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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

OPTIMUM.NET EMAIL SUCKS BIGTIME!! - a bonus cranky rant

I have two email accounts.  One is Yahoo which is terrific for all the spam it directs to me for my reading pleasure.  The other is Optimum, my cable provider.  It is a major pain to change an email address, you lose your history, your contacts, and your contacts lose you, so I maintain both addresses.
As much as I hate Yahoo, I think I will wean myself off the Optimum account. 
1.     When you have no unread emails, still shows that you have unread emails.
2.     Optimum email automatically checkmarks your last read email.  If you delete a new email and do not uncheck the previous email, both are deleted.
3.     Finding contacts is not easy.
4.     When you forward an email, the draft covers the contact list and you have to fuck around and move shit to find your contact…grrrr.
And finally, the number one reason why Optimum email sucks big time…
5.     I just found out that for the last week, many of my replies get addressed to a random contact on my list and not the person I am replying to.  WTF!!!  Do you think this could get you into trouble?
Comments to my blog are now addressed to my Yahoo address. 



  1. I've never heard of Optimum. Sounds like a pretty amatuerish outfit. Good riddance.


  2. C'mon, Joe, I have a feeling you don't like Optimum. Why is that?

  3. Oh I sympathize with you - hang in there!

  4. Feeling your pain. My yahoo changed it's look and I can't get over it. And I do get all my messages....

  5. Email sucks, period. When everything is going perfectly the bottom falls out. Happened to me a work today. For no apparent reasons my email contacts and folders and my internet bookmarks "did not migrate, due to a technical glitch" that is not my fault. At my leisure, call the help line and see if they can be recovered. I was going to write a peevish blog, but maybe you just got it in the neck, instead.

  6. I think you've made a good decision.

  7. I have used Yahoo ... can't remember how long ... looooong time. they're aggravating f'sure ... I say it's the Yahooties doing their thing... but for the most part, I have no problems.

    Sure are a lot of people who don't like ol Yahoo but I don't get it. I don't get lots of stuff though.

    I also have a GMail and Hotmail just to see but... I stick with Yahoo.

    glad you made your decision ... I, for one, am too old to be aggravated.

  8. Knocking on my fake wood laminated butcherblock countertop, but email is one thing I don't have a complaint about. Yet.

  9. So, if I understand you correctly, Optimum stinks, eh? I take it, it's an SPF kind of thing? Good riddance, Joeh!