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Tuesday, May 6, 2014



When Spencer, my youngest, was 3, his older brother, Matt, was 25.  There was also an older sister and his oldest brother, but they had been driven off by their step mother.  Anyway, Matt remained in Spencer’s life and they were best buddies.

For some strange reason, Spencer could not say Matt.  When he talked to his brother he called him Mo.  It was cute, but still Matt tried to teach him how to say his name correctly.

“Spencer, what is my name?”


“No, it’s Matt.”


“What do you use to hit a baseball?”

“A bat.”

“What do you wear on your head?”


“What animal goes meow?”


“What is my name?”


At some point we all got used to his calling Matt, Mo.  We decided it was cute.  Sometimes we all called Matt, Mo.  It is kind of nice for a baby brother to have a special name for his big brother.  It would be something special they would always have and everyone agreed that Spencer would always call his big brother Mo. 

The next day after everyone decided that Spencer’s name for Matt would always be Mo, he started calling him Matt.

“Spencer, what is my name.”


“I thought it was Mo.”

“No, Matt.”

“Yeah, but you can call me Mo.”


From then on it has always been Matt.

Mo was no mo.


  1. Funny! My daughter's name is Angela and when they were two her twin sister called her Anja, and then her father started calling her that and then we all did. It stuck for awhile. It was cute.

  2. I've always called Miss Mac 'Pops' and Master Mac 'Cob', SD's Mum calls him 'Bran' - funny how these names start and stick (or not in this case ...)

  3. I know of a Richard, called 'Ricky'. He hated it because his younger sister couldn't say that and called him 'Icky'.

  4. Ha! Whatcha gonna do? This reminds me of the old comedy routine by Raymond J. Johnson, Jr...."You can call me Ray, or you can call me J, or you can call me Ray J, but you doesn't has to call me Johnson." :)


  5. Too cute. Spencer was a rebel.:-)

  6. My little sister always had trouble saying my cousin Fenella's name (which I'll admit that's a tough name for a 2 year old), but somehow she converted that into "Dodo."
    Obviously, the entire family still calls my cousin Dodo.

  7. Bwahahahahahahahaha. Now that was funny. Stubborn was the first thing I thought, but if he's your son how could that be?

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  8. That's adorable.
    My son called me Susie for his entire third year. I always thought it was funny.

  9. Our neighbor had a daughter ten years younger than mine. Beth was a teenager when April was talking and toddling over with her older sister, Beth's best friend. April would announce to all an sundry, "We came to see Beef." Beef wasn't as amused as I was.

  10. When i came into my youngest sones life he was barely three. He called me Belinda. I lived it (although not my favorite name.) When he started school he called me Melynda for the 1st time and broke my heart.

  11. My younger brother always called me Tinny instead of Ginny. I kind of like Mo as a nickname.

    1. This is funny. I have a sister Gerlinde. When my youngest brother was little, he couldn't say that name and said "Ginny" instead.

  12. We always called our son Mogie when he was small. I can't remember why. I don't think he likes that name but it does remind me of pleasant memories of when he was small.

  13. Instead of saying "Grandma," my nephew called my mom "Toot." Maybe he knew something we didn't.

  14. When everybody else copies your cool idea it just takes away all the fun of being original.

  15. Kids! Always willing to throw the curve ball to us adults.

  16. Axie (as in Axiesdad) was really "Zak" but when he was born his three year old brother couldn't make it come out right,


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