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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mrs. C is Feeling Bad

Mrs. C is Feeling Bad
Not the real Mrs. Cranky...a stunt Mrs. C
Last week I posted about the myth of “Man Flu.”
As I stated, that post was based on my experience with previous wives, (I know, plural...pitiful right) not Mrs. Cranky.


Mrs. C is as tough as they come when feeling poorly.  She will plow through a headache and never mention it.  She may have a cold and I never know it.  Mrs. C is not a complainer.  She is also not one to ask for anything. 

“I’m going downstairs, you want anything?”

“No, I’m good.”

“I’m going to the store, you need anything?”

“No, I’m good.”

Mrs. C is also not the subservient “little woman.”

Every morning I wake up and ask for breakfast.  (Mrs. C works late, and I am retired.)*

“You know what I’d like this morning with my coffee?  I think I’d like a poached egg, bacon, and an English muffin.  Oh, and put some orange marmalade on half the muffin…please…thank you.”

“What?...good luck with that!”

Why not, what kind of wife are you?”


“Ok, can I get you anything…for once?”

“No, I’m good.”

This morning Mrs. C did not look too chipper but she was not complaining about anything.

“Hey, you know what I’d like with my coffee this morning?  Scrambled eggs, sausage, and pancakes smothered in syrup.  Oh, and bring it up on a tray…a flower in a vase would also be nice…please…thank you.”

“…(silence)…Could you bring me some French toast and a large cup of green tea?”

“Ah…sure…anything else?”

“No I’m good.”

“You feel ok.”

“Just a little tired, maybe stuffed up, but I’m OK.”

Mrs. Cranky must be feeling REALLY crappy.  I think I’ll cut her some slack today…just a little.

*This request is a morning ritual that always ends the same way, but I keep trying.

I discovered a new blogger today, check out she reminds me a whole lot of my daughter...ok, she's my daughter.


  1. Awww. Poor Mrs. C. I hope she feels better soon - and make sure you give her a lot of TLC. What goes around comes around, you know. And whatever she's got, you will probably get... so she'll be taking care of you next!

  2. Can't blame a guy for trying :) Hope Mrs. C feels better soon!

  3. So your ritual morning request now involves nothing more than a plate of food? (They have meds for that, you know. ;)


  4. I hope you put a flower on the tray with the French toast and tea.

  5. Hope she gets better beginning of fall cold always sucks :0(

  6. awww. hope mrs. c feels better soon!!! she needs her strength to put up with you!

  7. Thanks for the fine print.
    Your daughter writes well.

    Hope Mrs C feels better soon.

  8. One more germ to conquer. Bummer. Get well soon, and let the old fellow make his own breakfast!

  9. Get it yourself, Joe!! (I'm now following your daughter.)

  10. The current Mrs. Cranky sounds like a real keeper. I'd get her anything she wants.

  11. My best to the missus. I hope she feels much better, very soon. I know the type; MY WIFE has been a migraine sufferer for most of her life, but she rarely complains about it.

    I'm off to visit your daughter!

    (Those words would have brought tears to strong men a few years back.)

  12. Papa Bear and I are only together on Sunday mornings, I leave before he wakes up on work days and he has to leave early on Saturdays. When he wakes up on Sunday he sends me a text that says "COFFEE", popping that little pod into the Kurig is about as talented as I get when it comes to maid service. We make breakfast together once he's fully caffeinated. :-) You take good care of Mrs. C, sounds like this one is the charm for you too!