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Saturday, September 7, 2013



A cranky opinion for

Cranky Opinion Saturday

The following is the opinion of a cranky old man.  Opposing opinions are welcome, wrong but welcome, and please…no name calling.  That means you, you big stupid head!


I don’t believe in capital punishment.  Somehow, killing someone for killing someone does not set right with me.  My other objections?


It takes years and years of trials and appeals every time there is a capital punishment trial.  This costs a lot of money and drags a case on and on delaying closure for victims and their loved ones.

I think controlled murder by hanging, electrocution, gas or lethal injection does constitute cruel and unusual punishment.

Most people convicted and sentenced to death never have the sentence carried out anyway.

Sometimes convictions are wrong, and innocent people are murdered. (Did you not even see “The Green Mile”?)


I must admit, it does disturb me when some of these scum buckets lounge away in jail lifting weights, watching TV and writing appeals while sucking away at the tax payer teat. 

What is the solution?

I think Ariel Castro has just solved the problem.  If one of these pieces of moldy belly button lint can’t live with himself, I see no reason to stop him.  If someone is found guilty of a capital punishment crime, make the death sentence scum-bag optional.

Put the maggot in his own cell, do not provide time for exercise and all food should be only the left-overs that the other prisoners could not stomach.  No TV for these scrapings from a farmers shoe, just a DVD player and a supply of depressing movies and chick flicks.   The cell should be supplied with a hangman’s noose rope bolted to the roof, and a jar full of sleeping pills next to his rock hard cot. 

If a useless piece of crap like Ariel Castro, who kidnapped, held hostage and raped three girls for over ten years, decides to avail himself of the use of rope or pills, my conscious is clear.

The preceding opinion is that of a cranky old man and not necessarily that of management…Mrs. Cranky.


  1. and after only 30 days, he couldn't take it any more. what a coward... even if mentally ill...

  2. He endured 30 days after serving up 30 years worth of torture. That somehow doesn't seem to be quite enough.

  3. Sometimes (although I find it hard to believe) you make perfect sense!!

  4. You were on a roll, right up to the bottle of sleeping pills or a rope. But then we're back to cruel and unusual punishment. In the eyes of the law.

  5. Oh, and put a cricket in the cell with them.

  6. Makes perfect sense to me. Why do always make everything so complicated? You're the master of the KISS principle. ;)

  7. Capital Punishment is final and if a mistake is made it cannot be reversed. If the police, attorneys, and judges would be executed on the spot if it is found that an innocent was executed, then I would support Capital Punishment.

    As for those that believe it is a deterrent you are wrong for criminals never think they will be caught.

  8. If I were one of the girls tortured by Castro I 'd want to see him suffer for more than a month in prison.

  9. LOL At least we are not feeding him any more.

  10. Sorry Joe, but I do not agree! There is no deterrent in keeping them alive! The idea is that maybe one or some of them will think twice about committing another horrible crime and causing another family untold pain. Make it personal and you will understand!

  11. There ya go. I think you've got it? Maybe add one other thing... blaring rap crap music 24 hours a day. Or better yet, horrifically off-key singing.

  12. well here's another Facebook todo we todo'd over… I believe in the death penalty… at least the rat bastards are on death row and that's got to be a tough row to hoe.

    Jeffrey Dahmer as well as many others were killed in prison or committed suicide. If an error has been made in the trial … using the DNA stuff these days… then that's another deal. LIKE that horrible horrible medical thing this past week… a brother gave his sister his kidney and the nurse threw it in the trash? there's just something not kosher there. I digress

    Appeals and such are their right but they do not get appeals unless there was something amiss, right? I mean … I don't believe this rat bastard would have had a chance at an appeal nor Jeffrey Dahmer.

    Depends on the case… to issue the punishment you describe is akin to torture … that's meaner than killing 'em. knew a kid once who took the wings off flies.

    I don't like flies … killing a fly is one thing but torture is something else. I made the kid stop… wonder what ever happened to that boy.

    And, you know? I think the way they die ought to be directly related to how they killed or tortured. This person being confined as he was … was the RIGHT decision. The death penalty was too good for him.

    They kill and rape a little kid? they ought to be raped by a mule … or hung by their balls covered in catnip and let a cat loose… that's what I think

  13. It's a hard one. I'm probably too soft hearted to be make an honest judgement ... although I'm sure if it was someone I loved who'd been murdered or tortured I'd have a very different opinion.

  14. I lean more towards being against capital punishment, especially because of the uncertainty factor; but must admit that in those almost non-existent cases where the evidence is SO strong, I don't lose any sleep over the execution. However, I could never witness an execution or pull the switch. Hmmmm..

    Ariel Castro - Eccl 3:2 ...there is a time to be born and a time to die. It was his time. I think the 3 women may have a better chance of cleansing now.

  15. Yep, perfect justice serviced for Castro.

  16. I'm against the death penalty. And I was appalled that Ariel Castro got to escape his life in prison via suicide so quickly. How awful and unfair. But maybe as another commenter says above him being gone will help the women more.


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