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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

WHY MEN CHEAT-a Cranky re-run

This re-run from May 2012

Mrs. Cranky recently sent me a video about “Why Men Cheat.”  It came from a love and relationship expert who was responding to a question from a listener.  Her answer was surprising.

This expert, a woman, asserted that men cheat not for sex, but because of a lack of appreciation at home.  They cheat because they are not treated special.  They cheat because they are not acknowledged. 

Very interesting.  It must be true because it comes from a love and relationship expert.  I would have become a love and relationship expert but they did not offer a love and relationship curriculum when I went to College.  I wonder what chapter in the love and relationship book covers “Why Men Cheat?”

Leave it to a woman to take the simplest question about men and make it all about feelings.  She took a question about men and answered it with a female brain.  To back up her position she questioned 30 men on the subject and they agreed with her assertion.

Where did she find 30 men who cheat?  Let me rephrase that…Where did she find 30 men who would admit to cheating?  As an expert on love and relationships she does not understand a very simple fact.  When it comes to sex, MEN LIE!

If you interviewed 100 men on the size of their manhood, you would learn that the average size is a little over eight inches.  When it comes to sex, MEN LIE!  If you ask men why they cheat, you will find it is because their wife doesn’t understand them and they aren’t treated special, and they are not acknowledged.  When it comes to sex, MEN LIE!

Men say this shit, because women believe it.

The real answer is very simple.  Men cheat because:

1.     They are not getting laid enough


2.     Men cheat because they can

A man who has a satisfying sex life at home and travels on a business trip will not look to get laid on that trip…unless he has the chance to get laid.  Then he will cheat.  (Well not your man, but most men.) 

Professional athletes travel, are wealthy, are in shape, are generally attractive, and are surrounded by women looking to score with someone famous and wealthy.  A high percentage of professional athletes cheat.  Is there something about professional athletes that makes a high percentage of them not appreciated, treated special or acknowledged by their wives?  I don’t think so!  They have the opportunity, it is easy, and they cheat.

Why do people make questions about men so complicated?  When you want to know why men cheat, why do people ask a woman?

Oh wait…I forgot…when it comes to sex, MEN LIE!        


  1. I agree. Men lie about sex and so do women. Anything to justify their poor choices!

  2. Funnily enough, when I'd just seen the title and before I actually read this I thought, 'because they can' - I may even have read this the first time round and said the same thing.

    A man (or a woman) can throw as many excuses at it as they like but in the end it's mostly just because they can.

  3. It is a biological imperative. And yeah, because we can.

  4. "Men are pigs." - A direct quote from my ex-husband who is anything but.

  5. My husband has NEVER cheated on me!! At least, that's what he said when I asked him--& he's a lawyer. We all know lawyers never lie.

  6. It seems a bit ridiculous to expect a woman to accurately explain male behavior. I'd hazard a guess that if a man were pressed to explain the reasons behind his own cheating, half the time, HE wouldn't have a definitive answer, no matter how hard he wracked his brain. Know why? Because a man's urge to cheat doesn't have much to do with thoughtful consideration; more than likely, it arises from that "other" head.

  7. Fun post. I think the problem here is that many men are not wired for monogamy. These men should never marry, and I see nothing wrong with men who want casual sex without commitment so long as they are honest and upfront about it. But unfortunately, as you've pointed out, MEN LIE!

  8. When I started reading this post, I thought for sure that you were going to back that crack pot of a "professional" about why men cheat. I was relieved to read that you didn't. I agree completely agree Men to lie when it comes to sex.

  9. It's a faulty study right from the get go because she was interviewing men who routinely LIE to their spouses. Why did she think they'd tell HER the truth?

    We lie. Yup. That's a big ol' truth there.

    Also, most men are able to separate sex from love. We realize that one does not necessarily have to have the other to be a good thing. Most women are less able to do that.

  10. Gotta love those "experts" don't you. Nothing like hearing the opinion of a qualified sexologist. I just want to know where I go to get a degree in sexology.

  11. Meh. Who cares why. Just leave them behind!