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Thursday, August 1, 2013



I wish I had met my wife before I was married the first time.   Of course she would have only been nine so maybe that wouldn’t have worked.

Mrs. Cranky was born Bloopte-bloop years ago today.  I swear she was born in 1938 based on her knowledge of music and other things.  I seldom think of her as younger than I because we have so much in common that I think our age must be similar as well.

We have the same taste in music, except I like bluegrass and country and she hates bluegrass and country.  She likes music from the eighty’s.  I had three children at the time and missed the eighties alltogether.

Mrs. Cranky loves ballroom dancing.  I like to watch ballroom dancers…well I watch the women.

Mrs. Cranky is half Italian and half Irish.  I am half-assed.

I love Italian food.  Mrs. Cranky is Irish in the kitchen.

I love sports.  Mrs. C is a Met fan.

I particularly love football.  Mrs. C roots for the Lions.

My favorite cartoon is Bugs Bunny.  Mrs. Cranky is a Disney Club member.

I hate concerts.  Mrs. Cranky loves concerts.

Mrs. Cranky is a human GPS system.  I get lost coming back to bed from the bathroom.

I guess maybe we don’t have anything in common after all.

Happy Birthday Karen, I love you anyway!     


  1. we have enough in common, don't worry about it! you can tell the number, its 53 (so we are now officially 14 yrs apart) thanks! love you! those guys you have lunch with today better appreciate you being with them instead of me ...

  2. I just read another blog where they are celebrating 49 years of marriage today.

    Seems the key is a sense of humor and mutual respect. Took you two other tries, Joe, but you end up with the brass ring...

    I'm still on the merry go round ... dizzy stuff

    Happy Birthday, Karen... ;)

  3. Congrats Karen. Hope you have a wonderful birthday.

    Joe, you'd better hold on to this nice lady. Sounds to me like you married up big time. ;)


  4. I know exactly what you mean.
    I was luckier on the second try.


  5. Wish your wife a very Happy Birthday from me. Hope you spoilt her rotten for putting up with you.

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KAREN!! As for you, Joe--apparently the 3rd time's a charm!!

  7. Happy Birthday Karen!

    Joe, get back on your head, coffee break's over.

  8. bless, bless, bless her for marrying you! :)

  9. That was super sweet! Happy Birthday to Mrs Cranky! :)

  10. Happy Birthday Mrs. C. You must be a saint to put up with all the crankiness. Seriously, I'm glad you two found each other. Everyone needs a soul mate.

  11. A very happy birthday to she who puts up with a lot, Mrs. C.

  12. I really hope you show your appreciation by giving her something a bit more substantial than a pink $3 change purse and a box of SnoCaps. Not that I'm planning to ditch my husband any time soon...

    Happy Birthday, Mrs. C. You deserve a toast of the best dirty-water that New Jersey has to offer.

  13. Happy Birthday Mrs. C! I, too, am married to a man older than I. He's retired, too. While he watched man take his first step on the moon and wrote a report about it in his junior high class, I was irritated that the televised event interrupted my Blinky the Clown program. Or something like that. Hope you had a great day!

  14. Here's to Mrs. Cranky on her Bloopte-bloop birthday! May she be blessed with many, many more and you, too!

    I think I recognice that cake... the family tradition cake?

  15. Happy Birthday Karen and bless you for rewarding Joe with your love (a remarkable accomplishment)!

  16. Buon Compleanno Mrs. C......And why is the second time around seems so much better

  17. Aww..Happy birthday mrs cranky!

  18. Awww Happy Birthday to the young Mrs. Cranky. They say that bloopte-bloop is the new blankity-blank.


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