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Wednesday, May 8, 2013



The Governor of my great state of New Jersey is a fat man.  He is a very fat man.  He just turned 50.  He has been despised by many because as Governor he has had the audacity to tell people that they cannot have stuff that they cannot pay for. 

He has reduced taxes and cut spending.  Many say he has done that to make the rich richer and because he hates teachers and poor people.  It is so easy to marginalize people by name calling and so Chris Christie has been called a bully, a blowhard and especially he has been called FAT.

I don’t know if Governor Christie’s policies have been correct or fair, but I do know these are not policies designed to win elections and so I do not question his motives. 

The Governor is a straight talker and so people do not like him for that.  Everyone complains about politicians and their double talk, but when someone comes along and says what he means, acts on what he says and defends both actions and speech unashamedly he is a bully.  He is a FAT bully.

Some people think our Governor wants to be President.  They think this because he has done a good job as Governor and people seem to like him despite the fact that he is a BIG FAT bully and doesn’t believe in double talk.  He also has not denied he wants to be President.  When asked, he claims he hasn’t thought about it, he has a job and it is number one on his mind.  In political talk that means yes.  In Christie talk it also might mean yes, but I suspect it means “maybe.”

Recently our big FAT Governor underwent a lap band surgery operation in order to lose weight.  He entered the hospital in secret to have this surgery.  The media seems to think this is evil,

“Governor goes for SECRET surgery!”

It kinda isn’t really a secret when he announces it a week later.  It is not as if he was hiding it, he just was postponing the feeding frenzy we call the media until after he recovered from the procedure.

The next major headline has been,

“Did Governor Christie have surgery to enhance his bid for the Presidency?”

Well, I’m pretty sure they are right on that one.  I understand that Governor Christie met with his advisors about his future, and was told, “Well Governor in our experience almost no one gets elected to any office if they ARE DEAD!

And thus Chris Christie’s operation was obviously just a cheap trick to live and become the next President of the United States.

What a BIG FAT bully!


  1. I do admire his frankness but I wouldn't vote for him for president at his current weight because I think the job would kill him and I wouldn't want that on my conscience. I understand that this surgical procedure is not as successful as we're led to believe. I know because I've checked into it. But I do wish him well.

  2. So what if he's fat.
    So what if he's a man.
    Screw it, if you think he can do the job...
    ...and if he runs...
    ...then vote for him, or not.

    I like him because he is brutally honest.
    If that's bullying we need more bullies.

    WE need the media.
    What we don't need is the media reporting inanities.
    And we sure don't need idiots reporting rumors as fact on F/B and Twitter.

  3. I like Governor Christie, whether he's fat or in shape. His frankness is refreshing.

  4. I would vote for Chris Christie as president no matter his size. He is a good man who can maybe steer this country back in the right direction. I wish him well, and to heck with the mindless, brainwashed media.

  5. He says what he means and means what he says. Exactly what my parents did and expected of us. I do wish him well; weight control is forever.

  6. good thing he does not live in NYC, because he would not be able to super size his drink!

  7. I like him because he says what he thinks, but it's amazing that a man who does that has gotten as far politically as he has. Taft was a fat president & chief justice!!

  8. How can anyone NOT love Christie? I can hardly believe he is honest politician. Wow.
    I would vote for him and I do not even know which political party he belongs to....unless he would be running against you and then I would have a big problem.

  9. I like him! When he reached across the aisle and worked with Obama during the relief efforts for his state, I knew that he cared more for his people than for his party, and that raises him in my eyes!

  10. Yeah, his candor is refreshing. But I do think the stresses of the modern presidency could easily kill him if he didn't get healthier.