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Tuesday, September 24, 2013


The old saw used to be “Crime doesn't pay.”  Clearly that isn’t true, crime very often pays and pays quite well.  The problem is that today, unless you are a politician or a car salesman, crime almost always catches up with you. 

Getting away with a crime just ain’t what it used to be.  There are security cameras everywhere to catch you in the act.  Fingerprints and DNA make it almost impossible to leave the scene without leaving behind some evidence.  Based in the CSI TV show, if you fart they will find you.

If you want to plan the perfect crime, you must be sure to not let any victim scratch you, you can’t bleed, spit, sneeze, lose a hair or pass gas; if you do, today’s detectives will be paying you a visit.

If you want to commit multiple crimes, and face it, most criminals do not retire early; you had better avoid any crime pattern.  Computers and crime analysts can track your previous criminal activity and will be waiting for your next heist.

If you are selling drugs, body parts, sex or exotic animals, your customer may well have a badge, and be recording your transaction.

If you are plotting with someone else, your phone may be tapped and your texts and emails tracked.  If you attempt a getaway, you can be followed through the GPS functions of your car and or your cell phone.

Rob a bank, and the bills are recorded and easy to track, or a dye pack blows up and the money becomes worthless.

The days of a successful criminal needing only a mask, a gun and a set of balls is gone.  Criminals today need to be smart enough to ply their trade away from cameras and undercover cops.  They have to avoid any kind of traceable pattern, avoid planning with a computer or phone, and avoid leaving behind any DNA.  They have to steal untrack-able loot, and escape without leaving a trail through various GPS systems.

Jeez, if you’re smart enough to commit a crime and get away with it today, you could probably do a lot better just getting a job.  


  1. Yes - and away from CSI and the movies, real criminals are mostly not smart.

  2. The big problem today is cybercrime, perpetrated by people outside the jurisdiction of the United States. And identity theft. Not to mention the crimes committed by big banks with the support of our government.

  3. Actually EARNING the money takes all the fun out of it.



  4. Stephen is right--& that's the kind of crime that scares me the most!!

  5. As long as crime doesn't happen to us we tsk tsk and wonder when the authorities will stop it. If it does happen to us, I suppose we wonder the same.

  6. I'm with Steve, too. The victims actually drop off their money at the bankers place, tip them with a few service charges, and never prosecute after they've been violated. Rip people off all morning, play golf all afternoon....bankers have it pretty good. ;)

  7. Crime? I can't even pull my underwear out of my crack between the parking lot and the building, for fear of somebody watching me on the security camera.

  8. So do the criminals get smarter as the means of discovering them get more sophisticated? Somehow smart doesn't seem to cover most criminal minds.

  9. Went to a neighborhood crime watch forming meeting this evening. listed reasons why people commit crime.

    three main reasons... forget what they were... but in the end ... it's don't make it easy for 'em.

    can not believe people who still don't pull their garage doors down when they leave! don't care if it is to the corner grocery.

    just read a blog where she had traveled someplace, blogged about and homeland security contacted her... yep


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