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Thursday, October 3, 2013



The reunion of a group of Lafayette College fraternity brothers from 1967/8 is an annual event which I seldom miss.  This year Mrs. C and I cut the event short in order to attend the Dee Gee Wedding.

We did manage the Friday night cocktail party / dinner which this year was hosted by Carl and Debbie Anderson at the Sea Isle City, NJ Yacht Club.  The food was great, and so was the company, especially the wives of all those idiots with whom I once spent so much time.
The Delt house Lafayette College

Inside the Delt house

The highlight to the evening for me was a Stu Robinson story.  Stu, who we called Wally because of his uncanny resemblance to Wally Cox (giyp), is  a classic story teller.  His calm demeanor and dry wit never fail to make me laugh.

This particular reminiscence involved a young lady who had dated several fraternity brothers.  She seemed to like our fraternity house and its members, as she was present at many of our parties.  Her name was Sally.  Most of the brothers did not know her last name.  Her nick name was Sally Free-and-Easy.  Sally did not know that this was her fraternity moniker. 

The nick name was probably unfair.  Sally was a free spirit.  She was attractive.  Guys being guys tell tales.  When one person claims Sally was “easy” it probably meant he “made out,” maybe he got to second base.  The next person who dated Sally may try and top the story in a sophomoric “stud battle” common to the sixties.  Long story short, Sally became known as Sally Free-and-Easy.

Stu was an engineer major.  Engineer Majors were always super smart about anything science or math.  Socially they were sometimes a few beats short of a full couplet.  

At one Fraternity event, Stu almost cost the brotherhood the company and attention of Sally.  He was on a first date with a lady that years later would become Mrs. Wally.  They bumped into Sally.  Stu, the consummate gentleman introduced Sally to his date.

“Sally, this is my date Donna.  Donna, this is Sally Freanezy.”
Ms. Freanezy was not amused.  She was not amused to a very great degree.

Stu later explained,

“I thought she was Italian.”

This was the first I heard that story.

Wally may well have made it up.  He has a year to top it.

Great night Carl and Debbie, I’m sure we missed a great time on Saturday and Sunday! 

See you all next year.


  1. I can relate. For years acquaintances of mine thought my last name was Dumas. ;)


  2. This is why I've never gone back to ANY of my High School reunions. I just had visions of it being too uncomfortable.
    Like one of my long time friends whom I rarely now see said a few years back when we were chatting nicely at a much smaller and private type of "reunion", and one of his old flames came along and sat right down between us. (jerk) "I remembered within the first five minutes of our conversation just why that relationship never worked out."
    And yes, she was a tad "free and easy" to boot.
    And he didn't have to make anything up.
    Later I asked our hostess, "Why was she invited?" to which there was an apology and an, "I thought it would be OK."
    It's rarely "OK" when there are old girlfriends involved.

  3. Sometimes it's really horrifying to remember back to those days and the antics that went on in frat houses...

  4. I don't socialize with anyone from college, my friends probably didn't make it out of rehab. Every now and then I get a call from the UCLA Alumni Association and before they can ask for money I beat them to it and beg for a few bucks. This usually keeps them from calling for a few years.

  5. HAhaaaa... Ms. Freanezy... HAhaa... I tell ya Cranky ... thought she was Italian.. HAaaa... oh, me... I needed that this morning...

    Haven't thought of Wally Cox in eons... just loved hin... last was the Hollywood Squares... good lord that was a long time ago... what fun

  6. Wally has my sympathy.
    My husband had a friend, first name lost to memory. Last name Glasscock. His dad had the Chevy dealership in town. You can look it up.
    All this fellow's friends called him Brittledick. How was I to know, in a moment of stress?
    My husband's mother asked us to do something a particular evening and I replied "Oh, we can't. We're going to Brittledick's."

  7. Eventually, I'll make it back to a college reunion. The Homecoming game is this month, but once again, I'm not feeling it. Next year... yeah, next year. :)

    Glad you and Mrs. Cranky had fun!

    Oh, I'm with TexWisGirl - poor Sally. I hope her memories are just as fond as the fellows. :)

  8. I have an urge to watch Animal House again.

  9. Hilarious post and story! I only went to my 10 year HS reunion and I'm glad I didn't have too high expectations either. I remember that couple they deemed in the yearbook the couple that... yeah well they both looked like they had a hell of 10 yrs and totally were not the title they were crowned our senior year- each married to other people. Then there were those who wouldn't even talk to you in HS, but after 10 years are now acting like you've been besties and bff's since HS.