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Tuesday, October 1, 2013


It's a wedding had to be there!
It was a very eventful weekend for the Cranky Old Man and Mrs. C.  Thursday we were in Atlantic City courtesy of a Mr. Donald Trump.  He provided a free room in exchange for us losing vast amounts of money in his casino.  The two of us lost a collective $65 in exchange for a $275 room overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Cranky 1 – Mr. Trump 0.

Friday we visited my old summer haunts in Ocean City N.J. which will be featured in a future boring post that my brother Chris and Cousin Nils will enjoy.  From OCNJ, we went to my annual College Fraternity reunion which this year was in Sea Isle City NJ.  We had a great time Friday night (many thanks Carl and Debbie A.) but we blew off the Saturday part of the reunion in favor of the Cranky event of the year:

Elyssa and Joe’s Wedding

Brought to you by Glen and Julia Dee Gee

Also known as the Dee Gee’s

The Dee Gee’s are friends from a previous life.  They are a family that I seldom see, but I did manage to win in the divorce settlement.  Several other friends won in the settlement were also present and it was great to see them again.

The Dee Gee’s are a family of successes.  They work hard, they play hard and they threw one hell of a wedding. 

Glen or “Brother Glen,” brother because we are both members of the same fraternity (different schools, different eras), is a Chemical Engineer.  Brother Glen is also a very funny man, a rare trait for a brainiac chemical engineer.  He was a personable and gracious host.  

Julia teaches under-privileged, learning challenged children, and those kids are blessed to have this lady as their teacher.  You may know Julia as the “Romon’tic Mon killer.”  Probably not, so read it here if you want…… 

If he was not disposed-of many years ago, the “Romantic Man” would have had this to say to the mother of the bride, (think Ricardo Montalbon accent)

“You know…you are very beautiful, and if you do not mind me saying, you also have the…how you say…fabulous side of the back.”

The other members of the Dee Gee clan are:

Garrett (“G-man”) a recent college grad who will someday publish a historical-fiction novel. 

Ken “Brother Ken” a student at the University of Maryland who I knew as a pudge of a pre-teen and is now a young man rock solid in body and mind.  It was so much fun to see them all again. 
G-man, Julia, Brother Ken
Picture from Facebook, sorry, best I could find 

The star of this show was Elyssa.

Elyssa makes me think of the song from the “Sound of Music.”

“How do you solve a problem like Elyssa?
How do you hold a moonbeam in your hand?"

Elyssa is beautiful young lady, a talented artist and a working animator (cartoons) who marches to the beat of her own drum.  

The world could use more marchers in her parade.
"Brother" Glen and cute is she?
Sorry, I was having too much fun to take more pictures...this is all I got!
The ceremony was beautiful, the reception perfect, the food excellent, and the drinks did not stop flowing.  It was terrific to see old friends on such a happy, fun occasion.

Congratulations to Glen and Julia on the perfect celebration of a wonderful marriage.  May you live long enough to pay for it… (That will be a long, long time.)

Congratulations to the fabulous couple, Elyssa and Joe.

May you spend a long happy life together dancing to the Monty Python theme.
"All ways look on the bright side of life!"


  1. Few occasions are more joyous than weddings and the one you attended sounds exceptional. Best wishes to the happy bride and groom.

  2. The story of RM brings along a few memories from the distant past...
    ...particularly reminded of a line I will probably never use again, and on which nobody ever took me up.
    I'm glad.
    I'd have been mortified.

  3. I wish nothing but good times for the bride and groom. They sound like a great family to have won in the divorce wars.

  4. What fun--mazel tov!!

  5. Oh, there's nothing like a good wedding!


  6. What a glorious weekend - sounds like you had allot of fun while I was knee deep in boxers and boxes.....

  7. Your fabulous weekend sorta makes my measly lottery win look pitiful. :(

    (I wish!)


  8. "May you spend a long happy life together dancing to the Monty Python theme."

    What a lovely toast! But...isn't that the song where that giant foot comes down at the end and SPLATS everything? Pardon me for focusing on that one little 3-second part, but I really, really have an aversion to feet.

  9. This wedding sounds well worth the while! And glad you came out ahead courtesy of The Donald!

  10. Awwwww Brother Joe...thank you so much for the beautiful blog about Elyssa and Joe's wedding. Brother Glenn and I were so happy that you and Mrs. Cranky could be there to witness and enjoy the blessed event and feast at the reception with all of your hard won friends!

    We look forward to seeing you very soon so you can watch the 10 hours of video and view the 18,632 pictures that were taken on this momentous occasion. Don't try to get out of it...we know where you live! XXOO Ro-mon-tic mon Killer

  11. I'll admit it, the list of characters is a little confusing to me. Maybe I need to read the romon'tic man killer, too. I think it was the divorce settlement part that got me "assuming."

    Anyway, another fun day for you and the Mrs!