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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I Hate The Hashtag

I Hate The Hashtag


I hate the Hashtag #stupid #annoying.  It is bad enough that to me it will always be called a pound sign, but now people are beginning to speak using the Hashtag #idontgetit. It won’t be long before the following might be typical conversations.


Teens on a date:

“Well hello, don’t you look nice tonight; Hashtag hot Hashtag nicetits.”

“Oh, why thank you; Hashtag nothappening Hashtag urcreepy.”

“I thought maybe we could do dinner and a movie; Hashtag getudrunk Hashtag getinurpnts.”

“Dinner would be nice; Hashtag Ihavemace.”


On a job interview:

“Yes sir, I have a degree in economics; Hashtag online Hashtag bogusschool.”

“Interesting, and are you available to work late and on weekends; Hashtag rulazy?”

“Certainly, I work weekends all the time; Hashtag ifucallgolfwork.”

“Where do you see yourself in five years; Hashtag anyambition Hashtag unrealisticexpectations?”

“I hope to make partner in this firm; Hashtag andthenfireurass.”

I only hope this Hashtag fad crap doesn’t make its way to the Cranky house.


“What are you doing today; Hashtag ulazyslob?”

“Oh, I was planning on cleaning out the garage; Hashtag aftermynap Hashtag maybe Hashtag probablynot.”

“Well we need to do something; Hashtag dinnerout Hashtag notsex…Are you listening to me?”

“Hashtag ZZZZZZZ”


  1. Hashtag this was funny. Hashtag before this Hashtag I've never used a Hashtag in my life. It's just Hashtag stupid.

    Tic tac toe anyone?


  2. ahhh .. had to google ... keep hearing about these things but I haven't seen them...

    Facebook and Twitter stuff ... so if I wanted to put a #next to Cranky then I would have bookmarked stuff with Cranky in it.

    hmmmm well? don't know anything I want to track but I guess the kiddos need stimulation ... haa... who knows

    The shadow knows!

  3. There's a really stupid car commercial on TV that uses that phrase and I mute it the instant I realize what it is. Just hate it. And I sure don't Tweet.

  4. I'll never think of ::hashtags:: the same again. Thanks for a good laugh!

  5. Thanks to Carolyn up there, I have a minuscule idea of the use of a #. But I really don't understand the # and doubt I ever will be where # is spoken. If I am, well # too bad.

  6. It never fails to impress me how you can squeeze humor at of just about anything. I'll be thinking about YOU from now on when I see these dreadful things.

  7. #I can't f*cking stand it. I have heard people in conversation actually use it -

  8. I've never used a # except for numbers--but then I don't get out much!!

  9. It will always be a pound sign to me. Hash is for breakfast, tag is a game for kids, and never the twain shall meet in my conversation.

  10. I'm not savvy enough to use a # on Twitter or Facebook, but if kids ever use it in face-to-face conversations, I think they'll come up with some kind of abbreviation instead of saying, ya know, two whole syllables. So instead of saying "hashtag", maybe they'll use some kind of sound or gesture. A conversation sprinkled with a bunch of raspberries would be kinda interesting, dontcha think? As for the gestures, I'll leave that to your imagination.

  11. OMG R U 4real? Hashtags are gr8. I especially LOVE it when people #makeupreallylongonesthatyoucanbarelyread #annoying