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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

BUT…But…but it’s raining!

BUT…But…but it’s raining!

I love youth sports, and in today’s world kids need organized teams and leagues.  In the olden days, as kids, we did not need adults.  We all met at the school grounds with a bat and a ball, scratched out the bases, chose up sides, and played.  Those days are gone, we need organized kids sports, and we need parents involved in sports. 

We don’t need OVER involvement.  I am guessing that if you go to u-tube and type in “Little League fathers acting like ass holes” there will be an assortment of videos to choose from.  I am going to save Dad bashing for another day, today it is the Mom’s turn.


Your boys do not care if their uniform is clean or dirty.  It is OK to wash  it, nobody likes a smelly uniform, but do not obsess over it.  If Tommy’s mom judges you by how clean your boy’s uniform is you don’t really need to be friends with Tommy’s mom.  Do not use bleach.  Leave grass stains in.  From your sons perspective the kids with clean uniforms are the kids who do not get in to the game.  Grass stains are a badge.  Your son wants to wear them with pride. 

Do not yell shit at your sons during the game.  He will be embarrassed enough by his Dad, don’t pile on by yelling, “Make a home run Bobby!”

Sports are played in different conditions.  If the weather makes conditions unsafe then play should be suspended.   However, do not expect to have all action stop at the first rain drop.

“How can they keep playing; It’s raining!”

“Shouldn’t they stop; It’s getting windy!”

“Isn’t it too cold to play?”

“It’s so hot, shouldn’t they stop and hydrate?”

"BUT...But...but it's raining!"

Just gut it out and let the kids play.  It’s fun playing in the rain and getting muddy; unless it is a hurricane, the wind is fine; your son doesn’t even feel the cold; if it’s hot, let them sweat it’s good for them and for Heaven sake never use the word HYDRATE on a ball field. 
Your son does not need a juice box and a Twinkie after the game.  Relax, he is fine.

Do not tell your son that winning isn’t everything.  Winning IS everything to a boy at least for up to 10 minutes after losing.

Sports teach a boy to work together with other kids, to get dirty, to suffer difficulties, to work towards a goal, that winning is better than losing and losing is part of life, and if you get them to the game on time with the proper equipment, with no pressure or expectations, sports can be fun.

Even in the rain. 


  1. finally!! I've been hearing this story for 5 yrs. its about time it made it to a blog. but i'm sure i'm still going to hear, we can't do that today because its raaaiiinnning.

  2. All true stuff you say. Let kids be kids. Short of a hurricane or maybe a blizzard so intense you can't see where the ball went, weather isn't any big deal.

    But now about that Twinkie...I must disagree. The big kids play for a championship. The little guys play for a Twinkie. ;)


  3. yes... little league became an adult league... not for the kids any longer.

    And it ain't twinkies and fruit boxes ... it's cut up fruit. trophies for everyone.

    Whose Dad is who gets starter positions and the Mom's standing in the community. not enjoyable ~ same with professional sports.

    Used to couldn't pry me away from football ~ Cowboys fan.. yes, a Cowboys fan... but nowadays no loyalty ... money and ... bunch of stuff.

    Quit watching years ago... wow, the rivalries between Tom Landry and George Allen? nothing like it.

    I grew up with kids playing whatever in somebody's field or park and what fun it was to watch the leaders emerge.

    no adult chose the leaders ... kids policed themselves. IN the rain ~

  4. With 5 grandkids playing organized sports, most more than one, I have seen plenty of all you are talking about. Most moms do fine, but the few that don't give them all a bum rap.

  5. No Twinkie or juice box? I'm outta here!

  6. Aren't Little Leagues supposed to be for the kids--NOT the adults?

  7. A resounding AMEN! This should be passed out to all team parents at the beginning of each season!

  8. Can somebody please keep score? And league standings? Because I'm tired of everybody getting the same trophy at the end of the season. In fact, I'm tired of EVERYBODY getting a trophy. Sports was at one time considered competition.

  9. I don't have boys, but it makes sense to me.

    One of my 3 daughters plays field hockey. We have a team mom, though that's not her official title. My husband calls her the czar. I think cougar is better. She's fierce. "Bake those cookies! Wash those cars! Pay your booster fee! Host the team dinner! Buy whatever for the other fundraisers!!!! Grrrrr!"


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