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Thursday, May 29, 2014


For several years now I have had an infection problem with a tooth.  Antibiotics would resolve the issue for a year or so, but then the problem would come back.  Monday I had the problem resolved permanently.


The process took about twenty-five minutes.  Fifteen minutes was waiting for the Novocain to work its magic.  It was a fairly painless procedure.  The worst part was taking the Novocain needle, and then listening to the crackle crunch of tooth/bone.  When it was all over I was given some instructions, some gauze, and a prescription for Tylenol 3 for pain relief.

This Friday Mrs. Cranky went to the same doctor with the same problem for the same resolution.


The process also took about twenty-five minutes.  When done Mrs. C felt fine, good enough to drive home.

“Well, that wasn’t so bad, even the Novocain needle didn’t hurt.”

“Yeah, I didn’t like the shot, or the crackle/crunch of tooth and bone, but otherwise it wasn’t so bad.

“When it was all done, he told me I was a good patient.  Did he tell you the same?”

“No! What the hell did you do that made you a good patient?  I was a good patient.  I didn’t kick or scream; I was a good patient.”

“I’m sure you were; I wouldn’t let it bother you.  I’m just a better patient than you are.”

“Oh bull.  How are you a better patient?  He was just probably in a good mood, being Friday and all.  I got him at the beginning of the week, you got him on Friday.”

“Yeah, that’s probably it. 

Oh, I have to stop at CVS to fill the prescription.”

“You won’t need it, the pain wasn’t that bad, and you have that high threshold thing.  I never even filled my prescription.”

“What was your prescription for?”

“Tylenol 3, so you know the pain shouldn’t be that bad.”

“Oh…Tylenol 3…I think I’ll get mine filled, you know…just in case.”

“We have Tylenol at home.  If you need it you can just take a little extra of the over-the-counter stuff.”

“No, I’m going to get this filled.”

“Why?  What did he prescribe?”


“Vicodin!  That’s the good stuff.  I only got Tylenol 3!”

“Well, I am the good patient.”


  1. Glad it was not the painful, but your description of the shot made me cringe. I may need a trip to the medicine cabinet now as well.

  2. Yeah, you got gypped. Tylenol 3 is, I swear, just a placebo. You should swap prescriptions with her. Get well soon.


  3. Extraction is a great solution in my book. But I was never a good patient. Didn't need any pain stuff but still a lousy patient.

  4. Is your doctor male? That could be why Mrs. Cranky is the preferred patient....

    Also that's BS, I would have gone back and demanded vicodin.


  5. Do you and your wife do this often? I'm thinking you do and it's funny as heck.

    Have a terrific day. ☺

  6. Our dentist always refers to Mrs. Chatterbox as a good patient even though she requires a sedative shortly after entering the dental office, before the dentist even looks in her mouth. She was an Army brat and has lots of Army dentist horror stories to tell.

  7. laughing!

    my old mare had a tooth extracted last friday. dreadful process. sedation to keep her drowsy, no pain killer, mouth jacked open, fist jammed inside, wiggling loose tooth over and over, pliers, more wiggling, lots of blood. finally just some antibiotics to 'hopefully' prevent infection. my least favorite thing about horse care. worse than the gelding's sheath cleaning. :)

  8. You say you were a good patient, but maybe the dentist didn't like the expression on your face. I know from experience that dentists can feel nervous if you scowl or grimace at them.

  9. Hers obviously was much more serious, and she was very good about going through it. Case closed.

  10. Sorry but he really did like her better. She got the good stuff. Proof positive.

  11. After I had an extraction a few years ago, my dentist didn't call me a "good patient." However, when I returned for the follow-up visit, she was impressed with how quickly I had healed. She called me a "good healer."

    And after reading TexWis Girl's comment, I'm glad I'm not a horse!

  12. I have to go to a kid's dentist and get nitrous oxide out of a big clown. Yep. Give me a clown any day over a dentist. The good thing about the nitrous is that it stops working as soon as you stop inhaling it. The better thing is that you don't really care what the dentist does to you while you're inhaling it.

  13. I am a huge fan of nitrous oxide. Used to do whip-its behind the ice cream stand. I might have a problem...

  14. Her tooth was probably impacted and that put her non kicking and screaming into the category of the good patient. And the good meds. ;)

  15. I had a tooth our a few months ago (after running away from the dentist twice - once after I'd actually had the anesthetic!) - apart from that I was a brilliant patient!

  16. Sometimes it doesn't pay to be the good patient; you don't get the good drugs. I laughed out loud at Mrs C's wanting to be the better patient - so funny. Board games night at your house must be interesting! :)