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Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I love comments on my posts.  Well I love most comments on my posts.  I’m sure every blogger likes comments.  We judge the effectiveness of a post on comments.  I think often that is a mistake.

Some posts which I feel are not my best get lots (for me) of comments.  Some posts which I feel are thought provoking or controversial get few comments.  This used to frustrate me, but now I think that some posts just lend themselves more to comments than others.

Posts which evoke memories get many comments.  Posts which are light get comments.  Contraversial posts get long comments.  Emotional posts get long comments.  Posts about comments usually get lots of comments.

I try and comment only when I have something to say.  I read some posts that I really like, but have nothing to add so I may not comment.  Some blogs I almost always comment on just to let the person know I was there.

Sometimes I try to make funny comments.  Sometimes I try and “one up” the post I comment on.  That is a bad idea, so now if I do that, I try and at least say something positive after I make my self-serving funny comment.

It used to drive me crazy when a comment indicated the person did not read my whole post.  Now I appreciate that at least they looked and were nice enough to let me know they stopped by, even if they missed the point.

Sometimes a comment tells me the reader misinterpreted what I said.  This also used to bother me.  Now I realize that maybe I did not make my point well, and sometimes the reader just comes from a different place and their interpretation is based on different events in their life.

The comments I like best are those that tell me I hit a cord in a person’s life, or made them think, or made them laugh.  I have some favorite commenters, but I won’t single them out (Anita, Katrina) because I like almost all comments. 

Some commenters are funnier than others but I won’t say who (Scott, Fran.)  Some are more sincere (Stephen) but I will not mention them, and some always have a personal touch to them (Val); some are valued extra because they are rare (Sully, Skip, AF Sarge, Pearl, Mommy Bags, Lo, Gia, Sarah) some like to put me in my place (Joanne,) and some are just supportive (Josie.) Some commenters have disappeared and I miss them (Lou, FlyFishGirl, Silvija, Scott Z.)

Anyway, I will not name anyone because I am sure to leave someone out (TexWisGirl, Jackie K., Dan the MM. Jeanie, Tabor, Jenn, Jim + Sandie, Cindy, One Bad Pixie, Emily, Shelly, Bob, JJ.)  Suffice it to say I like and appreciate almost all commenters, even those that generally disagree with me (Nelson.)

So keep them coming…please.

Any comments?

Does anyone know why lately I get hits on my post in bunches of 20-35 in the same minute?  I know they are not real hits...What's up?   


  1. It's easy to leave comments on your site because your posts deeply explore the human condition, usually with humor, and like sugar your humor makes the medicine go down a bit more easily. Have a great day.

  2. This comment is in reply to your commenting on your comments about comments--NO COMMENT!!

  3. bahahaha fishducky... :)

    i read so many blogs that i often feel like i'm skimming by with quick comments. but, i do try to at least say i was there. as for controversial topics like race, religion and politics, i normally read but don't comment. i do not profess to have a wise opinion on such matters. besides, we get plenty of offerings of opinions thru the media. i'd rather keep mine to myself and just spread a little happiness if i can.

  4. You say you value my comments because they're rare. I like to think they're well done.

    *rim shot*

  5. Hi Joeh,
    I try to leave thoughtful comments that show I've read the post. On my own blog, I am sometimes "put off" be one-word comments such as, "Beautiful!" I think the commenter just pastes that comment into as many blogs as possible in the hopes of getting a return visit. Nice to meet you, by the way - thanks for your more-than-one-word comment. PS I see that you graduated from Lafayette College - I lived in PA until I moved to CO 24 years ago.

  6. I think this is the first time I have commented on your blog. Like you, I feel I need to add something by commenting and I don't comment just for the sake of doing so. Well, not usually. Anyway, you post about miracles and hockey brought memories to the forefront - and I've posted about them!

  7. I would love to be a purveyor of consistently witty comments, but usually they are just honest. It is hardest for me to comment on a post that is mostly pretty pictures...there are only so many ways to say "pretty picture", no matter how talented the photographer.
    I expect you will get lots of comments on this commentcentric post.

  8. Suldog "stole" my comment.

    Isn't it odd, even rare, that he would do that?

  9. This blog post made me laugh out loud. I nodded agreement through the whole thing... I really should stop by more often, I like laughing.

  10. Loved it, and especially the way you managed to sneak in a few identities without officially naming names. Your wonderful sense of humor, along with your perspective on the more serious issues in life is what keeps me coming back! I am always surprised by which of my posts draw comments and which don't. I think you've done a good job of reasoning it out here!

  11. I like reading your blog because, let's face it, you're kinda warped. Frankly, we're all kinda warped, but you're one of the few who will admit it and sign their name to it. I like that. :)

    In conclusion, giving Jim full creative credit here, I'd agree you're a rare medium well done. :)


  12. Now it looks like I feel obligated to comment a day late. My power went off last night, so I didn't get around to it until this morning. Which is kind of a personal revelation, I guess.

  13. I am feeling like I'm that commenter who doesn't leave frequent or well thought out comments anymore. I'm so far behind with blog reading these days. I know that when I settle in, blog life will get back to normal. But I always do enjoy your posts - no matter the topic. And I like your perspective on when readers miss the point having read only part of the post. Thanks for that.