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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

FACEBOOK WARS - Cranky re-run

FACEBOOK WARS (From May 2011)


One of the interesting features of Facebook is it is a medium which allows you to communicate with people you do not know from all over the world.  In my case it allows me to get into verbal battles over stuff with people I don’t know from all over the world.

I have one trait which tends to get me into arguments.  I can’t just let shit slide.  When someone makes a statement which I disagree with, I have to respond.  In my stupid head, remaining silent on a subject is to tacitly agree with the other person.  I have this problem particularly on political issues.  When the discussions are on sports, sex, religion or other subjects I can avoid confrontation.  When it comes to politics, I react.

Since I signed on to Facebook one year ago, I have been in two “Facebook Wars”.  There have been two instances where I made a comment to a friend’s post because my stupid head would not allow anything else, and two times I ended up in a prolonged back and forth comment fight with a total stranger.

The interesting thing about these battles is that I was attacked by one person as being an overbearing snobby intellectual lefty liberal asshole who wanted to shut down the free speech of anyone who dissented with me; and in the other battle I was berated for being a stubborn close-minded ignorant right-wing Neanderthal conservative nut.

Let me first establish I am none of those things…….Well…… I might be an ignorant asshole nut.  However…. 

I am conservative on most fiscal issues; I am liberal on most social issues.  I treat people equally.  Regardless of race, creed, culture, or religion I hate everyone I have never met, and I like everyone else.  I believe in low taxes and minimal government interference in people’s lives. 

I think abortion is morally indefensible, but so is bringing an unwanted child into this world.  Roe v. Wade is done, it is not being overturned, and that ship has left the port, next issue.

Gay rights should be a given.  If you do not like gay people you are free to not like them, but they still have the same rights as straight people.  I dislike people with curly red hair that are under 5’2” tall and speak with a lisp, but I don’t want to deny them their rights.  Gay people should be allowed to marry.  If two curly red haired short people with lisps can marry, then gay people should be allowed to marry. 

People with disabilities or are just down in their luck should receive a helping hand.  People that are lazy and expect a helping hand should get a boot in the ass.

Stupid people scare me because they do stupid things.  I distrust smart people because they can trick you into doing stupid things.  I will not let other people think for me, even though they may be smarter than I.  I can be influenced by others, but I will think for myself.  If only I could learn to think for myself and then shut the fuck up!

My first Facebook war came when I responded to a post from my cousin who heels a bit more to the starboard than I.  The post contained name calling references to President Obama which I felt were improper.  President Obama was not my choice, but I was always irked when President Bush was called a moron and an idiot, I think similar name calling of President Obama is wrong.  I commented that I felt this sort of name calling was not productive and if anything, it strips the conservative cause of credibility.

I was lambasted by a total stranger for being a typical left wing liberal trying to rob people of their first amendment rights of free speech.  I countered by saying he was welcome to his speech, as I am allowed the freedom to tell him I disagree with it.  This war went on for about twenty comments before I finally lost patience with his immaturity and made my final well reasoned well formulated response.


My second Facebook war came when a friend posted an article which essentially said with regard to Global Warming that 90% of the experts can’t be wrong.  I responded in effect that it is often the 10% who take a different path that find a solution. 

I don’t deny global warming, I am just skeptical.  I am skeptical because the last thirty years of my life the weather does not seem to be any warmer than my first thirty years.  I am also concerned that a scientific theory is being used to push a political agenda and the money that supports much of the research comes from those with the agenda.

A complete stranger took the time to respond and enlighten me.  I was instructed that we must turn to wind and solar power before it is too late.  I countered that if it is not economically feasible, these alternatives will not replace fossil fuel.  With this response I apparently became part of the right wing blood sucking leaches that were stepping on the throats of the poor in order to own and drive gas guzzling cars, boats and planes while the planet burns to a cinder.  We need government control, not a free market, unless that government control is used to bail out the blood sucking banks and businesses that are bankrupting our country.  This all came out during a 15 comment, back and forth facebook debate.

My final retort succinctly and skillfully disarmed his position logically point by point. 


Perhaps I should just delete Facebook.



  1. Well, since I am the first to post, I almost hesitate to write anything. I do think FB is absolutely the worst place to discuss important issues. I post my political posts and then politely refuse to discuss them further with any of my friends or relatives on FB. I consider myself a liberal moderate, but beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

  2. So before you get into a 15 or 20 comment back-and-forth, why not just tell him FUCK YOU ASSHOLE right up front and save you both a lot of time and aggravation? ;)


  3. I think lowandslow has the perfect solution!!

  4. In the eighteen months since I've been blogging I've "unfollowed only a handful of bloggers. and always because of politics. I just can't get it into my head that people believe what they need to believe (including me) and few people are willing to change their minds.

    As for Facebook, I've heard it said and I can't help but agree that having lots of friends on Facebook is like sitting at the popular table in an insane asylum. Take care.


    Oooops......I did not know my Caps were on, but that's loathing can use the extra emphasis.

    However, as almost everyone already knows, I love you, and my favorite line in your post today is...
    "If only I could learn to think for myself and then shut the fuck up!"

    Me too Joe, me too.

  6. What a boring world it would be if we were all the same. Dangerous, too. Chapped lips and gouged skin from all the butt-kissing and back-scratching.

  7. Ugh - I HATE it when "friends" post political or religious stuff on Facebook, but unlike you I grit my teeth and ignore it - but then I feel mad because they get to "win".
    I would try your way but don't think I could handle the blowback.

    This is my favourite line ever:
    "Stupid people scare me because they do stupid things. I distrust smart people because they can trick you into doing stupid things."

  8. I don't have a fakebook account as someone else refered to it on my blog in the comments. People either lie or get into debates they have no business being in and things go all wonky from there.

    Maybe you could try posting that you disagree with what they said, but politey decline to comment any further at this time. Leave them guessing and wondering along with everyone else. You WIN!