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Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I know I am old and out of touch.  I recognize that just because I don’t understand something it does not make it wrong.  So I am sure it must benefit me in some way to LIKE stuff on Facebook.

Years back every commercial ended telling me to visit them on; like I had nothing better to do than to follow up an annoying commercial by visiting their web site for more hard sell information.  At least I understood why they would want me to visit their site.  Now every commercial ends with, “And like us on Facebook.”


Why would I like Exxon/Mobile on Facebook?  What would that do for me, and what in Sam Hill would it even do for Exxon/Mobile?  Who even sees that I LIKE Exxon/Mobile on Facebook?  If 50 million people LIKE Exxon/Mobile on Facebook does that make people run out and buy Exxon gas?

Do my friends see that I LIKE Exxon/Mobile on Facebook?  If they do, do they run out and buy gas? 

“Joe Hagy LIKEs Exxon on Facebook, they must make really good gas.”

I think it is just dumb.  If I don’t LIKE something, can I HATE them on Facebook?  Unless it helps me I don’t think I will endorse anything on Facebook.

If you know why anyone is benefited by my Facebook LIKE, let me know.


Oh, “And LIKE me on Facebook!”


  1. I'm just hoping to get a "meh". ;)


  2. Welllllll.... I started "LIKING" businesses, etc in my area on Facebook during THE storm - mainly because they'd give me information in my newsfeed. I always like Dunkin Donuts.. ya know because of free donut day.... There's perks, man :) lol

  3. I don't "LIKE" any businesses on FB -- except for local ones. Why?

    I have no idea. :-)


  4. i don't face. or tweet. or pin. :)

  5. When you "like" something then all of their updates get sent to your feed. Like, if you set up a page for your blog, when others "like" your page they will then they will be notified through their feed whenever you post a new blog post. It's just like "friending" them -- you get all their news/updates. I only "like" things that I want to keep up with.

  6. I understand from the kids, facebook is so, like over, you know. Twitter isn't much better off, either; now it's insta-something.

  7. Big Brother is alive and well and waiting for us on FB.

  8. Bah! Humbug! I don't like anything! I'm not on Facebook, either.

  9. Beats me! I only got on Facebook to see up-to-date pictures of our grandkids and see what's going on in their lives. Nowadays, young people seem to say whatever they have to say, make announcements, and all that jazz online. What happened to picking up the phone?


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