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Sunday, May 25, 2014



It is time once again for

Maybe he needs to find a different occupation
 This week’s stupid headlines and my stupider sophomoric and sometimes offensive comments.

One headline is completely made up, guess the fake and win a mention and a Whoop-tee-do.


Merriam-Webster adds 150 new words – Crap! I’m already about 17,263 words behind.

Guess what people are tattooing now- If it is a word that turns into a sentence I don’t want to know!

Illinois spending $1,166 per bird to bring in prairie chickens – I don’t think even The Colonel could afford IFC.

Pennsylvania man tells police he broke into neighbor's home to borrow eggs to make breakfast – I hate it when they forget to knock.

Brain implant turned man into passionate Johnny Cash fan – The brain came from “Abby Normal.”

Driver cited after Del. highway crash results in millions of bees released – Truck was headed for a Campbell’s alphabet soup plant.

California Team Rescues Humpback Whale From a 300-Pound Crab Trap – A trap big enough to catch a 300 pound crab is bound to snag an occasional whale.

Robots will replace fast-food workers – The only technical glitch is teaching the robots to mumble.

Pablo Larrazabal's golf ball ended up in a pretty unusual spot – Where? Hint, before he hit it he yelled THREE!!

Diver fends off shark attack with flash camera – SMILE you son of a bitch!

Female math teacher allegedly had relationship with 14-year-old student – Well he didn’t go all the way, he only got to 3.14159 base.

85-Foot Luxury Yacht Sinks During Maiden Launch – Drain plugs…drain plugs…I always forget the daggone drain plugs!



Last week’s fake was:

1985 Yugo with only 100 miles on it found in Kansas barn – Who knew they could last 100 miles?

A lot of people figured out that a Yugo probably wouldn’t have made it for the 100 miles.

I'll take Yugo in the barn for 200, Alex.

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I'll go with the 1985 Yugo with only 100 miles on it found in Kansas barn. Those were awful, and ugly little pieces of...well you know.

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I think it has to be the Yugo one also :-)

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I'm calling fake on the Yugo in the Kansas barn. I don't think anybody in Kansas ever drove a Yugo.

I was torn between that and the Chinese-U.S. railway, because the name "chunnel" has already been taken. But I figure they could call it The Chailway. Japan has those high-speed mag-lev trains, so if that ocean can be overcome, it might be possible. Or it's propaganda.

Get acquainted with the Val Dictorian @   Always good stuff from this crazy lady…make that this lady’s crazy life…well, maybe both.  

I'm going for the Yugo in the barn. That's the fake.

How do you fool someone with 10 children…they know all the tricks in the book.  Who can blog with a clan this big…when she does it is entertaining @  

I'm with Val. Except the part about hiding such an embarrassing in the barn--forever--that part I believe. And I heard the story about the Chinese wanting to tunnel across the Bering Strait. At least they're smarter than all the Americans who want to go THROUGH the earth to dig to China.

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The Casey story was all over the place this week. I remember a find of cars in a barn, but I'd be surprised if there was a Yugo in it.

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  1. "Robots will replace fast-food workers – The only technical glitch is teaching the robots to mumble."

    It'll never work. They can't spit, either.

  2. i'm going for brain implant this week. might as well extend my losing streak...

  3. Not playing; it's all too much to think about. I do like catching up on the news I missed all week, knowing I won't remember most of it, so enjoy it while I can.

  4. Tough one this week. I've heard a few of these in the news, and California is nuts to I believe that one. Illinois is just as messed up so that's got to be true.

    I'll go with the Johnny Cash one. It's probably true too, but what the heck.

    Have a fabulous Silly Sunday. :)

  5. After reading all those I'm going with Robots/Fast food workers they will never get robots to moan LOL

    Have a brilliant week & thanks for the link :-)

  6. That Johnny Cash one doesn't sound plausible.

  7. I will go with California Team Rescues Humpback Whale From a 300-Pound Crab Trap. Everything doing with hunting or trapping animals is illegal in California.

  8. I'm going with the robots replacing fast food workers. It can't be true...the robots would probably be more expensive.

  9. Yea--I won at something! My guess was the camera and the shark, but I saw that I was a swing and miss this week.

    I hope your holiday weekend is going well Joe.

  10. I'd say the Johnny Cash one also. Though perhaps he Walked the Line, fell into a burning Ring of Fire and Hurt himself.

  11. I still think the robots will do better at the Dairy Queen whether they mumble or not.....