might have been in a previous life.

Mrs. Cranky claims she was around previously sometime before World War II.  She somehow connects with things from those times. 

“That’s why I save stuff, tissues, boxes, Popsicle sticks…you know like they did in the depression.”

Then she claims she must have died from head trauma

“That’s why I don’t like to be touched on the head.”

Step-crank says she’s afraid of being in a car accident.

That is all Mrs. C needs to hear.

“That’s probably how you died.”

“So my previous life couldn’t have been that long ago, at least there were still cars.”

Now this is a fun topic, but I’m thinking these two seem a little to convinced about this reincarnation thing.

“Probably, it doesn’t have to be that long ago.”

“Yeah, but what if you come back and recognize people you used to know.”

“I think you can’t come back until that last person you ever knew or who knew you also passes on.”

“Yeah...I’m not sure how that works!”

I had to say something.

“Really, you know you were on Earth in a previous life, you died in a car crash.  Your mom died of head trauma and lived during the Depression. You know all that, but when it comes to when you’re allowed to come back, ‘You’re not sure how that works?’ Like what, you don’t know the rules?”

“Yeah, I’m not sure.”

“But you’re pretty sure about reincarnation.  That seems about right.  You die and then you come back.


“So the one thing you’re not sure about reincarnation is when you are allowed to come back?  You’re not sure of all the rules?”

“It would be confusing to come back when people you used to know are still alive.”

“What makes you think if you come back you will come back to the same country or town you lived in in a previous life?”

“That’s what I’m saying, I’m not sure how all that works.”


“So what’s your point?”

“Never mind.”


“Yeah, Jerk!”

I hate it when I get double teamed!


  1. What if you came back as something else, not a person? Maybe what you come back as is determined by the life you lead now? I reckon SD would come back as an Irish Woolfhound, tall and gentle with an old fashioned kind of dignity and I'd be a frog hopping around randomly making lots of noise.

  2. I must admit that is one conversation that Jim and I have never had or me and anybody ever. Makes you wonder.

  3. i'm laughing. i do feel like we get put through the rinse cycle again and again until we learn the lessons we're supposed to, though.

  4. I read recently about a town in Kashmir who's denzins were out rescuing tiny shrimp from a creek that was drying up; they felt they were their ancestors. To each his own.
    I'm fairly sure I was Vlad the Impaler a few centuries ago.

  5. Someone close to me believes in reincarnation but it just doesn't make sense to me. I suspect in India it's a way of keeping social order---be humble with your position in life and don't rock the boat because a better life is coming.

  6. Double teamed is indeed awful. It's good to know you're still a jerk though.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  7. Forget double teamed; it's the mind games I'd worry about.

  8. Do you suppose we'd marry the same people? What I mean is have you always been a jerk?

  9. Goodness, step crank also with the jerk? No memories of a past life here. I just know i don't want to come back a female hummingbird. A short flying show by the male, slurping a little nectar, three seconds of romance, then being a single mother. Naw.

  10. Oh man. I'd step back from that precipice if I were you. Sometimes it's best to zip that lip and carry on. Trying to inject logic into any kind of a conversation like that is dangerous territory.

  11. How can they be sure they were even human in their former life? Maybe she was a pack rat that got its head caught in a trap. Pack rats are usually too smart to get caught in a trap so as punishment she had to come back as a human???? What? That's as logical as anything else in this argument.

  12. Who is step-crank? Ex-wife or step child? Confused...

  13. Why must you be so technical? They thought they had it all figured out. Says the gal who must have lived during the Middle Ages and died of hanging.

  14. Hmmm...I've never thought much about it. If I understand the rules correctly, since I'm afraid of dropping my keys through one of those drain grates in a mall parking lot, I guess in a previous life I was a set of car keys. THANKS A LOT! NOW I WON'T SLEEP TONIGHT WONDERING WHAT KIND OF CAR I WAS! :)

  15. I don't believe in reincarnation, but if I came back, I think I would want to be a corgi puppy that lives in our house just for how spoiled he is and how well treated.


  16. It doesn't matter when you come back as you don't come back as the same person at all. You're a newborn all over again and maybe there are people you knew before, but you won't know them now. some may seem familiar, like meeting a stranger and getting"that feeling", where you say, "I feel like I already know you" or "have we met before?"

  17. I need to know what all the options are. But I'm sure I had a similar conversation 153 years ago.

  18. It's all so fascinating. Not reincarnation. Rather how all of your arguments end with "Jerk!" Who could top that? ;)

  19. you have me wondering if I drowned in a previous life!

  20. Your line of argument made me laugh - good point!
    My husband believes in reincarnation and we have similar arguments. Or maybe... we have been having them for centuries!


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