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Thursday, August 8, 2013

TASTEE SUB - "I’ll just have a number 6"

"I’ll just have a number 6"

If I relay someone else’s story is that stealing?  Maybe, but I’m doing it anyway.  This is from my son’s friend’s father, who owns “Tastee Sub” a successful sandwich shop in Edison, NJ.

The sub shop is open every day of the year, except New Year’s Day, from 9:00 am until 11:00 at night.  I once asked the owner, Dave, has anyone ever tried to rob you at the store.  His answer?

“I’m not sure, but I think so.”

How could you not know if someone tried to rob you or not?

Dave’s Story:

It was 10:55 on a Thursday night, always a slow night, and a rather disheveled man of questionable hygiene entered the store.  He walked up to the counter and before I could even greet him he mumbled quietly,

“I’ll gift me moft monty!”

“Excuse me?”

“Empty my carst regstramtor!”

“What? I’m sorry, I’m not sure what it is you want.”

“I wamit cashen.”


“Monkey, cashen, thisen a sticker!”

“A sticker? What is a sticker? Look it’s about closing time, what do you want?”

The dude looked confused, started to stammer and then finally just said,

“I’ll just have a number 6.”

When he left I asked my partner what was that all about?

“I think he was trying to rob us.”

“Really, you think so?”

To this day Dave is not sure. 

He did make the number 6 with extra mustard.


For the best subs in New Jersey, visit Tastee Subs on Plainfield Ave., Edison New Jersey.

This Dude also ordered a #6 at Tastee Sub


  1. I thought you were going to tell me they went back and checked their security cameras and have this picture of the guy who tried to rob them. :)


  2. Ha! I was thinking the same thing, L&S :)

  3. Nothing like a good sub from a local store that's not a franchise. Nothing like a customer who has a favorite sandwich.

  4. I'll either have all the cashen in the carst regstramtor or a #6, please!!

  5. oh, dear... hope he paid for his #6 in cash.

  6. Well I wonder how many robberies that guy will attempt before he sees a speech therapist? In the meantime, I hope he doesn't quit his day job!

  7. So funny!
    Thanks, Joe.
    That was not stealing....that was generous giving of laughs.


  8. So this mumbling potential robber had enough money to pay for a sandwich? Interesting.

  9. If you have any ideas, this guy will talk you down.

  10. I guess you can't judge a man by the sandwich he likes.

  11. Seems perfectly logical to me. I hate to repeat myself.