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Saturday, May 24, 2014


Problems, We have Problems

A cranky opinion for:



The following is the opinion of a cranky old man.  Much of it is tongue in cheek and a bit sarcastic, don’t get all riled up the world is angry enough.  Opposing opinions are welcome, but they will probably be ignored.  And please, no name calling…that means you, you big stupid head!!


This cranky opinion is in no way meant to minimize the problems we suffer in today’s world.   It is an attempt to put things in perspective and show how far we have come.  It is to suggest we all catch our breath and enjoy what we have for at least a minute before going off  tilting at windmills.  Today’s windmills are molehills compared to the mountains of days gone by.

Ancient man sought three things; food, shelter and sex.  If he had those three things he was happy.  Those things were not easy to come by.  There was a lot of bad shit going down back in the day.

A common cold could become pneumonia and end any dreams our ancestors may have had.  Any infection was a death sentence before antibiotics.  A night at the pub could end up with a bashed head and a life as a sailor.  Being impressed was not that impressive.   

To those who had nothing, religion was all they had, but you worshiped the God you were told to worship.  You didn’t have to; you could let them burn you at the stake…your choice.

If you had any money you banked and shopped in a world ruled by monopolies.  You paid what they told you to pay and you bought what the monopolies sold.  You had a choice, buy what they sold or make it yourself.  

Guns were popular especially in the west.  Everyone had one, and everyone carried one because there was pretty much no law enforcement.  It was not a good idea to piss anyone off. 

It wasn’t all bad.  There was slavery.  Slavery made much of life bearable by eliminating most of the difficult, uncomfortable jobs.  Of course it was only a good thing if you owned yourself some people.  Being owned was not so great.

They say the more things change, the more they stay the same.  Really? Look at the things in the news today that rattle the fillings of our citizenry.

We have a professional football team with a name that many find to be offensive…Oh the humanity!

Teenage workers flipping burgers at fast food restaurants are not paid a living wage.  There is a movement to pay them more.  Fast food restaurants serve unhealthy food that is making people fat.  There is a movement to put them out of business.  Success of the former movement just might result in the success of the later.  Big problem!

Cigarettes are dangerous, and people have to endure second hand smoke.  There is a movement to make them illegal or at least not allow them to be consumed within 100 feet of another human being.  Being a victim is such a problem!

Our ancestors worried about going hungry, we worry about getting fat.

Malthus argued overpopulation would cause us to run out of food.  We worry about the genetically modified food that is needed to feed our overpopulation.  Yes, we do have problems.

Our healthcare system is expensive and over complicated.  Healthcare was much easier when it consisted of a couple of doctors on horses who carried black bags and told you to get your life in order because  you were going to die.  When life expectancy goes from 45 years to 75 years it does cause problems.  There was no problem with healthcare when we had no healthcare.  Medicine was cheap when we had no medicine.  Problems!

We have too many rich people in the world today, apparently that is a problem.  Many of the poor today would be wealthy beyond people’s dreams 100 years ago.  There never used to be homeless people, only slaves and indentured servants. 

Yes we have big problems today.  Soda is a problem, it is not good for you and apparently people are forced to drink it.  Smokers are switching to electronic cigarettes.  These solve the second hand smoke issue, but isn’t it really cheating?  I think they should be stopped.  So many issues.

People who do not believe in God are forced to see symbols of other people's beliefs in public places.  OM? We do have problems!

Our problems today will be solved.  That is a good thing, but there will always be problems.  Years from now young people will march on Washington demanding more places to land their flying scooters, faster moving sidewalks, and climate controlled parks.  They will want to make meat, gluten, peanut butter, dairy, and saturated fats illegal.  Tobacco products will be non-existent. 

There will be marijuana.

Shouldn’t it be free?

The preceding was the opinion of a cranky old man, and not necessarily that of management…Mrs. Cranky.


  1. True, but what have they done for me LATELY, huh? I mean, they OWE me.

  2. Ha, very true. Last night I watched a documentary about childbirth in the middle ages - now THAT was a problem.
    Thank goodness our problems - while still real - have become better ones.

  3. But... I've always been told we don't have problems, just challenges.

  4. Yep, this sounds about right. I agree with you. I usually do.

    Have a fabulous day. :)

  5. I always say, "Some people will bitch if they're hung with a new rope." And here in the west we still carry our guns and you're right, you don't want to piss anyone off. ;) - Great post as always.

  6. I don't like problems, so I take care of them, or ignore them.


  8. You make so many good points. I'm reminded of a story I recently read about King Henry VIII's flagship Mary Rose, improperly refitted with too many cannon in the 1500s for a war with France. On the day of the big naval battle the ship made a quick turn and water flooded the gun ports and the ship sank in a matter of minutes, taking with her a crew of around 600 souls. I mention this because the ship was recently raised and salvaged, along with the skeletons of hundreds of sailors trapped below deck. Scientists have analyzed these skeletons and learned that the average sailor aboard Mary Rose was 18-25 years of age, but these remains showed signs of arthritis and physical abuse making these men comparable to fifty or sixty years old. I say all this because I think it ties in with your point that times have certainly been a lot worse than they are today. We have things easy in comparison.

  9. I wish I could pick my problems. Some, I'd pick from the "good old" days, some from the current times.

    I want my microwave and antibiotics, but I don't want to deal with being a woman in the olden days or figure out if GMOs are salvation or of the devil.


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